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  • diet
  • food science
  • lebensmittelforschung

    Special diets are common among preschool children aged one to five years in south‐east Sweden according to a population‐based cross‐sectional survey

    Servin, Caroline / Hellerfelt, Sofia / Botvid, Christina et al. | Wiley | 2017
    Keywords: Avoidance diet, Elimination diet, Medical diet, Special diet

    Food science and technology international, Tokyo

    TIBKAT | 1.1995 - 4.1998
    Keywords: Lebensmittelwissenschaft


    TIBKAT | 1.1949 - 64.2001; damit Ersch. eingest.
    Keywords: Lebensmittelwissenschaft

    Dietary patterns and the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, and neurodegenerative diseases

    Medina-Remón, Alexander / Kirwan, Richard / Lamuela-Raventós, Rosa M. et al. | Taylor & Francis Verlag | 2018
    Keywords: Mediterranean diet, DASH diet, prudent diet, seventh-day adventists diet, western diet

    Ketogenic diet for seizure management in children

    IOS Press | 2014
    Keywords: Ketogenic diet, implementing diet

    Ketogenic diet for seizure management in children

    Rickertsen, Tiffany / Danforth, Stephanie | Thieme Verlag | 2014
    Keywords: Ketogenic diet, implementing diet

    Towards an environmentally sustainable and healthy Atlantic dietary pattern: Life cycle carbon footprint and nutritional quality

    Esteve-Llorens, Xavier / Darriba, Carmela / Moreira, Maria Teresa et al. | Elsevier | 2018
    Keywords: Atlantic diet, Daily diet, Sustainable diet

    The Association of Healthful Diets and Cognitive Function: A Review

    Kuczmarski, Marie Fanelli / Allegro, Deanne / Stave, Emily | Taylor & Francis Verlag | 2014
    Keywords: diet, Mediterranean diet

    Association between diet quality and measures of body adiposity using the Rate Your Plate survey in patients presenting for coronary angiography

    Free access
    Ganguzza, Lisa / Ngai, Calvin / Flink, Laura et al. | Wiley | 2017
    Keywords: Diet, Diet Assessment, Diet Quality

    Diet quality and telomere length in older Australian men and women

    Free access
    Milte, Catherine M. / Russell, Aaron P. / Ball, Kylie et al. | Springer Verlag | 2016
    Keywords: Diet, Diet quality, Mediterranean diet

    Lebensmittel-Immunologie : Eine Einführung in die molekularen Wirkmechanismen mit Videos und Verständnisfragen

    Beermann, Christopher | TIBKAT | 2019
    Keywords: Food science, Food Science

    Psychosocial factors associated with diet quality in a working adult population

    Ferranti, Erin Poe / Dunbar, Sandra B. / Higgins, Melinda et al. | Wiley | 2013
    Keywords: diet quality, diet patterns, Mediterranean diet

    Ketogenic Diets

    Kossoff, Eric H. / Haney, Courtney A. | Wiley | 2015
    Keywords: Atkins diet, ketogenic diet, medium‐chain triglyceride oil‐containing diet, water diet

    History of food science

    Naumenko, Natalija Valentynivna | TIBKAT | 2014
    Keywords: Lebensmittelwissenschaft

    “We Can’t Go Back a Hundred Million Years”

    Knight, Christine | Taylor & Francis Verlag | 2015
    Keywords: low-carbohydrate diet, high-protein diet, Paleo diet, diet books

    Food science

    Bawa, A. S. | TIBKAT | 2013
    Keywords: Lebensmittelwissenschaft

    Keto diets: good, bad or ugly?

    Evans, Mark | Wiley | 2018
    Keywords: ketogenic diet, high fat diet

    Short‐term feeding of a ketogenic diet induces more severe hepatic insulin resistance than an obesogenic high‐fat diet

    Grandl, Gerald / Straub, Leon / Rudigier, Carla et al. | Wiley | 2018
    Keywords: ketogenic diet, high fat diet

    Low-Glycemic-Index Diet Relieving Migraine but Inducing Muscle Cramps

    Free access
    Finsterer, Josef / Frank, Marlies | Thieme Verlag | 2019
    Keywords: Atkins' diet, ketogenic diet

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