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Advice and information

Dipl.-Phys. Mathias Begoin
Electrical Engineering,Traffic Engineering

Phone: + 49 511 762-14140
Email: mathias.begointibeu

Site: TIB Technik/Naturwissenschaften (Science/Technology)
Room: 016

TIBgefragt – I advise you!

I would be happy to advise you on research strategies and data sources for Electrical Engineering and Traffic Engineering, discuss your particular topic and advise you individually.

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Digital media

In the TIB AV-Portal you will find many scientific videos on traffic engineering and mobility and traffic research.

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You can access licensed or freely accessible electronic journals via the electronic journals library

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Literature sites

Traffic Engineering reference material can be found at the TIB Science/Technology site in the Small Reading Room and in Group Study Room 3.

Suggestion for acquisition

Were you unable to find the publication required in TIB's collections? Then why not make a suggestion for the acquisition of books, journals and electronic media here.

The Portal for Mobility and Transport Research

The aim of the Specialised Information Service for Mobility and Transport Research (FID move) is to develop and expand services and online tools in close cooperation with the mobility and transport research community in order to support researchers throughout their entire research cycle.

Specialist Information

Search relevant sources for mobility and transport research and access licensed digital media provided nationally by FID move.

Open Access

Find out about opportunities for publishing in Open Access in mobility and transport research and use the FID move's OA repository for publishing.

Research data

Get advice on research data and use the FID move research data repository for your open data from mobility and transport research.

Mobility Compass

Find researchers in mobility and transport research with FID move's Mobility Compass and explore existing knowledge networks.

The Specialised Information Service for Mobility and Transport Research (FID move) is operated by the Saxon State and University Library Dresden (SLUB) and TIB since 2018 as part of the DFG funding programme "Specialised Information Services".

If you have any questions about the FID move, please contact Mathias Begoin and Anette Ganske at TIB. Or use the functional address kontaktfid-movede or the FID move contact form.

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