European Documentation Centre (EDC)

The European Documentation Centre (EDC) offers students, teaching staff and citizens access to European Union (EU) publications and documents. These include

  • The Official Journal of the EU
  • Treaties
  • Case-law collection
  • Commission documents
  • Publications from the EU Publications Office.

The documents are available in electronic, printed or DVD form.

The EDC also offers access to EU databases such as EurLex (EU law), Eurostat (EU statistics), Curia (case-law of the European Court of Justice). The centre will also help you to search for literature on topics concerning European policy.

The EDC was established in 1979 as one of around 50 EDCs in Germany. The centre collects publications in printed form, and also has electronic documents, primarily in the areas of

  • Customs union and commercial policy
  • Labour market and social policy
  • Competition and companies
  • Taxation
  • Economic and monetary union, free movement of capital
  • External relations
  • Energy
  • Industrial policy and internal market
  • Regional policy
  • Environmental and consumer protection
  • Vocational education and training.

How can you obtain the required items?

All publications are contained in the TIB Portal.

Printed publications are available for use in the Economics Reading Room and in the Reading Room at the TIB Conti Campus site. Some items may be borrowed.

Full-text versions of electronic documents can be retrieved directly from the TIB Portal.

If you are unable to find the publication you require, please contact the EDC – we will help you continue your search for the item.


Sigrid Fuest

Phone: +49 511 762-5598