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Depolymerized Chitosan Enhances the Lysis of Staphylococcus aureus Cells by Lysostaphin
Kulikov, Sergey / Subakaeva, Evgeniya / Zelenikhin, Pavel et al. | 2017
Recent Advances in Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles and Their Applications: About Future Directions. A Review
Abdelghany, T. M. / Al-Rajhi, Aisha M. H. / Al Abboud, Mohamed A. et al. | 2017
A Review on Mycosynthesis, Mechanism, and Characterization of Silver and Gold Nanoparticles
Banerjee, Kangkana / Ravishankar Rai, V. | 2017
Erratum to: A Review on Mycosynthesis, Mechanism, and Characterization of Silver and Gold Nanoparticles
Banerjee, Kangkana / Ravishankar Rai, V. | 2017
Effects of Copper Nanoparticles (CuO NPs) on Crop Plants: a Mini Review
Rajput, V. D. / Minkina, T. / Suskova, S. et al. | 2017
Diversity of Bacterial Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles
Javaid, Aqib / Oloketuyi, Sandra Folarin / Khan, Mohammad Mansoob et al. | 2017
Development of Novel Doxorubicin Loaded Biodegradable Polymeric Nanofibers as the Anticancer Drug Delivery Systems
Bakhtiari, Mohsen / Salehi, Roya / Akbarzadeh, Abolfazl et al. | 2017
Surface Modification of PLLA Electrospun Nanofiber Materials for Biomedical Applications
Goreninskii, S. I. / Stankevich, K. S. / Bolbasov, E. N. et al. | 2017
Green Synthesis of Different Shapes of Silver Nanostructures and Evaluation of Their Antibacterial and Cytotoxic Activity
Soleimani, Fatemeh Feiz / Saleh, Tayebeh / Shojaosadati, Seyed Abbas et al. | 2017
Nanostructured Stable Floating М-Mono- and Bilayers and Langmuir-Schaefer Films of 5,10,15-Triphenylcorrole
Maiorova, Larissa A. / Vu, Thao T. / Gromova, Olga A. et al. | 2017
Toxicity and Applications of Internalised Magnetite Nanoparticles Within Live Paramecium caudatum Cells
Mayne, Richard / Whiting, James / Adamatzky, Andrew | 2017
Maghemite Nanorods and Nanospheres: Synthesis and Comparative Physical and Biological Properties
Yousefi, A. / Seyyed Ebrahimi, S.A. / Seyfoori, A. et al. | 2017
Green Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Noble Metal Nanoparticles Using Myxopyrum serratulum A. W. Hill Leaf Extract
Vijayan, Remya / Joseph, Siby / Mathew, Beena | 2017
Designing and Optimizing DNA Reversible Adders and Adder/Subtractors
Khoshkhahesh, Afsaneh / Ebrahimi, Sepideh / Sabbaghi-Nadooshan, Reza | 2017
The Influence of Pulsed Electron Beam Treatment on Properties of PLLA Nonwoven Materials Produced by Solution Blow Spinning
Kudryavtseva, V. L. / Bolbasov, E. N. / Ponomarev, D. V. et al. | 2017
Generation and Characterization of Cell-Derived Microvesicles from HUVECs
Cherre, Solène / Granberg, Mathilde / Østergaard, Ole et al. | 2017
Production and Characterization of Antimicrobial Electrospun Nanofibers Containing Polyurethane, Zirconium Oxide and Zeolite
Aydogdu, Mehmet Onur / Oprea, Alexandra Elena / Trusca, Roxana et al. | 2017
Investigation of Nanoparticle as a Drug Carrier Suspended in a Blood Flowing Through an Inclined Multiple Stenosed Artery
Changdar, Satyasaran / De, Soumen | 2017
Antimicrobial and Catalytic Potential of Soymida febrifuga Aqueous Fruit Extract-Engineered Silver Nanoparticles
T, Sowmyya / G, Vijaya Lakshmi | 2017
Synergistic Antimicrobial and Cytotoxic Potential of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Synthesized Using Cassia auriculata Leaf Extract
Padalia, Hemali / Moteriya, Pooja / Chanda, Sumitra | 2017
Easy and Fast Preparation of Large and Giant Vesicles from Highly Confined Thin Lipid Films Deposited at the Air–Water Interface
