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Table of contents

Non-covalent Immobilization of Desmoplakin Plakin Domain Molecules by Size-Selected Clusters for AFM Imaging
Rodríguez-Zamora, P. / Barreto, J. / Yin, F. et al. | 2014
A Comparative Study of α-Hemolysin Expression in Supported Lipid Bilayers of Synthetic and Enriched Complex Bacterial Lipid
Coutable, Angélique / Randrianjatovo, Irina / Noireaux, Vincent et al. | 2014
Focus on Protein Unfolding Through Nanopores
Cressiot, Benjamin / Oukhaled, Abdelghani / Bacri, Laurent et al. | 2014
Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy-Based Method for Leukemia Biomarker Detection Using Magnetic Core @ Gold Shell Nanoparticles
Mehn, Dora / Morasso, Carlo / Vanna, Renzo et al. | 2014
Analysis of MEMS-Based Microneedles for Blood Monitoring
Ganesan, Adarsh Venkataraman / Kumar, Hardeep / Swaminathan, S. et al. | 2014
Silver-Doped TiO2/Polyurethane Nanocomposites for Antibacterial Textile Coating
Sadu, Rakesh B. / Chen, Daniel H. / Kucknoor, Ashwini S. et al. | 2014
Synthesis and Characterization of Silica-Coated Silver Nanoprobe for Paraoxon pesticide Detection
Tuteja, Satish K. / Kukkar, Manil / Kumar, Parveen et al. | 2014
Optimization of Process Parameters to Formulate Nanoemulsion by Spontaneous Emulsification: Evaluation of Larvicidal Activity Against Culex quinquefasciatus Larva
Ghosh, Vijayalakshmi / Mukherjee, Amitava / Chandrasekaran, Natarajan | 2014
Nano-Crossbar Memories Comprising Parallel/Serial Complementary Memristive Switches
Vourkas, Ioannis / Sirakoulis, Georgios Ch. | 2014
Optical Study of the Effect of Gamma Radiation and Heavy Metals on Microorganisms (Bacteria)
Al-Shanawa, M. / Nabok, A. / Hashim, A. et al. | 2014
Biogenesis of PbS Nanocrystals by Using Rhizosphere Fungus i.e., Aspergillus sp. Isolated from the Rhizosphere of Chickpea
Kaur, Pawan / Jain, Priyanka / Kumar, Ashavani et al. | 2014
Locked Nucleic Acid-Modified Antisense miR-10b Oligonucleotides Form Stable Duplexes on Gold Nanoparticles
Rana, Muhit / Balcioglu, Mustafa / Yigit, Mehmet V. | 2014