Multiple Regression Analysis of the Variation in Mean Room Velocity with Change in Heat Source Location for Mixing Ventilation (English)

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Microbiological Quality of Air in a Bread-making Factory
Ionita, I. / Nicolau, A. | 2004
Lower energy cost and less sick leave with displacement ventilation versus mixing ventilation
Svensson, P. / Kristensson, D. / Kristensson, J. | 2004
Modelling of `behavioural adjustments' and its impact on energy consumption in offices
Endravadan, M. / Thellier, F. / Monchoux, F. | 2004
Experimental Study of Draft Perception of Tropically Acclimatized Subjects under Personalized Ventilation
Tham, K. W. / Sekhar, S. C. / Cheong, D. K. W. / Gong, N. | 2004
Numerical Study of Particle Dispersion in Displacement Ventilated Rooms
Chen, J. / Zhao, B. / Li, X. | 2004
Effect of Particulate Air Cleaners on the Content of airborne Dust and Cat Allergen in Classrooms
Mattsson, M. / Stojanovic, B. / Elfman, L. | 2004
Air Infiltration Performance for Residential Buildings in the Winter of Harbin, China
Liu, J. / Gao, F. / Yoshino, H. / Li, Z. | 2004
Local radiative heat transfer on a human body. Analysis through modeling
Thellier, F. / Leduc, G. / Endravadan, M. / Gaspar, A. / Raimundo, A. / Quintela, A. | 2004
Air quality evaluation in rooms with personalized ventilation and different ocupant distributions
Yang, J. / Li, X. / Sun, W. / Kaczmarczyk, J. / Melikov, A. K. | 2004
CFD Simulation and Measurements in Near Zone of a High Induction Swirl Diffuser
Einberg, G. / Koskela, H. / Holmberg, S. | 2004
Modeling of Components for the Numerical Simulation of a Perforated Plate Diffuser at Different Working Conditions
Manzan, M. / Saro, O. / de Angelis, A. | 2004
Local Exhaust Efficiency in an Operating Room Ventilated by Horizontal Unidirectional Airflow
Brohus, H. / Balling, K. D. / Jeppesen, D. | 2004
Strategic Design Method for Natural Ventilation in Buildings
Yao, R. / Steemers, K. | 2004
Air Movement by Revolving Doors
Allgayer, D. M. / Hunt, G. R. | 2004
Determination of the Air Change Rate for Natural Ventilation with Regard to Energy Efficiency and Building Physics
Gritzki, R. / Seifert, J. / Richter, W. / Rosler, M. | 2004
Study on the Fluctuant Characteristics of Natural Wind in Built Environment
Ouyang, Q. / Dai, W. / Zhu, Y. | 2004
Comparison of skin surface temperatures between subjective experiments and numerical predictions by using a modified 65mn thermoregulation model under solar radiation
Ozeki, Y. / Hiramatsu, T. / Takabayashi, T. / Tanabe, S. | 2004
Human Comfort and Productivity under Humidity Conditions with Different Indoor Air Quality Levels in Summer and Winter
Tsutsumi, H. / Hen, Y. / Akimoto, T. / Tanabe, S. / Suzuki, T. | 2004
A Method of Designing Thermal Comfort Conditions in the Room with UFAD System
Zukowski, M. | 2004
Multi-Storey Double-Skin Facades Influence on Surface Pressure Distribution
Gomes, M. G. / da Silva, F. M. | 2004
Using Double-Skin Solar Energy Facade for Pre-Heating of Ventilating Air
Jaros, M. / Krajca, K. / Charvat, P. / Sedlak, J. / Mohelnikova, J. / Plsek, D. | 2004
Performance Potential of a Whole House Low Energy Ventilation System Predicted from the Outcome of a European Programme of Testing
McEvoy, M. / Southall, R. | 2004
Design of Load in Thermal Network Models
Vytlacil, D. | 2004
Parametric Study on a Displacement Ventilation System Using Three-Dimensional CFD
Hashimoto, Y. | 2004
Ventilation of isolation rooms in hospitals
Mathisen, H. M. | 2004
Performance of a passive cooling system
da Silva, J. J. C. | 2004
Estimation of Inhaled Air Quality for Personal Air Conditioning by Means of Age and Residual Lifetime of Air Distributions with Newly Developed Calculation Method
Kato, S. / Yang, J. H. | 2004
The Effect of Isothermal Task Unit on Thermal Comfort
Hayashi, J. / Lee, S. / Tomioka, Y. / Harigaya, J. / Nobe, T. / Tanabe, S. | 2004
Air Flow Measurement around Human Body with Wide-cover Personal Air Conditioning
Yang, J. H. / Kato, S. / Chikamoto, T. | 2004
Particle Transport in a Two-Zone Enclosure
Aydin, M. / Reis, A. H. / Miguel, A. F. / Silva, A. M. | 2004
How ambient environment effects the migration of particulate matter?