Bavastrello, Valter / Caliari, Adriano / Pesce, Isabella et al. | 2017
Effects of Silicon Application at Nano and Micro Scales on the Growth and Nutrient Uptake of Potato Minitubers (Solanum tuberosum var. Agria) in Greenhouse Conditions
Soltani, M. / Kafi, Mohammad / Nezami, A. et al. | 2017
Synthesis Characterization and In Vitro Release Study of Ciprofloxacin-Loaded Chitosan Nanoparticle
Singh, Kushagri / Mishra, Abha / Singh, Amit | 2017
Design of Dual Band Wireless Power and Data Through RF Transmission for Biomedical Implants
Daoud, Dhoha / Daoud, Maissa / Ghorbel, Mohamed et al. | 2018
Biosynthesis of MgO Nanoparticles Using Lactobacillus Sp. and its Activity Against Human Leukemia Cell Lines HL-60
Mohanasrinivasan, V. / Subathra Devi, C. / Mehra, Avani et al. | 2017
Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles and their Antifungal Properties
Prasher, Parteek / Singh, Manjeet / Mudila, Harish | 2017
Power and Noise Optimization Techniques of RF Active Inductor Using Multi-Finger Gate Transistors
Mhiri, Mongia / Ben Hammadi, Aymen / Haddad, Fayrouz et al. | 2017
MHD Nanofluid Bioconvection over an Exponentially Stretching Sheet in the Presence of Gyrotactic Microorganisms and Thermal Radiation
Pal, Dulal / Mondal, Surya Kanta | 2017
Approximation of the Dependency of Trace Elements Concentrations in Internal Media upon their Contents in Environment Objects
Alekseevna, Tunakova Yulia / Vladimirovna, Novikova Svetlana / Iskanderovich, Faizullin Rashat et al. | 2018
Target Cells for Stem Cell Factor in the Adult Islets of Langerhans, Simultaneously Synthesizing Glucagon and Insulin
Kaligin, Maxim / Andreeva, Dina / Titova, Angelina et al. | 2017
PEG-Coated Superparamagnetic Dysprosium-Doped Fe3O4 Nanoparticles for Potential MRI Imaging
Atabaev, Timur Sh. | 2017
Network-Driven Activity and Neuronal Excitability in Hippocampus of Neonatal Rats with Prenatal Hyperhomocysteinemia
Yakovlev, Aleksey V. / Kurmashova, Evgeniya / Zakharov, Andrey et al. | 2017
The Effect of Mammalian Cell Functionalization with Polycation and Halloysite Nanotubes on Intercellular Interactions
Rozhina, Elvira / Ishmuhametov, Ilnur / Batasheva, Svetlana et al. | 2017
Exploring the Integration of Threaded Implants: the Chemical Deep Etching Approach
Hafizova, Fanilya A. / Mirgazizov, Ruslan M. / Hafizov, Rais G. et al. | 2017
Nitric Oxide Production Correlates with Cell Death of Fibroblasts Treated by Bacillus pumilus Ribonuclease
Zelenikhin, Pavel / Koschinski, Andreas / Ilinskaya, Olga | 2017
Gamma-Irradiated Bifidobacteria Establish a Protective Effect on Mice to Experimental Radiation Exposure
Sychev, Konstantin Vladimirovich / Nizamov, Ramzi Nizamovich / Mukminov, Malik Nilovich et al. | 2017
Acute Aneurysm is more Critical than Acute Stenoses in Blood Vessels: a Numerical Investigation Using Stress Markers
Bit, Arindam / Chattopadhay, Himadri | 2017
Imidazolium p-tert-Butylthiacalix[4]arene Amphiphiles—Aggregation in Water Solutions and Binding with Adenosine 5′-Triphosphate Dipotassium Salt
Burilov, Vladimir A. / Mironova, Diana A. / Ibragimova, Regina R. et al. | 2017
Preventing Common Hereditary Disorders through Time-Separated Twinning
Churbanov, Alexander / Abrahamyan, Levon | 2018
Analysis of Apparent Catalytic Parameters of Multiple Molecular Forms of Human Plasma Butyrylcholinesterase by Activity Gel-Scanning Following Non-denaturing Electrophoresis
Masson, Patrick / Lushchekina, Sofya | 2018
Alexithymia as a Predictor of Worse Prognosis in Postural Phobic Vertigo
