Mass Transfer In Edible Film Coated Chicken Nuggets: Influence of Frying Temperature and Pressure (English)

In: Conference at food engineering   ;  107-111  ;  1997

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Effect of Surface Hydrophobicity on the Kinetics of Adsorption of Bovine Serum Albumin at Air-Water Interfaces
Cho, D. / Narsimhan, G. / Franses, E. I. | 1997
Binding Reversibility and Surface Exchange of Trichoderma reesei CBHI, and Thermomonnospora fusca E3 and E5 Cellulases
Bothwell, M. K. / Walker, L. P. / Wilson, D. B. / Irwin, D. C. | 1997
Nisin Adsorption, Exchange, and Antimicrobial Activity at Interfaces
Bower, C. K. / Lakamraju, M. / McGuire, J. / Daeschel, M. A. | 1997
Glass Transition Temperatures: Importance of Prediction and Use
Roos, Y. H. | 1997
Prediction of Stability of Dehydrated Apple As A Function of Water Activity and Glass Transition Temperature
Vergara, F. / Guerrero, J. A. / Barcenas, M. E. / Barbosa-Canovas, G. V. / Aguilera, J. M. / Welti, J. | 1997
Comparison of the Dielectrics of Salt Solutions and Real Food Systems at Pasteurization and Sterilization Temperatures
Li, A. / Barringer, S. | 1997
Effect of Crust and Crumb Thickness on Viscoelastic Behavior of Chemically Leavened Biscuits
Nakamura, T. / Narsimhan, G. / Okos, M. R. | 1997
Factors Affecting the Peelability of Tomatoes
Das, D. J. / Barringer, S. A. | 1997
Physical Properties of Frozen Pastries During Freezing and Frozen Storage
Hwang, C. H. / Chao, R. R. / Heldman, D. R. | 1997
Effects of Ingredients and Screw Speed on Physical and Microstructural Properties of Corn Meal in Twin Screw Extrusion
Jin, Z. / Hsieh, F. / Huff, H. E. | 1997
Role of Moisture in the Failure of Low-Moisture Baked Products
Grenus, K. / Eads, T. / Narsimhan, G. / Okos, M. | 1997
Moisture Transport Properties of Foods
Saravacos, G. D. | 1997
Moisture Transport and Puffing in Shrinkage Gels During Saturated Drying
Achanta, S. / Okos, M. R. / Cushman, J. H. / Kessler, D. P. | 1997
Stability of Dehydrated Comminuted Orange Products. Influence of Maltodextrin and Storage Temperature
Vergara, F. / Welti, J. / Barbosa-Canovas, G. | 1997
Development of Apple Pie Fillings by Combined Methods
Ortega-Rivas, E. / Beltran-Reyes, B. / Anzaldua-Morales, A. / Morales-Castro, J. | 1997
Effects of Blanching and Drying Temperatures on Rehydration Rate and Texture of Sweet Potatoes
Ortega-Rivas, E. / Moreno-Perez, L. F. / Gasson-Lara, J. H. | 1997
Yield Stress Measurements of Tomato Concentrates Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
McCarthy, K. L. / McCarthy, M. J. | 1997
Understanding the Rheological Changes of Microwaved Biscuit Dough
Castell-Perez, M. E. | 1997
Using a Co-Rotating Self-Wiping Twin Screw Extruder As An On; Line Rheometer
Li, Y. / Lu, Q. / Huff, H. E. / Hsieh, F. | 1997
Correlation of Bostwick and Pressure Drop for Tomato Products
Azam, A. T. M. S. / Barringer, S. A. / Sastry, S. K. / Heskitt, B. | 1997
Heat and Mass Transfer During Deep-Fat Frying of Chicken Nuggetws Coated with Edible Film: Influence of Initial Fat Content
Balasubramaniam, V. M. / Mallikarjunan, P. / Chinnan, M. S. | 1997
