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    Cold Fusion (LENR) Development

    Free access
    W. Grimshaw, Thomas | CiteSeerX | 2016
    Abstract – Cold fusion (LENR) has enormous potential public welfare benefit. The level of public support for its development should be ...

    LENR at GRC

    Wrbanek, Susan Y. / Wrbanek, John D. / Fralick, Gustave C. et al. | NTRS | 2011

    LENR Powered Electric Vehicles

    Free access
    Chauvin, Nicolas | CiteSeerX | 2013
    true commercial success. When available, kilowatt class LENR generators combined with modern thermoelectric conversion technology could enable ...
    Keywords: LENR generator

    Chemical Aspects of LENR

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    D. Pike, Robert | CiteSeerX | 2013
    discussed. Attention is paid to the variety of mixed metal hydrides that might potentially be exploited in LENR. Finally, the issues connected with ...
    Keywords: LENR

    LENR Research Using Co-Deposition

    Free access
    Szpak, S. / A. Mosier-boss, P. / Gordon, F. et al. | CiteSeerX | 2013
    The Pd/D co-deposition process was developed by Stan Szpak at the Naval Laboratory in San Diego as an alternative means of initiating LENR ...

    Detection of Radiation Emitted from LENR

    Free access
    Storms, Edmund / Scanlan, Brian | CiteSeerX | 2013

    LENR-Induced Transmutation of Nuclear Waste

    Free access
    Esko, Edward | CiteSeerX | 2013
    Abstract — Quantum Rabbit (QR) research on the low-energy fusion and fission (low-energy nuclear reactions, or LENR) of various elements ...

    Application of LENR to Synergistic Mission Capabilities

    D. P. Wells / D. N. Mavris | NTIS | 2014
    This paper presents an overview of several missions that exploit the capabilities of a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) aircraft ...

    Mit einem LENR-Reaktor betriebenes Unterwasserfahrzeug

    Free access
    HEINSCHER INGO | European Patent Office | 2012

    Research Article 4-Space Dirac Theory and LENR

    Free access
    B. Evans, A. | CiteSeerX | 2013
    for LENR. © 2009 ISCMNS. All rights reserved. ...

    The website, its past and future

    Free access
    Rothwell, J. / Storms, E. | CiteSeerX | 2013
    The web site has proven to be a popular source of information about cold fusion. This site has distributed more full text ...

    The Application of LENR to Synergistic Mission Capabilities

    Mavris, Dimitri N. / Wells, Douglas P. | AIAA | 2014

    Potential Economic Impact of LENR Technology in Energy Markets

    Free access
    Kleehaus, Er / Elsner, Christian | CiteSeerX | 2013

    1 Role of cluster formation in the LENR process

    Free access
    Storms, E. / Scanlan, B. | CiteSeerX | 2013
    involving addition of more than one deuteron all indicate involvement of large clusters of deuterons in the LENR process. These clusters are ...

    Study of LENR for Space Power (AIAA 2017-5035)

    Miley, George H. | British Library Conference Proceedings

    Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur kontinuierlichen Erzeugung von LENR-Wärme

    Free access
    European Patent Office | 2014

    Die Erfindung betrifft eine LENR-basierte Wärmequelle auf Basis der Kopplung von Nanopartikelerzeugung in einem Dielectric Barrier


    Transmutations and Isotopic shifts in LENR Experiments: An Overview

    Free access
    Srinivasan, Mahadeva | CiteSeerX | 2013
    Abstract-- This overview presents a brief summary of observations of products of transmutation reactions which occur in a variety of LENR ...

    NASA Glenn Research Center Experience with LENR Phenomenon

    S. Y. Wrbanek / G. C. Fralick / J. D. Wrbanek et al. | NTIS | 2012
    some to be evidence of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). The research at GRC has involved observations and work on measurement techniques ...


    Bass, R. W. / Gleeson, W. S. | British Library Online Contents | 2000

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