Real Time Estimation of rigid body orientation based on inertial sensors measurements (English)

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Optical Side-Slip Angle Measurement for Automotive Applications
Hrach, D. / Brandner, M. | 2006
Teaching Digital Measurement Systems: The DMS Lab
Brandner, M. / Thurner, T. | 2006
Teaching Multi-DSP Systems with TMS320C6713 DSKs
Gruber, S. / Schmid, M. | 2006
Autofocusing System for Long Range Cameras
Goncalves, J. / Silva, L. | 2006
Real-Time Implementation of a Subspace Dereverberation Method
Tabiby, S. / Tal, N. / Fainguelernt, J. / Gannot, S. | 2006
Multi-Channel and Surround Sound Audio Coding on Floating-Point DSP
Fiesel, W. / Texas Instruments Incorporated | 2006
Low Delay Audio Coding for TI DSPs
Gayer, M. L. M. / Texas Instruments Incorporated | 2006
Lower system cost and power consumption using an MSP430 as housekeeper for DSP-based system designs
Eliasz, G. / Garlick, C. / Schauer, S. / Fainguelernt, J. / Texas Instruments Incorporated | 2006
Power Optimizing Embedded Applications
Gary, S. / Busy, F. / Texas Instruments Incorporated | 2006
Frequency shifting for acoustic feedback reduction
Scheuing, J. / Yang, B. | 2006
A DSP Control System of Membrane Deformable Mirror using TMS320 C5502
Bonora, S. / Capraro, I. / Poletto, L. / Romanin, M. / Trestino, C. / Villoresi, P. | 2006
Bertoluzzo, M. / Buja, G. / Menis, R. | 2006
Real-Time Implementation of an Energy-Based Voice Activity Detector
Bluemanfeld, H. / Rahamim, Y. / Gannot, S. | 2006
Davidek, V. / Vojacek, A. | 2006
Instantaneous Angular Velocity Irregularity Evaluation
Novak, M. | 2006
Utilizing the C64x+ Compiler to Optimize Performance and Reduce Code Size
Sule, D. / Nisim, I. / Texas Instruments Incorporated | 2006
Using TMS320C6713 in a Two-dimensional Active Noise Control Method
Krahe, D. / Niepenberg, A. | 2006
Universal Drive Platform Based on EZDSPtm LF2407
Tairov, S. / Stevanatto, L. C. | 2006
Real-time Processing of an Equalizer on DSP TMS320C6201 for underwater acoustic communications
Trubuil, J. / Lapierre, G. / Labat, J. | 2006
Real-time Detection on the TRICAM, an Intelligent Camera DSP-based for Efficient Video Surveillance of Remote Locations
Rouxel, M. / Kropfl, A. / Arth, C. | 2006
A DSP Based Multi-Format Video Decoder for an IP Set-Top Box
Pescador, F. / Garrido, M. J. / Antoniello, R. / Sanz, C. / Juarez, E. / Santos, C. | 2006
aacPlus - High Efficiency Audio Coding for Broadcast and Mobile Applications
Ziegler, T. / Beer, M. / Hoffmann, G. / Texas Instruments Incorporated | 2006
How to Deploy Compelling DSP+FPGA System Solutions Using C-based and Model-based Design
Chappell, S. / Christensen, F. / Texas Instruments Incorporated | 2006
GigaRapidity: Embedded Serial RapidIO DSP-to- FPGA Communications
Hiers, T. / Texas Instruments Incorporated | 2006
Nsabimana, F. X. / Zolzer, U. | 2006
Multiformat Video Daughter Card for C6416 DSK
Hradecky, D. / Zahradnik, P. | 2006
Rapid prototyping of control and modulation algorithms for a high-power inverter
Meyer, W. / Koller, F. / Herzog, H. G. | 2006
Real-Time Analysis and Monitoring of Speech Features
Hasarchi, A. / Fainguelernt, J. / Yeredor, A. | 2006
An Image Processing System for Visual Serving of Mobile Robots and Object Tracking
Masar, I. | 2006
Implementation and performance analysis of a DMT modem for broadband power line communications on the TMS320C6201
Salmeron-Moreno, M. J. / Cortes, J. A. / Diez, L. / Entrambasaguas, J. T. | 2006
Two-Way Digital Active Loudspeaker System
Sozanski, K. P. | 2006
Designing new robust adaptive algorithm for echo cancellation
Tarakanov, A. | 2006
RoHS compliance - Executive update
Klassen, T. / Clayton, M. / Larres, A. / Rozenfeld, Z. / Texas Instruments Incorporated | 2006
PV Inverter Control Using a TMS320F2812 DSP
Kerekes, T. / Sera, D. / Teodorescu, R. | 2006
Real Time Estimation of rigid body orientation based on inertial sensors measurements
Guidoux, M. R. / Manautines, M. G. / Dion, M. A. / Munier, M. J.-B. / Calmettes, V. | 2006
