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Table of contents

Physico-chemical and Structural Studies on α-D-Fructose with α-Amylase
Nithiyanantham, Subramanian | 2014
Effect of Acidity on Chitin–Protein Interface: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Yu, Zechuan / Xu, Zhiping / Lau, Denvid | 2014
Are Carbon Nanotube Microelectrodes Manufactured from Dispersion Stable Enough for Neural Interfaces?
Nick, C. / Thielemann, C. | 2014
A Facile and Fast Chemical Process to Manufacture Epoxy–Silane Coating on Plastic Substrate for Biomolecules Sensing Applications
Petralia, Salvatore / Ventimiglia, Giorgio | 2014
Detailed AFM Force Spectroscopy of the Interaction Between CD44–IgG Fusion Protein and Hyaluronan
Martens, Aernout A. / Bus, Marcel / Thüne, Peter C. et al. | 2014
Tyrosinase Multilayer-Functionalised Carbon Nanotubes as Electrochemical Labels: Application To Immunoassay
Chumyim, Porramate / Rijiravanich, Patsamon / Somasundrum, Mithran et al. | 2014
Bioactivation of Plane and Patterned PDMS Thin Films by Wettability Engineering
Scharin, M. / Rommel, M. / Dirnecker, T. et al. | 2014
Reversible Integration of Microfluidic Devices with Microelectrode Arrays for Neurobiological Applications
Grygoryev, Konstantin / Herzog, Grégoire / Jackson, Nathan et al. | 2014
Electrokinetics of Cells in Dielectrophoretic Separation: A Biological Perspective
Devi, U. Vidhya / Puri, Paridhi / Sharma, N. N. et al. | 2014
Carbon Nanotube Thin Film-Supported Fibroblast and Pluripotent Stem Cell Growth
Tao, Zhimin / Wang, Peizhe / Zhang, Fengzhi et al. | 2014
Superhydrophobic and Self-cleaning Macrosize Surfaces of Silicone Rubber and Its Mechanical Flexibility
Harada, Shingo / Arie, Takayuki / Akita, Seiji et al. | 2014