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  • bankbetrieb
  • banken

    Banks and bank systems

    Free access
    TIBKAT | 1.2006 -
    Keywords: Bank

    Bad Banks — Good Bank Resolution?

    Wahrenburg, Mark | Springer Verlag | 2013
    umgesetzten bad bank Lösungen. Mit Hilfe eines einfachen Modells wird untersucht, welchen beitrag bad banks zur Lösung der als «Moral Hazard ...
    Keywords: Bad bank, Bank resolution, Business and Management, Business and Management, general

    Banken und Sparkassen = Banks and savings banks

    Krämer, Karl H. / Grimm, Friedrich B. | TIBKAT | 1995

    Stakeholders-oriented banks and bank performance

    Perspectives from international business management
    Behery, Mohamed H. / Ibrahim Eldomiaty, Tarek | Emerald Group Publishing | 2010
    industries and the values of stakeholder systems. The authors compare international successful stock markets systems such as the US and the UK with ...
    Keywords: Banks

    The governance of banks: How do bank . .

    Free access
    H. S. Bouwman, Christa | CiteSeerX | 2014
    Keywords: A and Corporate Governance

    Sparkassen und Banken = Savings Banks and banks

    Ostertag, Roland | TIBKAT | 1961

    The Effect of Bank Size and Bank Capital on the Bank Lending Channel for Turkish Banks

    Free access
    Meral, Gökhan | CiteSeerX | 2016
    bank lending channel, I search for evidence that small, undercapitalized banks are more sensitive to changes in monetary policy than large ...
    Keywords: Bank Lending Channel

    Foreign Bank Entry Led to Sounder Banks

    Free access
    S. Crystal, Jennifer / Gerard Dages, B. / S. Goldberg, Linda | CiteSeerX | 2011
    performance of foreign and domestic banks in select Latin American countries reveals that while foreign banks differed little from their domestic ...

    Bank Specific and Macroeconomics Dynamic Determinants of Credit Risk in Islamic Banks and Conventional Banks

    Free access
    Waemustafa, Waeibrorheem / Sukri, Suriani | CiteSeerX | 2016
    The study analyzes macroeconomic and bank specific determinants of credit risk in Islamic and Conventional Banks. Multivariate Regression ...
    Keywords: Murabahah and Bai-Bhithaman Ajil, Islamic and Conventional Banks JEL classification


    Free access
    Gillmore Hoefdraad, Prepared / Statistics Department, Imf | CiteSeerX | 2011
    The views expressed in this paper are those of the author(s) only, and the presence of it, or of links to it, on the IMF website does not ...

    Intra- and extra-bank determinants of Latin American Banks' profitability

    Saona, Paolo | British Library Online Contents | 2016

    Minority‐Owned Banks and Bank Failures After the Financial Collapse

    Kashian, Russell / Drago, Robert | Wiley | 2016
    logistic regression for estimation. Failure rates were high among Black and Asian American–owned banks; these are related to bank failures in ...

    Bank capital and portfolio risk among Islamic banks

    Basher, Syed Abul / Kessler, Lawrence M. / Munkin, Murat K. | Wiley | 2017
    bank safety and stability. However, an unintended consequence of higher capital requirements could arise if increasing capital induces banks to ...
    Keywords: Islamic banks, Asset risks and total capital

    Small commercial banks and the Federal Home Loan Bank system

    Free access
    N. Collender, Robert / A. Frizell, Julie | CiteSeerX | 2016
    banks headquartered in nonmetropolitan counties to obtain FHLBmembership: bank size, affiliationwith a bank holding company, exposure to inter ...

    Recapitalisation and Bank Performance: Evidence from Banks in Nigeria

    Free access
    Sani Ibrahim, Saifullahi / Sani Mohammed, Badamasi / Musa Gani, Ibrahim | CiteSeerX | 2014
    This study examined the relationship between recapitalization and banks performance in Nigeria. In order achieve the objective of the study ...

    Bank performance and board of directors attributes by Islamic banks

    Bukair, Abdullah Awadh / Abdul Rahman, Azhar | Emerald Group Publishing | 2015
    and the bank performance in one of the fastest-growing industries, Islamic banking. ...
    Keywords: Bank performance

    The governance of banks: How do bank capital and . .

    Free access
    H. S. Bouwman, Christa | CiteSeerX | 2014
    Keywords: A and Corporate Governance

    Bank–SMEs relationships and banks’ risk-adjusted profitability

    Fredriksson, Antti / Moro, Andrea | Elsevier | 2013
    loans and the length and scope of relationships between small banks and SMEs affect the margin adjusted for the risk that each customer ...
    Keywords: Small bank performance, Relationships between small banks and SMEs

    Bank–SMEs relationships and banks’ risk-adjusted profitability

    Fredriksson, A. / Moro, A. | British Library Online Contents | 2014

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