Psychological and biological models of development (English)

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How the development of inborn errors of metabolism necessitates the transition from paediatrics to other medical disciplines
Naughten, E. | 2004
Psychological and biological models of development
Burgard, P. | 2004
The multiple dimensions of transition from paediatric to adult care in inborn metabolic diseases
Wendel, U. | 2004
Specialist service for children and adults with metabolic disease: training and resource allocation
Walter, J. H. | 2004
Inborn errors of metabolism in adulthood - results of an international survey
de Valk, H. W. | 2004
Who is responsible for transition of patients with inherited metabolic disease? A view from the United Kingdom
Lee, P. J. | 2004
Is internal medicine ready to take over the adult patient with an inborn error of metabolism? The German experience
Schwarz, M. | 2004
Vertical networking in Paediatric Oncology: Transfer of information from specialised Paediatric Cancer Services to General Medical Care - adult institutions included
Calaminus, G. | 2004
Paediatric Rheumatology: Pathways into adulthood
McDonagh, J. E. | 2004
The mental health needs of young people with learning disabilities
Morgan, H. | 2004
Inborn Errors of Metabolism - Visions for Future Developments
Mayatepek, E. | 2004
The example of glycogen storage diseases type I: Transition policies / preparation and monitoring of pregnancy
Twist, G. / Ross, M. | 2004
Evidence based patient information and participation of patients in medical decision making
Muhlhauser, I. | 2004