Riedel-de Haën Collection

This collection focuses on 18th and 19th century chemistry literature. TIB has exclusive possession of some of the books. The collection is based on the private property of Karl Karmarsch, who was the first Director of Hannover Higher Vocational School, founded in 1831. Karmarsch, who passed away in 1879, donated his collection to the library of the company Riedel-de Haën AG. Karmarsch was particularly keen to foster the connection between science and business, and to provide support and advice to ventures that had emerged from the technical school. In the 1950s, Karmarsch’s books ended up in the library of what was then Hannover College of Technology, under library director Mr. Grunwald.

How can you use items from the Riedel-de Haën Collection?

The collection is kept at a special location in the Closed Stacks, arranged in the same order as it was found in the corporate library.

All items can be searched and ordered in the TIB Portal. Items originally in the possession of Karl Karmarsch are marked accordingly in the TIB Portal.

Items are subject to restricted use at the special reading desks on the first floor of the TIB Science/Technology site from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 16:30 (on Saturdays by personal appointment only). Please also note the instructions for handling old books (PDF).


Dr. rer. nat. Janna Neumann
Chemistry, Biotechnology