Asian philosophy : an international journal of the philosophical traditions of the East

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Table of contents

A Revisionist Understanding of Zhang Zai's Development of Qi in the Context of his Critique of the Buddhist
Kim, Jung-Yeup | 2010
Confucianism as Anthropological Machine
Møllgaard, Eske | 2010
Li Tongxuan's Utilization of Chinese Symbolism in the Explication of the Avataṃasaka-sutra
Koh, Seunghak | 2010
Nagarjuna's Critique of Language
Ho, Chien-hsing | 2010
Gandhi's Concept of Action and Identity Politics
Pani, Narendar | 2010
Rethinking Virtue Ethics and Social Justice with Aristotle and Confucius
Sim, May | 2010
Dvaita, Advaita, and Viśiṣṭadvaita: Contrasting Views of Mokṣa
Betty, Stafford | 2010