Gupta, A. / Cheong, K. W. D. / Wong, N. H. | 2004
Indoor air quality and thermal comfort studies in the tropics: a comparison between under-floor supply and ceiling-based mixing ventilation systems using female subjects
Zhou, W. / Tham, K. W. / Zuraimi, M. S. / Gupta, A. | 2004
Study on Influence of Mass Transfer Coefficients on Emission Rate of Formaldehyde released from Medium Density Fiberboard by Test Chamber Method and CFD Analysis
Zhu, Q. / Kato, S. / Ataka, T. | 2004
Multiple Regression Analysis of the Variation in Mean Room Velocity with Change in Heat Source Location for Mixing Ventilation
Cho, Y. / Awbi, H. B. | 2004
Towards making the indoor climate visible in practices
Linden, E. / Broberg, B. / Olson, S. / Sandberg, M. | 2004
Modelling the natural ventilation in a modern office building
Spasov, Y. | 2004
Measured occupancy levels in Swedish offices
Johansson, D. | 2004
Interactive Indoor Air Flow Analysis using High Performance Computing and Virtual Reality Techniques
Wenisch, P. / van Treeck, C. / Rank, E. | 2004
Multi-Zone Model Approach for Evaluating Particle Mass Transport in a Ventilated Room
Einberg, G. | 2004
Application of Simple CFD Models in Smoke Ventilation Design
Brohus, H. / Nielsen, P. V. / La Cour-Harbo, H. / Lykkegaard, M. / Dam, M. / Jensen, B. V. | 2004
Validation of a CFD model for several displacement ventilation geometries
Sinai, Y. L. / Sykes, N. / Everitt, P. / Danielsson, N. | 2004
Case Study: Temperature evolution and thermal mass in a passively ventilated office: Houghton Hall, England
Fitzgerald, S. / Lomakina, A. / Livermore, S. / Lishman, B. / Norford, L. / Walker, C. / Gladstone, C. / Woods, A. | 2004
CFD Modelling of Atrium-assisted Natural Ventilation
Ji, Y. / Cook, M. J. / Hunt, G. R. | 2004
The Effect of Wall Porosity on the Flow Rate in a Building Ventilated by Cross Wind
Seifert, J. / Axley, J. / Li, Y. / Rosler, M. | 2004
Predictability of the Discharge Coefficient for Inflow and Outflow Openings in Cross Ventilation
Sawachi, T. / Narita, K. / Nishizawa, S. / Seto, H. / Ishikawa, Y. | 2004
Building Performance: Analysis of Naturally Ventilated UK Office Building
Walker, C. E. / Manchanda, S. / Spindler, H. C. / Norford, L. K. | 2004
Wind-Buoyancy Interaction in Natural Ventilation
Woods, A. / Lishman, B. | 2004
Permeation of the tracer gas SF6 through three common building materials with and without surface treatment
Hansson, P. / Bjorling, M. / Stymne, H. | 2004
Measurement of the air chance rate and ventilation characteristics during short term transient phenomena
Heiselberg, P. / Perino, M. | 2004
Assessment of the thermal environment in an aircraft cabin
Irgens, S. / Melikov, A. | 2004
The influence of air speed and turbulence intensity on thermal comfort in vehicles
Novakovic, K. / Holmberg, S. | 2004
Simple modeling of thermal mass
Holford, J. M. | 2004
Influence of solar radiation on heat and air flow transfers in double skin facades with venetian blinds
Safer, N. / Woloszyn, M. / Roux, J. J. | 2004
Energy performance of the naturally ventilated building
Stec, W. J. / van Passen, A. H. C. | 2004
Building mass and ventilation working together to reduce cooling loads
Corgnati, S. P. / Forte, D. / Fracastoro, G. V. | 2004
On the IAQ Characteristics of Child Care Centers in the Tropics Arising from Different Ventilation Strategies - A Pilot Study
Zuraimi, M. S. / Tham, K. W. | 2004
Ventilation Efficiency of Personalized Ventilation: CFD Study
Niu, J. L. / Gao, N. P. / Zuo, H. G. | 2004
