Asian philosophy : an international journal of the philosophical traditions of the East

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Table of contents

Dōgen’s Idea of Buddha-Nature: Dynamism and Non-Referentiality
Raud, Rein | 2015
Clinging to Nothing: The Phenomenology and Metaphysics of Upādāna in Early Buddhism
Fink, Charles K. | 2015
Natural Awareness: The Discovery of Authentic Being in the rDzogs chen Tradition
Laish, Eran | 2015
A Buddhist Epistemological Framework for Mindfulness Meditation
Chadha, Monima | 2015
Hakuin, Scepticism, and Seeing into One’s Own Nature
Giles, James | 2015
Adaptationism and Early Confucian Moral Psychology
Li, Yong | 2015