Electronic Tutorial for Moral Reasoning in Business Education: A Technological Learning Tool to Facilitate Students' Moral Reasoning (English)

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From High Level Clarity to Ground Level Confusion: Exactly Where do IT-Mediated Education Policies Fit?
Reeve, S. D. / Flowers, S. H. | 2004
Moving a University Toward On-line Learning: Opportunities, Challenges, and Technologies
Parker, D. / Gemino, A. | 2004
Linking Pedagogical Innovation and Information Technology to Enhance Business Education
Bronfman, S. V. | 2004
The Experience of Self-Organized Learning Through the Use of Learning Plans for Knowledge Management
Chng, V. L. L. / Coombs, S. | 2004
Using Student Consulting Team Assignments as a Vehicle to Teach a Systems Development Course
Merchant, S. | 2004
Using Team Learning in the Classroom: Experiences and Lessons
Christ, L. F. / Christ, M. Y. / Graham, A. S. / McCuddy, M. K. / Pirie, W. L. | 2004
Using Teams in the Classroom: Meeting the Challenge of Evaluating Students' Work
McCuddy, M. K. / Pirie, W. L. | 2004
International Management: Early Experience in Multicultural Virtual Team Interaction
Morse, K. | 2004
PRAXIS: A Practice-Based Instructional System in the First Year of an Industrial Engineering Program
van Woerden, W. M. / Smit, N. J. | 2004
Using the Web for Problem-Based Learning
Smit, N. J. / van Riemsdijk, M. / van der Veen, J. | 2004
Effects of Problem-Based Learning in Business Education: A Comparison Between a PBL and a Conventional Educational Approach
van den Bossche, P. / Segers, M. / Gijbels, D. / Dochy, F. | 2004
Learning about Teaching Information Systems in a Problem-Based Curriculum: An Exploratory Study of the Impact of Students' Individual Differences on their Conception and Perception of Problem Tasks
Nijhuis, J. / Segers, M. / Gijselaers, W. | 2004
The Use of a Virtual Learning Environment to Support Learners on Work-Based Learning Programs
Bird, L. | 2004
Distance Learning: The Experience of Accounting at the University of Natal (Durban), South Africa
Lumby, A. B. / Saville, A. D. | 2004
Creating and Improving a "Virtual Object" Through Web-Mediated Discourse
Wells, G. | 2004
Testing Social Information Processing Theories in Distance Education
Martz, W. B. / Shepherd, M. M. | 2004
Electronic Tutorial for Moral Reasoning in Business Education: A Technological Learning Tool to Facilitate Students' Moral Reasoning
Vargas, M. A. | 2004
The Five Key Benefits of On-line Final Examinations (with Three Free Bonus Benefits)
Williams, J. B. | 2004
Assertion-Reason Assessment in Formative and Summative Tests: Results from Two Graduate Case Studies
Connelly, L. B. | 2004
Exploring the Implications of Videoconferencing for Management Learning
Hodgson, V. / Asensio, M. | 2004