Esin, Radiy / Gorobets, Elena / Esin, Oleg et al. | 2017
Effects of Serotonin Receptor Antagonist Methiothepin on Membrane Potential of Premotor Interneurons of Naïve and Learned Snails
Andrianov, Vyatcheslav V. / Bogodvid, Tatiana Kh. / Deryabina, Irina B. et al. | 2018
Prediction of Aromatic Hydroxylation Sites for Human CYP1A2 Substrates Using Condensed Graph of Reactions
Madzhidov, T. I. / Khakimova, A. A. / Nugmanov, R. I. et al. | 2018
Nucleotide Polymorphism in the Iron Utilization System Gene isdB NEAT Domain Affects Heme-Binding Ability of IsdB Protein in Various Human Strains of Staphylococcus aureus
Tyurin, Yuriy Aleksandrovich / Lysovskaya, S. A. / Kulikov, S. N. et al. | 2018
Effect of Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Shape on Doxorubicin Drug Delivery Toward LNCaP and PC-3 Cell Lines
Nizamov, T. R. / Garanina, A. S. / Grebennikov, I. S. et al. | 2018
Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer: Public Health and Mammographic Screening
Gamirov, Rinat / Komarova, Ludmila / Khasanov, Rustem et al. | 2018
Efficiency of Kinesio Taping in Adolescents with Cervicogenic Headache: a Blind Placebo-Controlled Study
Esin, Oleg Radievich / Khairullin, Ilshat Khamzovich / Esin, Radiy Germanovich | 2018
Treatment of Tension-Type Headaches in Adolescents (14–15 Years Old): the Efficacy of Aminophenylbutyric Acid Hydrochloride
Esin, Oleg Radievich | 2018
Modeling the Co2+ Binding to Amyloid Peptide Aβ13–23 in Water Environment by NMR Spectroscopy
Abdrakhmanov, Rustam / Blokhin, Dmitriy / Usachev, Konstantin et al. | 2017
Morphological Signs of Intravital Contraction (Retraction) of Pulmonary Thrombotic Emboli
Litvinov, R. I. / Khismatullin, R. R. / Shakirova, A. Z. et al. | 2017
Indication and Identification of Bacillus anthracis Isolates from the Middle Volga Region by Multi-Primer PCR
Aleksandrova, Natalya M. / Faizov, Tagir Kh. / Vasileva, Anna V. et al. | 2017
Cellular Microvesicles in the Blood of Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Nevzorova, Tatiana A. / Evtugina, Natalia G. / Litvinov, Rustem I. | 2017
On the Question of the Nature of Hemolytic Activity of Candida albicans
Leonov, Vadim V. / Mironov, Andrey Yu. / Bulatov, Ivan A. et al. | 2017
Serological Monitoring of Herd Immunity to Measles in Indicator Groups and Groups of Risk
Isaeva, Guzel / Reshetnikova, Irina / Tyurin, Yury et al. | 2017
Capabilities of Molecular-Based Allergen Diagnostics in Atopic Diseases
Reshetnikova, Irina / Khaiboullina, Svetlana / Agafonova, Elena | 2017
Extraction and Serological Properties of Mycobacterium Cell Surface and Excreted Proteins
Khaertynov, Kamil S. / Valeeva, Anna R. / Ivanov, Arkadiy V. et al. | 2017
Whether Medical Schools in Russia Are Ready to Develop Successfully in the Twenty-first Century
Kiassov, Andrey / Gumerova, Anisa / Abdulkhakov, Sayar et al. | 2018
Intravenous Transplantation of Human Umbilical Cord Blood Mononuclear Cells Overexpressing Nerve Growth Factor Improves Spatial Memory in APP/PS1 Transgenic Mice with a Model of Alzheimer’s Disease
Mukhamedyarov, M. A. / Leushina, A. V. / Tikhonova, A. E. et al. | 2017
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Analysis of Human Osteosarcoma Bone Tissue
Chasov, Vitaly V. / Raginov, Ivan S. / Medvedeva, Svetlana N. et al. | 2018
Immunosuppressant Peptide Abu-TGIRIS-Abu-NH2 and its Application for Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis
Turobov, Valery I. / Azev, Viatcheslav N. / Shevelev, Alexei B. et al. | 2018