Study on the Individual Control System Considering Human Thermal Adaptation
Song, D. / Kato, S. / Yang, J. H. / Zhu, S. / Chikamoto, T. | 2004
Analysis of Indoor Air Quality in a Kitchen
Akoua, A. A. / Allard, F. / Beghein, C. / Collignan, B. | 2004
Indoor Air Effects on Health in Dwellings Occupied all Daylong by Elderly
Coelho, C. / Schriver-Mazzuolli, L. / Lemaitre, N. / Steers, M. | 2004
The use of Gas Sampling Bags for Measuring the Indoor Air Quality
Muller, B. / Muller, D. | 2004
Reinforced Exhaust System with Slot Exhaust Hood
Janotkova, E. / Pavelek, M. / Malasek, L. | 2004
Coupled Simulation of Convection and Radiation on Thermal Environment around an Accurately Shaped Human Body
Omori, T. / Jeonghoon, Y. / Kato, S. / Murakami, S. | 2004
Evaluation of Input-Side Parameter of Productivity by Cerebral Blood Oxygenation Changes
Nishihara, N. / Tanabe, S. | 2004
A simple model for heat transfer in displacement-ventilation
da Graca, G. C. / Linden, P. F. | 2004
Modeling of Ceiling Fan Based on Velocity Measurement for CFD Simulation of Airflow in Large Room
Momoi, Y. / Sagara, K. / Yamanaka, T. / Kotani, H. | 2004
Industrial Grille Applied to Zoning Room Air Conditioning Strategy - Performance Prediction by CFD-simulation
Koskela, H. / Sandberg, E. / Saarinen, P. | 2004
The Design of a Fire Source in Scale-Model Experiments with Smoke Ventilation
Nielsen, P. V. / Brohus, H. / La Cour-Harbo, H. / Lykkegaard, M. / Dam, M. / Jensen, B. V. | 2004
A Lagrangian model for the dispersion of solid particles, in three-dimensional flow, using a CVFEM for the prediction of the continuous phase
Oliveira, L. A. / Costa, V. A. F. / Baliga, B. R. | 2004
Numerical analysis of particle behaviors in indoor air using Lagrangian method
Zhang, Z. / Chen, Q. | 2004
Experimental study of transition phenomena in buoyancy-induced natural ventilation
Haslavsky, V. / Tanny, J. / Teitel, M. / Regev, R. | 2004
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Wind Driven Natural Ventilation in a Building Scale Model
Heiselberg, P. / Jensen, J. P. / Sandberg, M. / Nielsen, P. V. | 2004
Optimization of Hybrid Air-conditioning System with Natural Ventilation by Genetic Algorithm and Computational Fluid Dynamics
Lee, J. H. / Kato, S. | 2004
Distribution of Carbon Dioxide Produced by People in a Room: Part 1 - Laboratory study
Barankova, P. / Naydenov, K. G. / Melikov, A. K. / Sundell, J. | 2004
Helium-filled Soap Bubbles as a Plume Tracer
Saarinen, P. / Sandberg, E. / Koskela, H. | 2004
Impact of the Thermal Load on the Room Airflow Pattern
Muller, D. / Gores, I. / Zielinsky, R. | 2004
Dynamic spatial three-dimensional thermal comfort analysis underneath a cyclist helmet
Quanten, S. / Aerts, J. M. / van Brecht, A. / Welkenhuyzen, J. / Nuyttens, D. / Berckmans, D. | 2004
Segmental Equivalent Temperature Determined by Means of a Thermal Manikin: A Method for Correcting Errors due to Incomplete Contact of the Body with a Surface
Melikov, A. / Janicas, N. R. J. / da Silva, M. C. G. | 2004
Statistical Study of Indoor Velocity Distribution for Comfort Assessment
Bastide, A. / Garde, F. / Adelard, L. / Boyer, H. | 2004
A Three-Dimensional Numerical Study of Convective Heat Transfer from a Window with a Venetian Blind
Marjanovic, L. / Cook, M. J. / Rees, S. J. / Hanby, V. | 2004
The Role of Indoor Climate in the European Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPBD)
Olesen, B. W. | 2004
Survey and Analysis on Indoor Thermal Environment of the Marketplace
