Multiconductor Transmission Line Characterization (English)

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Table of contents – Volume 20, Issue 2

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Study of tantalum oxide thin film capacitors on metallized polymer sheets for advanced packaging applications
Ke Chen, / Nielsen, M. / Soss, S. / Rymaszewski, E.J. / Toh-Ming Lu, / Wan, C.T. | 1997
Direct computation of capacitance in integrated passive components containing floating conductors
Cokkinides, G.J. / Beker, B. / Templeton, A. | 1997
Multiconductor transmission line characterization
Williams, D.F. | 1997
Etch alignment of CCD mosaic hybrid
Chapman, S.C. / Burley, G.S. / Walker, G.A.H. / Parameswaran, A. | 1997
Controlled solder interdiffusion for high power semiconductor laser diode die bonding
Merritt, S.A. / Heim, P.J.S. / Si Hyung Cho, / Dagenais, M. | 1997
The effect of solder paste viscosity on porosity and mechanical properties of surface mount solder joints
Tian, Y. / Chan, Y.C. / Lai, J.K.L. / Pak, S.T.F. | 1997
Thermosonic bonding of an optical transceiver based on an 8/spl times/8 vertical cavity surface emitting laser array
McLaren, T.S. / Sa Yoon Kang, / Wenge Zhang, / Teh-Hua Ju, / Yung-Cheng Lee, | 1997
Thermosonic Bonding of an Optical Transceiver Based on an 8 x 8 Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser Array
McLaren, T.S. / Kang, S.Y. / Zhang, W. / Ju, T.-H. / Lee, Y.-C. | 1997
Aging studies of Cu-Sn intermetallic compounds in annealed surface mount solder joints
So, A.C.K. / Chan, Y.C. / Lai, J.K.L. | 1997
The effect of the oxidation of Cu-base leadframe on the interface adhesion between Cu metal and epoxy molding compound
Soon-Jin Cho, / Kyung-Wook Paik, / Young-Gil Kim, | 1997
Numerical Stress Analysis of Resin Cracking in LSI Plastic Packages under Temperature Cyclic Loading -- Part II: Using Alloy 42 as Leadframe Material
Saitoh, T. / Toya, M. | 1997
Numerical stress analysis of resin cracking in LSI plastic packages under temperature cyclic loading. II. Using alloy 42 as leadframe material
Saitoh, T. / Toya, M. | 1997
Call for Abstracts -- Workshop on Accelerated Stress Testing AST '97
| 1997