Asian philosophy : an international journal of the philosophical traditions of the East

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Table of contents

Thinking with, against, and beyond the Pratyabhijñā philosophy—and back again
Berger, Sari L. / Fritzman, J. M. / Vance, Brandon J. | 2018
I have an appointment with the spring: the contractual dimension of Confucianism
Chen, Xunwu | 2018
Fred Dallmayr’s postmodern vision of Confucian democracy: a critical examination
Kim, Sungmoon | 2018
The Zhuangist views on emotions
Ren, Songyao | 2018
The birth of enlightenment secularism from the spirit of Confucianism
Rogacz, Dawid | 2018
The butterfly dream as ‘creative dream:’ dreaming and subjectivity in Zhuangzi and María Zambrano
Stanchina, Gabriella | 2018