Deng, Q. / Li, N. / Yang, C. | 2004
Use of simulation in the design of the climate control system for a new concert hall and multi purpose spaces in a convent in Coimbra - Portugal
da Graca, G. C. / Boucinha, M. / Sarmento, I. | 2004
Study on Normalized Concentrations in an Occupied Zone in Office Space Optimization of Fresh Supply Air Flow Rate and Analysis of Energy Consumption
Kikuchi, S. / Ito, K. / Kobayashi, N. | 2004
Thermal comfort of seated occupants in rooms with personalized ventilation combined with mixing or displacement ventilation
Forejt, L. / Melikov, A. K. / Cermak, R. / Kovar, O. | 2004
Individually Controled Office Environments - Thermal Confort Parameters Determination
Leite, B. C. C. / Tribess, A. | 2004
Chair-mounted Isothermal Airflow Generator
Nobe, T. / Shoji, M. / Shimizu, S. | 2004
Thermal Comfort of Task Unit with Isothermal Air Flow Fan and Radiant Panel
Shoji, M. / Nobe, T. / Tanabe, S. | 2004
Effect of Gas-Range upon Air Quality of Living Spaces
Kajtar, L. / Leitner, A. | 2004
An Extended Model for Underfloor Air Distribution Systems
Liu, Q. A. / Linden, P. F. | 2004
Effect of room air recirculation delay on the decay rate of tracer gas concentration
Kristoffersen, A. R. / Gadjil, A. J. / Lorenzetti, D. M. | 2004
Rapid Time Varying Ventilation Flow Rates as a mean of increasing the Ventilation Efficiency
Sandberg, M. / Elvsen, P. | 2004
The Effect of Photocatalytic Air Cleaning on Perceived Air Quality
Skorek, A. / Famula, B. / Wargocki, P. | 2004
Floor-Supply Air-Conditioning System in a Theater Hall
Akimoto, T. / Horikawa, S. / Yamazaki, Y. / Lee, S. / Tsutsumi, H. / Kitahara, Y. | 2004
Numerical Study of Thermal Response of School Buildings in Winter Conditions
Conceicao, E. Z. E. / Silva, A. I. N. / Lucio, M. M. J. R. | 2004
Sampling of aerosols in a hotel's air-conditioning systems
Li, N. P. / Fu, Z. R. / Guan, J. / Dai, R. L. / Wang, J. | 2004
Ventilation and Smoke Simulation in Cargo Holds and Engine Rooms on board of RORO-Ferries
Henkel, S. | 2004
Feasibility of CFD Simulation Applied to Air-Conditioning Systems of Telecommunication Rooms
Nishifuji, K. / Kurabuchi, T. / Kishita, M. / Kumayaga, K. / Arai, T. | 2004
Computation and Representation of Fire and Smoke in Buildings
Barrero, D. / Hardy, J.-P. / Reggio, M. / Ozell, B. | 2004
Zonal model based on airflow partitioning
Guernouti, S. / Musy, M. / Mora, L. / Hegron, G. | 2004
Air exchange rates and indoor air quality in offices of the new faculty of engeneering of Porto University
Afonso, C. / Ribeiro, B. / Gouveia, P. / Fernandes, E. O. | 2004
The effect of draughts on the steady temperature distribution in a naturally ventilated enclosure
Coffey, C. J. / Hunt, G. R. | 2004
Study on Pressure Loss Mechanism at the Inflow Opening of Cross-Ventilation
Endo, T. / Kurabuchi, T. / Ohba, M. / Akamine, Y. / Kamata, M. | 2004
Numerical simulation of the flow field in the kitchen of a residential building with natural ventilation
Farinha, D. / Coelho, P. J. | 2004
Examination of the Space with Cross Ventilation by Tracer Gas Technique and Zoning Concept of the Space with Unevenness
Nishizawa, S. / Sawachi, T. / Narita, K. / Seto, H. / Ishikawa, Y. | 2004
Applications of the Integrated Multi-zone Model and CFD Simulation in Buoyancy Ventilation
Tan, G. / Glicksman, L. | 2004
Effects of Reported Neurobehavioral Symptoms on Call Center Operator Performance in the Tropics
Tham, K. W. / Willem, H. C. | 2004
