The Concept of Stress and Its Relevance for Animal Behavior (English)

In: Stress and Behavior   ;  1-131  ;  1998
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The Concept of Stress and Its Relevance for Animal Behavior
Holst, DietrlCH Von | 1998
Stress and Immune Response
Apanius, Victor | 1998
Behavioral Variability and Limits to Evolutionary Adaptation under Stress
Parsons, P.A. | 1998
Developmental Instability as a General Measure of Stress
Møller, Anders Pape | 1998
Stress and Decision-Making under the Risk of Predation: Recent Developments from Behavioral, Reproductive, and Ecological Perspectives
Lima, Steven L. | 1998
Parasitic Stress and Self-Medication in Wild Animals
Lozano, G.A. | 1998
Stress and Human Behavior: Attractiveness, Women's Sexual Development, Postpartum Depression, and Baby's Cry
Thornhill, Randy / Furlow, F.Bryant | 1998
Welfare, Stress, and the Evolution of Feelings
Broom, Donald M. | 1998
Biological Conservation and Stress
Hofer, Heribert / East, Marion L. | 1998