Stimulating the Regional Knowledge Economy in Greece (English)

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The Geography of Spatial Association across the Greek Regions: Patterns of Persistence and Heterogeneity
Monastiriotis, V. | 2008
Public Spending Patterns: The Regional Distribution of Public Investment in Greece
Psycharis, Y. | 2008
Modelling Local Income Distribution in Greece
Prodromidis, P.-I. | 2008
The Regional Dimension of Migration in Greece: Spatial Patterns and Causal Factors
Rovolis, A. / Tragaki, A. | 2008
Regional Inequalities in Greece
Petrakos, G. / Artelaris, P. | 2008
Change in Regional Policy Priorities, Objectives and Instruments in Greece: A Comparative Analysis of Regional Programmes
Plaskovitis, I. | 2008
Transport and Regional Development: The Pattern of Spatial Development in Greece Due to the Impact of the New Transportation Corridors
Papadaskalopoulos, A. / Christofakis, M. | 2008
A Region's Location as One of the Key Factors that Affect Its Development
Angelis, V.A. / Gaki, E. | 2008
Stimulating the Regional Knowledge Economy in Greece
Bezirtzoglou, C. | 2008
Regional Development and the Information Society: How Greek Regions Measure Up in the Information Age?
Rodakinias, P. / Skayannis, P. / Zygoura, A. | 2008
Regional Inequalities and the Digital Economy Challenge: Variations in Internet Accessibility across Greek Regions
Skordili, S. | 2008
An Approach to the Effects of Greek Regional Universities on the Development of the Country Regions
Theodora, Y.C. | 2008
The Use of Typologies in Tourism Planning: Problems and Conflicts
Coccossis, H. / Constantoglou, M.E. | 2008
Social and Spatial Determinants of Small Business Performance: Evidence from Urban Tourism
Daskalopoulou, I. / Petrou, A. | 2008
ICTs and Tourism Marketing for Regional Development
Stratigea, A. / Papakonstantinou, D. / Giaoutzi, M. | 2008
Transformation of Rural Patterns in Greece in a European Regional Development Perspective: The Case of Crete
Iliopoulou, P. / Stratakis, P. / Tsatsaris, A. | 2008
Young Women and Agriculture: The Case of Active Young Women Farmers in West Macedonia, Greece
Gidarakou, I. / Dimopoulou, E. / Lagogianni, R. / Sotiropoulou, S. | 2008
Local Rural Policy Making and Governance: Evidence from Greece
Karanikolas, P. / Sfoundouris, K. / Kovanis, G. | 2008