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Slime Mould Memristors
Gale, Ella / Adamatzky, Andrew / Lacy Costello, Ben | 2014
Erratum to: Slime Mould Memristors
Gale, Ella / Adamatzky, Andrew / Lacy Costello, Ben | 2014
Evaluation of Phototoxic Effects of Curcumin Loaded in Organically Modified Silica Nanoparticles in Tumor Spheroids of Oral Cancer Cells
Singh, Surya Prakash / Sharma, Mrinalini / Gupta, Pradeep Kumar | 2014
The Influence of Hydroxyapatite and Calcium Carbonate Microparticles on the Mechanical Properties of Nonwoven Composite Materials Based on Polycaprolactone
Metwally, Hassan A. / Ardazishvili, Roman V. / Severyukhina, Alexandra N. et al. | 2014
Preparation and Characterization of Multiwall Carbon Nanotube (MWCNT) Reinforced Chitosan Nanocomposites: Effect of Gamma Radiation
Zaman, Asaduz / Rashid, Taslim Ur / Khan, Mubarak A. et al. | 2014
On The Decoration of Layer-By-Layer Films for the X-Ray Reflectivity Study at the Solid-Liquid Interface
Erokhina, Svetlana / Dellacasa, Elena / Sorokin, Vladimir et al. | 2015
In Vivo Imaging of ZnO Nanoparticles from Sunscreen on Human Skin with a Mobile Multiphoton Tomograph
Breunig, Hans Georg / Weinigel, Martin / König, Karsten | 2014
Separation of Microvesicles from Serological Samples Using Deterministic Lateral Displacement Effect
Laki, András J. / Botzheim, Lilla / Iván, Kristóf et al. | 2014
Characterisation of Nanoporous Gold for Use in a Dissolved Oxygen Sensing Application
Twomey, K. / Nagle, L. C. / Said, A. et al. | 2015