Frequently asked questions concerning SFX

What is the Journal Citation Report?

The Journal Citation Report indicates the impact factor of the journal from your full detail display. This figure gives an indication of how frequently other publications have cited from this journal, enabling you to determine its importance within your subject area.

Do I have to enter my search requests every time I require the service?

The query data is automatically transferred from the database search to the catalogue search, which is the document delivery and feedback form. The data does not have to be entered a second time.

The SFX pop-up menu does not appear after clicking the SFX button. Why is this?

You may have activated a pop-up blocker on your computer. If this is the case, please accept pop-up windows for SFX, so that you can make optimum use of the services.

Which databases offer SFX?

We make every effort to ensure that you can choose from as many information sources as possible. Unfortunately, not all database providers and publishing companies provide the technical requirements for implementing SFX. Preparations are currently underway to integrate SFX into yet more databases.

Can I also use SFX off Leibniz Universität Hannover campus?

Members of staff and students of Leibniz Universität Hannover can also access most of our licensed databases and electronic journals off campus via the VPN service (Virtual Private Network) at any time, wherever they are.

Why is the SFX button not visible on some databases?

It could be that you are searching a database that is not yet compatible with SFX or that does not permit the image of the button to be displayed. In this case, you will be able to use a text link (e.g. "TIB link services"). Another reason could be that the SFX button is only visible in the title’s full detail display, but not in the hit list. The position of the button depends on the database provider's specifications.

Why is more than one full text link offered sometimes?

In specific cases, it could be that subscriptions to electronic journal overlap. However, both lead to the same document. Occasionally, a journal's publication period may be covered by several database providers. In this case, two links appear for the journal.

Why am I unable to gain direct access to the full text, even if I should theoretically be able to access it?

Sometimes the information provided in the citation is too scant to enable a link to be created to the article. In this case, please verify the information in the Electronic Journals Library (EZB), TIB's library catalogue or the Union Catalogue (GVK). It could also be the case that the database does not support linking at the article level. In this case, you will be linked to the table of contents or the journal's website. From there, a couple of clicks will take you to the requested article.

Why does SFX state that the article is part of the TIB's collections even if the title listing in the catalogue shows that the relevant volume is not available?

It could be that the journal title is generally stocked by TIB, but there are gaps in the subscription. Unfortunately, SFX is unable to query such holdings information in great detail. In this case, please check whether the title is available in another Common Library Network (GBV) library. If this is the case, please order the periodical via the GBV Online Interlibrary Loan or the journal article via the document delivery service subito.

When does it make sense to place an order via the GBV Online Interlibrary Loan and when is it preferable to use the document delivery service subito?

If you can allow for around two weeks for the item to be delivered and are prepared to pay a small processing fee, then it is advisable to use online inter-library loan. For more information about the services offered by GBV, visit
If the items are required urgently, we recommend using subito. Libraries from Germany and other German-speaking countries participate in this document delivery service. A fee is charged for ordering items via subito (from € 5). Prices vary depending on the delivery type and processing time. For more information about subito, go to .