Monitoring Airflow in Occupied Buildings, the Dynamics of
Glicksman, L. R. | 2004
Confort Simulation of a Double Deck Train Coach using CFD Analysis
Haigis, M. / Haider, G. / Payer, W. / Mann, M. | 2004
Comparison of Temperature Measurement Methods for Evaluation of the Thermal Environment in Vehicles
Rosendahl, J. / Olesen, B. W. | 2004
Thermal comfort (PMV) and Metabolic Rate as dynamic monitors for driver sleepiness and fatigue
Quanten, S. / Claes, S. / van Brecht, A. / Aerts, J. M. / Berckmans, D. | 2004
Mixed Convection in Idealized Airplane-Cabins: A Comparison Between Numerical Simulations and Particle Image Velocimetry Measurements
Pennecot, J. / Bosbach, J. / Wagner, C. / Raffel, M. / Lerche, T. / Repp, S. | 2004
Sleeping thermal environment and bedroom air conditioning in residential buildings in subtropical areas
Lin, Z. / Deng, S. | 2004
Extension of a Two-Equation Turbulence Model for Displacement Ventilation Systems
Kriegel, M. / Muller, D. | 2004
Numerical Investigation of the Airflow in a Kitchen Hood
Abanto, J. / Reggio, M. | 2004
Complex Air Flow Behaviour in Complex Spaces - Design Optimization by CFD, Realization and Visualization
Schaelin, A. | 2004
Impacts of Non-Isothermal Task Conditioning System with Individual Control on Thermal Comfort and Productivity
Akimoto, T. / Matsuda, J. / Nishihara, N. / Tanabe, S. | 2004
The compared cost-to-quality analysis of the mechanical ventilation systems
Ionita, I. | 2004
Space heating at low temperature difference between heating unit and ambient air
Holmberg, S. / Molin, F. / Myhren, J. | 2004
Displacement flow, air supply through a raised floor covered by carpet - Possible mistakes by wrong design and installation
Fitzner, K. | 2004
Flow in the plenum of a UFAD system
Linden, P. F. / Kanda, I. / Yamaguchi, D. | 2004
Prediction of indoor airflow patterns in livestock buildings ventilated through a diffuse ceiling
Jacobsen, L. / Nielsen, P. V. / Morsing, S. | 2004
Analysis of Capture Efficiency of a Ventilated Ceiling
Kosonen, R. / Mustakallio, P. | 2004
Evaluation of Human Thermal Response in Occupied Spaces Subjected to Direct Solar Radiation
Conceicao, E. Z. E. / Lourenco, T. M. C. / Brito, A. I. V. P. / Lucio, M. M. J. R. | 2004
About the validity of turbulence models for the computational fluid dynamics of a non-isothermal developing plane jet in aiding mixed convection regime
Benkhelifa, A. / Thomas, L. / Robert, J. / Penot, F. | 2004
Comparing internal and external run-time coupling of CFD and building energy simulation software
Djunaedy, E. / Hansen, J. L. M. / Loomans, M. G. L. C. | 2004
Experimental and CFD Analyses Examining Ozone Distribution in a Model Room with a Two-dimensional Flow Field
Ito, K. / Kato, S. / Sorensen, D. N. / Weschler, C. J. | 2004
Single-Sided natural ventilation through a velox roof window
Li, Z. / Nielsen, P. V. / Fransson, J. | 2004
Facade ventilated high-rise: Deutsche Post headquarters, Bonn
Lechner, T. / Reuss, S. / Schuler, M. | 2004
Multiple Steady States in Buoyancy Driven Natural Ventilation
Livermore, S. R. / Woods, A. W. | 2004
Evaluation of Prediction Accuracy by Local Dynamic Similarity Model for Cross-Ventilation Flow Rate
Ohba, M. / Kurabuchi, T. / Endo, T. / Akamine, Y. / Kamata, M. | 2004
Performance of Hybrid Ventilation System Combined with Double-skin Facade in East-Asian Temperate Climate
Takemasa, Y. / Hiraoka, M. / Kato, M. / Tsukamoto, H. / Tanabe, M. / Tanaka, H. | 2004
Particle Streak Velocimetry for Room Air Flow - Some Improvements
