Asian philosophy : an international journal of the philosophical traditions of the East

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Table of contents

Understanding the phenomenon: a comparative study of compassion of the West and karuna of the East
Augustine, Parattukudi / Wayne, Melville | 2019
Zhi 志 in Mencius: a Chinese notion of moral agency
Camus, Rina Marie | 2019
On the difficulty interpreting He Yan’s ‘emotionless sage’
D'Ambrosio, Paul J. | 2019
A Daoist way of being: clarity and stillness as embodied practice*
Komjathy, Louis | 2019
A posthumanist reading of knowledge in Zhuangzi and Jacques Lacan
Wang, Quan | 2019
The ethical implications of Sengzhao’s concept of the Sage
Yen, Wei-Hung | 2019