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Table of contents

The Bhagavadgītā, Sen, and Anderson
Fritzman, J. M. | 2015
On the Coherence of Dignāga’s Epistemology: Evaluating the Critiques of Candrakīrti and Jayarāśi
Mills, Ethan | 2015
Kenosis, Dynamic Śūnyatā and Weak Thought: Abe Masao and Gianni Vattimo
Botz-Bornstein, Thorsten | 2015
The Ghostly Other: Understanding Racism from Confucian and Enlightenment Models of Subjectivity
Xiang, Shuchen | 2015
Momentary Return of the Cosmic Unconscious: The Nature of Zen/Chan Enlightenment
Gu, Ming Dong | 2015
Editorial Board
| 2015