Elvsen, P. / Sandberg, M. | 2004
A new test room for the thermofluiddynamic experimental measurements
Grignaffini, S. / Vallati, A. | 2004
Particle Image Velocimetry in a large-scale Rayleigh-Benard experiment
Puits, R. d. / Bosbach, J. / Resagk, C. / Thess, A. / Wagner, C. | 2004
Duct Airflow Measurement by Tracer Gas - Development of a New Portable Device for convenient HVAC Auditing
Silva, A. R. / Afonso, C. C. F. | 2004
Application of plants in the building
Stec, W. J. / van Passen, A. H. C. / Maziarz, A. | 2004
The Ventilation Effect on the Thermal Performance of a Cavity Wall: Numerical and Experimental Analysis
Aelenei, L. E. / Rodrigues, A. M. / Aelenei, D. | 2004
Study of the D.E.F. (Department of Energy and Fluidmechanics) to Assess Indoor Air Quality
Herrero, R. / Rey, F. J. / Velasco, E. / Varela, F. | 2004
A Case Study of Quantitative Energy Efficiency of Personalized Ventilation in the Tropics
Tham, K. W. / Sekhar, S. C. / Cheong, D. K. W. / Gong, N. | 2004
Analysis of a Local Heating System for Thermal Comfort: the Numerical Approach
Raimundo, A. M. / Gaspar, A. R. / Quintela, D. A. | 2004
Demand Control Ventilation - Indoor Air Quality and Energy Conservation Issues in the Tropics
Sekhar, S. C. / Tham, K. W. / Maheswaran, C. R. U. | 2004
Critical Analysis of Contaminant Removal Efficiency Assessment in a Ventilated Room
Akoua, A. A. / Allard, F. / Beghein, C. / Collignan, B. | 2004
CFD analysis of two different supply diffusers in underfloor air distribution systems
Xu, H. T. / Niu, J. L. | 2004
Thermal comfort, IAQ and air distribution analysis in open-space offices with underfloor air distribution
Corgnati, S. P. / Perino, M. | 2004
CFD Simulation of Air Distribution in Displacement Ventilated Rooms with a Moving Object
Matsumoto, H. / Matsusaki, A. / Ohba, B. | 2004
Assessment of the Thermal Insulation of the Air Layer with a Movable Thermal Manikin
Oliveira, A. V. M. / Gaspar, A. R. / Quintela, D. A. | 2004
Application of CFD and Data Based Mechanistic (DBM) modelling techniques for a ventilated air space
Desta, T. Z. / van Brecht, A. / Meyers, J. / Baelmans, M. / Berckmans, D. | 2004
Development of a flow pattern selection algorithm for unmixed airflow
da Graca, G. C. / Linden, P. F. | 2004
Energy Usage and Thermal Environment in a Low-Energy Building
Karlsson, J. F. / Moshfegh, B. | 2004
Plane Stratified Flow in a Room Ventilated by Displacement Ventilation
Nielsen, P. V. / Nickel, J. / Baron, D. J. G. | 2004
Improved interpretation and validation of CFD predictions
Popiolek, Z. / Melikov, A. | 2004
Modelling of Temperature Fields in Heated Rooms
Pavelek, M. / Janotkova, E. | 2004
Modelling of Plume Penetration through a Supply Air Jet
Sandberg, E. / Koskela, H. / Saarinen, P. | 2004
Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis of the performances of natural night ventilation
Breesch, H. / Janssens, A. | 2004
Natural Ventilation with Pre-cooling
Chenvidyakarn, T. / Woods, A. W. | 2004
Effect of ventilation on health and other human responses in office environment
Seppanen, O. A. / Fisk, W. J. | 2004
Indoor Air Climatic Design of the Tombs of Valley of Kings
Khalil, E. E. | 2004
Improving Confort and Health by Personalized Ventilation
Melikov, A. | 2004
Unsteady Flow Measurements of Human Micro Environment Using Time Resolved Particle Image Velocimetry
Khan, T. A. / Higuchi, H. / Marr, D. R. / Glauser, M. N. | 2004
Manual of Thermal Comfort - Heating Period -