DSP Implementation of Packet Synchronization for OFDM
Corvaja, R. / Manfrin, R. / Maso, M. | 2006
Voice on OFDM
Mikovicova, B. / Amiel, F. / Terre, M. | 2006
Smart Motion Control Applications with Drive-Monitoring Using the TMS320F2812-Texas Instruments - DSP
Renz, C. / Werner, U. / Raffel, H. / Orlik, B. | 2006
The MMSE IC-LE Turbo Equalizer with Iterative Channel Estimation on the TI TMS320C6201 DSP
Makh, V. P. S. / Leroux, D. / Godet, A. | 2006
Power Conditioning for High performance Data Conversion
Berberich, K. / Avigdor, M. / Texas Instruments Incorporated | 2006
Using F2808 for Multi-phase & Multi-output DC/DC power supplies
Cassin-Delauriere, A. / Poley, R. / Goergner, A. / Fainguelernt, J. / Texas Instruments Incorporated | 2006
Networked Audio and Video Innovation Applications with DaVinci™
Mercier, J.-M. / Texas Instruments Incorporated | 2006
Ways to use LabVIEW to aid DSP education
Szabo, I. A. / Harasztosi, L. | 2006
DSP/FPGA-based Flexible Digital Control System for Power Conversion, Motion Control, Industrial Data Processing and Educational Applications
Debowski, L. | 2006
DSP plus FPGA based Control Platform for High Performance Power Electronics Converters and Systems
Ramos, C. J. / Martins, A. P. / Carvalho, A. S. | 2006
Efficient Spline-based Image Interpolation on a TI OMAP Platform
Mandy, A. / Petkov, P. / Gotchev, A. / Egiazarian, K. | 2006
Design Considerations for High-Resolution D/A and A/D Converter Systems
Lee, B. / Texas Instruments Incorporated | 2006
Advanced Scripting Techniques for Automating Regression Tests and Measurements with the Code Composer Studio Scripting Utility
Lee, K.-S. / Wan, V. / Ringel, H. / Texas Instruments Incorporated | 2006
A DSP implementation of a Real-Time Speaker Localization System Using ATF-ratio Time Delay Estimation
Giancarlo, C. / Cosmo, T. / Matteo, R. / Riccardo, M. | 2006
Implementation of Fast Start-up LMS Equaliser Using TI C6x Processors
Turk, K. / Kaya, I. / Gormus, S. | 2006
Electronic Instrumentation for an UltrasonicTransit-Time Gas Flowmeter
Krasser, E. / Eichberger, B. / Kupnik, M. | 2006
TMS320F2812 DSP to Non-Invasive Health Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis for Doubly Fed Induction Generator Systems
Sae-Kok, W. / Grant, D. M. | 2006
Montuori, A. / Pasero, E. | 2006
Environmental noise measure system with GPRS communications
Lopez, J. M. / de Arcas, G. / Ruiz, M. / Recuero, M. / Alonso, J. | 2006
Basic Power Supply Design techniques using design software and Layout guidelines
Hauke, B. / Avigdor, M. / Texas Instruments Incorporated | 2006
Real-Time Data Analyzer
Popa, D. / Otesteanu, M. | 2006
Module 2: Model-Based Design of Motor Control Applications for TI DSPs using MathWorks MATLAB and Simulink
Ritt, H. M. / Texas Instruments Incorporated | 2006
Embedded Intelligence to Support the Entire Enterprise
Lipton, A. / Texas Instruments Incorporated | 2006
Getting the Most from the DaVinci™ Video Processing Sub- System
Specker, S. / Brand, J. / Finger, R. / Fowler, J. B. / Texas Instruments Incorporated | 2006
Implementation and Evaluation of a Simple Real-Time Baseband OFDM Transceiver Using the TMS320C6713 DSK
Karabetsos, S. H. / Stavrou, P. B. / Pikasis, E. K. / Nassiopoulos, A. A. | 2006
Dynamic Deadband Adjustment for a 4-Phase Buck-Boost-DC-DCConverter for a Hybrid Car Operating at Variable Voltage Levels
Jorg, A. / Schlurmann, J. / Schroder, D. | 2006
Kalman Filtering Implementation on DSP C6713 for Tracking Moving Objects
Ouamri, A. / Hanafi, S. / Benoudnine, H. / Dahnoun, N. | 2006
Surveillance with Stereo Vision
Soraghan, J. / McLeod, A. / Asif, M. | 2006
Ultra Fast Hibernation/Restore - An Efficient Power Saving Method In TI OMAP DSPs
Cvetanov, D. L. | 2006
A Writer Verification System Using the TMS320C6713 Digital Signal Processor
Zois, E. N. / Pikasis, E. / Kotsidimou, Z. / Tsitouras, P. / Nassiopoulos, A. A. | 2006
Digital Transducer Array Loudspeakers with Dithering and Noise Shaping
Mendoza-Lopez, J. / Yong, A. W. / Busbridge, S. C. | 2006