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Table of contents

Time, Temporality, and the Characteristic Marks of the Conditioned: Sarvāstivāda and Madhyamaka Buddhist Interpretations
Dessein, Bart | 2011
The Confucian Roots of zen no kenkyū: Nishida's Debt to Wang Yang-Ming in the Search for a Philosophy of Praxis
Walsh, Dermott J. | 2011
The Hermeneutics of Chan Buddhism: Reading Koans from The Blue Cliff Record
Zhu, Caifang | 2011
Piety and Individuality Through a Convoluted Path of Rightness: Exploring the Confucian Art of Moral Discretion via Analects 13.18
Wang, Huaiyu | 2011
Two Versions of Desire-based Subjectivism: A Comparative Study of the Analects and the Lotus Sutra
Haiming, Wen | 2011
Traditional Confucianism and its Contemporary Relevance
Hang, Lin | 2011
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| 2011