Asian philosophy : an international journal of the philosophical traditions of the East

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Table of contents

Mind and epistemic constructivism: Wang Yangming and Kant
Chen, Xunwu | 2019
Telling Others to Do What You Believe Is Morally Wrong: The Case of Confucius and Zai Wo
Choo, Frederick | 2019
Difference to One: A Nuanced Early Chinese Account of Tong
He, Fan | 2019
A kantian reading of aesthetic freedom and complete human nature nourished through art in a classical Chinese artistic context
Hu, Xiaoyan | 2019
The Concept of Intermediate Existence in the Early Buddhist Theory of rebirth
Nanda, Amrita | 2019
Modernization of Confucian ontology in Taiwan and mainland China
Rošker, Jana S. | 2019