The e-book database EBC

In addition to its licensed e-book collections, you can also use a selection of further e-books from all of the university’s subject areas. Items can be accessed via Ebook Central (EBC), a platform offering e-books beyond the confines of individual publishers. You can influence whether we will purchase a certain book by making a suggestion for an acquisition. This would then be offered to all users long term as an electronic full text.

How can you use Ebook Central?

EBC focuses on the ability to read and work online rather than on downloading e-books and reading them offline. When searching TIB's catalogue, you will recognise an EBC title by the remark “Personal registration in the e-book database EBC is required in order to use this item”. Each of the items offered can be retrieved via the direct start link in Ebook Central:

  • If the item has already been purchased by the library, you can read it for an unlimited period on the screen (recognisable by the “read online” option)
  • If the item has not yet been purchased by the library, you can leaf through it for five minutes and then submit a suggestion for acquisition (recognisable by the “suggestion for acquisition” option)

You will need to set up a personal user account before you can read e-books that have been purchased from EBC or make a suggestion for an acquisition from EBC. In order to register, you must be logged onto Leibniz Universität Hannover’s campus network. As a member of Leibniz Universität Hannover, you can also use e-books off campus once you have registered successfully.

How can you download content from EBC?

Only some of the EBC e-books on offer may be downloaded. In order to do this, you will need "Adobe Digital Editions" software on your device, which can be downloaded from the internet free of charge (alternatively for mobile devices: "Bluefire Reader"). Access to the e-book ends after the set period of seven days. However, items can be borrowed again.

How can you copy or print out parts of an EBC item?

The print and copy functions for e-books are located in the header of the online reader. These functions, which are only available for e-books that have been purchased by the library, are automatically limited for copyright reasons:

  • 5 - 20% copy & paste per user/per purchased e-book (quota determined by publisher). The print and copy quota is reset every 24 hours.
  • 20 - 40% printout per user/per purchased e-book (quota determined by publisher). The print and copy quota is reset every 24 hours.


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