Asian philosophy : an international journal of the philosophical traditions of the East

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Table of contents

Are animals moral?: Zhu Xi and Jeong Yakyong’s views on nonhuman animals
Back, Youngsun | 2018
The spread and impact of Cartesian philosophy in China: historical and comparative perspectives
Ding, John Zijiang | 2018
The transformation of the Wang Yangming scholarship in the West, ca. 1960–1980: a historical essay
Israel, George L. | 2018
Yu in the Xunzi: toward a precise understanding
Lewis, Colin J. | 2018
Does Han Fei have a conception of justice?
Mower, Gordon B. | 2018
Theoretical characteristics of the Huainanzi: Theories of human nature and governance
Woojin, Jung / Suk-Yoon, Moon | 2018