Muller, I. / Richter, W. / Perschk, A. / Rosler, M. | 2004
Evaluation of the Ventilation Rate via Four Different Measuring Methods
Yoshino, H. / Yanagisawa, Y. / Kumagai, K. / Osawa, H. / Mitamura, T. / Suzuki, N. / Mihara, K. / Okuizumi, Y. / Noguchi, M. | 2004
A Study on the Assessment of the Indoor Environment Quality for the Renewal of Historical Buildings: Taking Some Registered Cases in Northern Taiwan as Illustration
Chiang, C. M. / Cheng, Y. L. / Chou, P. C. / Chang, K. F. | 2004
Methodology to improve environment in a fishmeal factory
Frydenlund, F. / Mathisen, H. M. / Jonassen, O. | 2004
Airborne particle concentrations in two classrooms with mixing and displacement ventilation
Jansson, A. / Pekonen, T. / Waher, J. | 2004
Experimental study on humidity distribution in multiple rooms based on simulated occupancy and water vapor emission
Hosoi, A. / Sawachi, T. / Saito, H. / Hori, Y. / Mae, M. / Seto, H. | 2004
Study on Compatibility of Energy Conservation and Thermal Comfort in Japanese House with High Air-tightness and Insulation equipped with H.V.A.C. System
Miyanaga, T. / Urabe, W. / Neri, K. / Sato, T. | 2004
Effects of Exterior Thermal Transmission Modeling on Air Conditioning Heat Load Prediction of Large Space Buildings Using CFD
Shiraishi, Y. / Tanabe, S. / Kimura, K. | 2004
Transmission of Exhaled Air between Occupants in Rooms with Personalized and Underfloor Ventilation
Cermak, R. / Melikov, A. K. | 2004
Study on the Characteristics of the Indoor Environment Utilizing Hybrid Ventilation and Personal Air-Conditioning Unit
Chikamoto, T. / Ikaga, T. / Hayashi, T. / Kato, S. | 2004
Application of a simple method for detecting and quantifying VOC sources
Tabuchi, S. / Asai, M. / Sakai, S. / Marumoto, N. / Tanabe, S. | 2004
Performances on Indoor Air Quality and Energy Consumption in the Working Spaces using Under-floor Air Distribution (UFAD) System
Chou, P. C. / Chang, K. F. / Chiang, C. M. | 2004
Zone Resistance in Embedded CFD Modeling
Axley, J. W. / Chung, D. H. | 2004
CFD Codes Efficiency Case Study: Ability to Perform Numerical Simulations in the Refrigerated Compartment of a Foodstuff Transportation Vehicle
Gaspar, P. D. / Pitarma, R. A. | 2004
Considerations on room airflow motion predictions
Kameel, R. / Khalil, E. E. | 2004
Thermal effects on the dispersion of a gaseous contaminant in a naturally-ventilated room
Gobeau, N. / Kelsey, A. / Saunders, C. J. / Sinai, Y. | 2004
Inflow Direction at Large Opening of Cross Ventilated Apartment Building
Kotani, H. / Yamanaka, T. | 2004
Numerical Evaluation of Wind Pressure Distributions of Buildings by Means of a Modified k-e Model
Kurabuchi, T. / Maruta, E. / Sawachi, T. / Fukuno, A. | 2004
Novel Natural ventilation in a multiple storey office building: The UCL SSEES Building, Bloomsbury, London
Woods, A. W. / Short, A. / Gladstone, L. | 2004
A Study on the performance evaluation of hybrid ventilation systems with a heat exchanger
Yoshino, H. / Takaki, R. / Hayashi, M. / Lee, J. / Tamura, K. / Niwa, K. / Nomura, A. | 2004
Prediction of Indoor Thermal Comfort in Vehicle by a Numerical Thermoregulation Model and CFD
Tanabe, S. | 2004
Total uncertainty of low velocity thermal anemometers for measurement of indoor air movements
Jorgensen, F. E. / Popiolek, Z. / Melikov, A. K. / Silva, M. G. | 2004
Distribution of Carbon Dioxide Produced by People in a Room: Part 2 - Field study
Naydenov, K. / Barankova, P. / Sundell, J. / Melikov, A. | 2004
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