Conference reports

In the area of "grey literature", TIB collects difficult-to-obtain national and international conference reports within its subject areas as extensively as possible. Such reports are not available via booksellers, and are usually published by the actual conference organisers or scientific associations.

TIB also stocks conference publications that can be obtained from bookstores and that are printed in journals. Conference publications are either available prior to the conference as a preprint, after the conference in short form (abstract) or as a full report (proceedings). All conference reports are included in the TIB Portal. Where possible, Open Access reports are also available.

How can you obtain the required conference report?

All conference reports can be searched and ordered in the TIB Portal. Whole conference reports cannot be loaned. However, copies of individual contributions can be ordered or viewed on site.

The tables of content of conference reports are also made available in the TIB Portal. You can also use the databases offered here to find out about the content of conference reports or to search for individual contributions.

Were you unable to find what you were looking for?

If you were unable to find a conference report from the realms of science and technology, please contact us. We will make every effort to obtain the report for you.


Diana Friedrich