Eastern Europe specialist literature

This focus of our collections comprises specialist literature from Eastern Europe. This collection is a comprehensive area covering not only East-Central Europe and Southeast Europe, but also Russia, involving vast expanses of Asia.

In the area of English-language literature from these countries, the focus is on the subject areas and target group of TIB's focus of collections.

From 2020, the TIB will no longer acquire scientific journals and conference proceedings in non-Western languages. Instead, required journal articles and conference proceedings will be procured by the TIB document delivery service. The background to this is the declining demand for original-language publications from Eastern Europe/East Asia.

Bavarian State Library's Eastern Europe Department is responsible for the systematic procurement and transregional provision of scientific literature from the areas of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

How can Eastern European literature be found in the TIB Portal?

All titles from Eastern Europe in non-Latin script are recorded under the German bibliographic transliteration of the original title in accordance with RAK-WB (rules of alphabetical catalogisation in scientific libraries). All titles appear in the TIB portal without special characters and can thus be searched for.


Dr.-Ing. Elzbieta Gabrys-Deutscher
German Research Reports, East European Literature

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