Mass Transfer In Edible Film Coated Chicken Nuggets: Influence of Frying Temperature and Pressure
Mallikarjunan, P. / Chinnan, M. S. / Balasubramaniam, V. M. | 1997
The Mechanism of Oil Absorption in Tortilla Chips
Moreira, R. G. / Sun, X. / Chen, Y. | 1997
High Moisture Extrusion: Possibilities and Prospects
Choudhury, G. S. / Moir, M. A. / Gogoi, B. K. | 1997
Twin Screw Extrusion of Teff Flour
Tilahun, M. / Srivastava, A. K. / Steffe, J. F. / Uebersax, M. A. | 1997
Determination of Optimum Grinding Conditions for Processing of Raw Corn for Production of Tortilla Flour by Extrusion
Del Valle, F. R. / Tsai, H. S. | 1997
Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in Process Rheological Measurements
Eisenberg, F. G. / Torok, D. F. | 1997
Twin-Screw Extrusion of Corn Meal with Amaranth
Stiefermann, K. M. / Huff, H. E. / Hsieh, F. | 1997
Viscous Dissipation In Scraped-Surface Heat Exchangers
Page, T. V. / Grandison, A. S. / Lewis, M. J. | 1997
Safety Assurance and Quality Enhancement of Microwave Cooked Chicken
Mallikarjunan, P. / Hung, Y.-C. / Brackett, R. E. / Hao, Y.-Y. | 1997
Dewatering Biosolids from a Milk Processing Plant: Ultrafiltration/Microfiltration Membranes
Le Roux, L. D. / Litchfield, J. B. | 1997
Phase Diagram for the Mixture of Globular Protein and Non-Ionic Polymer
Guo, R. / Narsimhan, G. | 1997
Development of Surface and Deposition Films from Peanut Protein
Jangchud, A. / Chinnan, M. S. | 1997
Adsorption Isotherms and Packaging Requirements of Rootcrop-Peanut Baked Products
Diamante, L. M. | 1997
Kinetics Models of Wheat Plumule Oil Extraction Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Zhang, X.-W. / Liu, C.-Y. / Zhong, M. / Shen, Z.-Y. | 1997
Inactivation of Escherichia Coli and Bacillus Subtilis Suspended in Pea Soup Using Pulsed Electric Fields
Vega-Mercado, H. / Martin-Belloso, O. / Chang, F.-J. / Barbosa-Canovas, G. V. / Swanson, B. G. | 1997
Dairy By-Products: Current Utilization and Research Needs
Dale, M. C. | 1997
Pilot Plant Citrus Juice Evaporator for Concentrate Development and Scale-up Production
Chen, C. S. / Johnson, J. R. | 1997
Potato Processing-Flakes, Dice and Models
Kozempel, M. F. / Tomasula, P. M. / Craig, J. C. | 1997
Pilot Plant Scale-up of Refrigerated Meals Production
Desai, M. | 1997
A Model for the Sheeting of Dough Between Rolls Operating at Different Speeds
Levine, L. | 1997
Product Adaptive Control System for a Food Extruder
Schonauer, S. / Moreira, R. | 1997
Scale-Down and Scale-Up of Soluble-Coffee Extraction
Schwartzberg, H. G. | 1997
Design of a Pilot Scale Continuous Stirred Ethanol Reactor Separator with Solvent Absorption and Extractive Distillation
Dale, M. C. / Moelhman, M. / Zhou, C. | 1997
Electron Microscopy Studies of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Processed in High Voltage Pulsed Electric Fields
Harrison, S. L. / Barbosa-Canovas, G. V. / Swanson, B. G. | 1997
Microwave Pre-Treatment in Sun-drying of Corinth Raisins
Kostaropoulos, A. E. / Saravacos, G. D. | 1997
Application of a Self-Learning Neuro-Fuzzy Control System on HTST Heating In Aseptic Processing
Ou-Yang, F. / Singh, R. K. | 1997