Other catalogues and portals

Catalogue of the TIB

Within the Catalogue of the TIB, you will find the entire collection of the library: books, journals and electronic texts, however no individual articles. You can order items online, make reservations and also extend the date your books are lent to.

Union catalogues

  • Union Catalogue of Hannover
    Shared catalogue of the scientific libraries in Hannover (HOBSY libraries).
  • Common Union Catalogue
    Freely accessible part of the collaborative K10plus catalogue of GBV and BSZ with materials relevant for interlibrary loan and direct delivery services.

    If you have an interlibrary loan account, you can order items that we do not stock directly.
  • Gemeinsamer Verbundkatalog (Union Catalogue) including Online Contents - GVK-PLUS
    This catalogue combines the title data from the Union Catalogue (GVK) with the article database "Online Contents" (OLC). "Online Contents" contains more than 45.2 million article titles from over 26,800 journals. Tables of content from journals since 1993 are included, focusing on the natural sciences.

Catalogues and portals in Germany and the rest of the world