The natural and socio-cultural environment of Homo erectus at Bilzingsleben, Germany (English)

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From empty spaces to lived lives: exploring the individual in the Palaeolithic
Gamble, C. / Porr, M. | 2005
The Acheulean and the handaxe: structure and agency in the Palaeolithic
Hopkinson, T. / White, M. J. | 2005
Transformations in dividuality: personhood and palaeoliths in the Middle Pleistocene
Field, A. S. | 2005
Seeking the Palaeolithic individual in East Africa and Europe during the Lower-Middle Pleistocene
Gowlett, J. A. J. | 2005
The making of the biface and the making of the individual
Porr, M. | 2005
Observations on the relationship between Palaeolithic individuals and artefact scatters at the Middle Pleistocene site of Boxgrove, UK
Pope, M. / Roberts, M. | 2005
The natural and socio-cultural environment of Homo erectus at Bilzingsleben, Germany
Mania, D. / Mania, U. | 2005
The Lower Palaeolithic art of hunting: the case of Schoningen 13 II-4, Lower Saxony, Germany
Thieme, H. | 2005
Tracking hominins during the last interglacial complex in the Rhineland
Adler, D. S. / Conard, N. J. | 2005
Bones and powerful individuals: faunal case studies from the Arctic and the European Middle Palaeolithic
Gamble, C. / Gaudzinski, S. | 2005
All in a day's work: Middle Pleistocene individuals, materiality and the lifespace at Makapansgat, South Africa
Sinclair, A. / Mcnabb, J. | 2005
Life and mind in the Acheulean: a case study from India
Petraglia, M. D. / Shipton, C. / Paddayya, K. | 2005
Individuals among palimpsest data: fluvial landscapes in Southern England
Hosfield, R. | 2005
Being modern in the Middle Stone Age: individuals and innovation
Henshilwood, C. / D Errico, F. | 2005
Concluding remarks: context and the individual
Dobres, M.-A. | 2005