Environment and history

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Table of contents

FEATURES - Frontier Foods for Late Medieval Consumers: Culture, Economy, Ecology
Hoffmann, Richard C. | 2001
FEATURES - Three Centuries of Whaling and Walrus Hunting in Svalbard and its Impact on the Arctic Ecosystem
Hacquebord, Louwrens | 2001
FEATURES - The Wasting of Wolin: Environmental Factors in the Downfall of a Medieval Baltic Town
Broich, John | 2001
FEATURES - On Cattle and Ships: Culture, History and Sustainable Development in Panama
Herrera, Guillermo Castro | 2001
FEATURES - Geo-Environmental Disconnection and the Colorado River Delta: Technology, Culture, and the Political Ecology of Paradise
Ward, Evan R. | 2001
BOOK REVIEWS - Eden by Design: The 1930 Olmsted-Bartholomew Plan for the Los Angeles Region
Hise, Greg / Deverell, William / Travis, Anthony S. | 2001
BOOK REVIEWS - The Great Ice Age: Climate Change and Life
Wilson, R.C.L. / Drury, S.A. / Chapman, J.L. et al. | 2001
BOOK REVIEWS - Pacific Forest. A History of Resource Control and Contest in Solomon Islands, 1800-1997
Bennett, Judith A. / Whitmore, T.C. | 2001