Physiological Adaptation in Women Concurrently Training for Strength and Endurance (English)


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Physiological Adaptation in Women Concurrently Training for Strength and Endurance
Gravelle, B. L. / Blessing, D. L. | 2000
Short-Term Performance Effects of High Power, High Force, or Combined Weight-Training Methods
Harris, G. R. / Stone, M. H. / O'Bryant, H. S. / Proulx, C. M. / Johnson, R. L. | 2000
The Effect of Hot or Cold Water Immersion on Isometric Strength Training
Burke, D. G. / MacNeil, S. A. / Holt, L. E. / MacKinnon, N. C. / Rasmussen, R. L. | 2000
Regulation of Plantar-Foot Kinetics During Exercises on Step Benches with Markedly Different Structural Properties
Salem, G. J. / Ward, S. R. / Lee, T. Q. | 2000
Allometric Modeling of the Bench Press and Squat: Who Is the Strongest Regardless of Body Mass?
Dooman, C. S. / Vanderburgh, P. M. | 2000
Influence of Resistance Training on Serum Lipid and Lipoprotein Concentrations in Young Men and Women
Staron, R. S. / Murray, T. F. / Gilders, R. M. / Hagerman, F. C. / Hikida, R. S. / Ragg, K. E. | 2000
Resistance Exercise Countermeasures for Space Flight: Implications of Training Specificity
Bamman, M. M. / Caruso, J. F. | 2000
The Effects of a Short-Term Strength Training Program on the Slow Component of Vo~2
Womack, C. J. / Flohr, J. A. / Weltman, A. / Gaesser, G. A. | 2000
Impaired Performances with Excessive High-Intensity Free-Weight Training
Fry, A. C. / Webber, J. M. / Weiss, L. W. / Fry, M. D. / Li, Y. | 2000
Validity of Field Tests for Evaluating Endurance Capacity in Competitive and International-Level Sports Participants
O'Gorman, D. / Hunter, A. / McDonnacha, C. / Kirwan, J. P. | 2000
Effects of Plyometric Exercise on Muscle Soreness and Plasma Creatine Kinase Levels and Its Comparison with Eccentric and Concentric Exercise
Jamurtas, A. Z. / Fatouros, I. G. / Buckenmeyer, P. / Kokkinidis, E. / Taxildaris, K. / Kambas, A. / Kyriazis, G. | 2000
The Effect of Creatine Supplementation on Anaerobic Performance in Moderately Active Men
Edwards, M. R. / Rhodes, E. C. / McKenzie, D. C. / Belcastro, A. N. | 2000
Effects of Resistance Exercise and Body Mass Index on Lipoprotein-Lipid Patterns of Postmenopausal Women
Bemben, D. A. / Bemben, M. G. | 2000
Comparison of Power Output Generated on the Wingate Cycle Ergometer and on a New, Closed-Chain Lower-Extremity Dynamometer
Dolny, D. G. / Collins, M. G. / Germann, S. L. / Phipps, W. T. / Davis, H. R. | 2000
A Velocity-Related Means of Determining Resistance Load for the Wingate Test of Anaerobic Power
Rodgers, C. D. / Hermiston, R. T. | 2000
Acute Effects of Cycling on Running Step Length and Step Frequency
Gottschall, J. S. / Palmer, B. M. | 2000
Nonuniform Response of Skeletal Muscle to Heavy Resistance Training: Can Bodybuilders Induce Regional Muscle Hypertrophy?
Antonio, J. | 2000
The Independent and Additive Effects of Exercise Training and Estrogen on Bone Metabolism
Bemben, D. A. / Fetters, N. L. | 2000
Clinical Usefulness of Nocturnal Urinary Noradrenaline Excretion Patterns in the Follow-Up of Training Processes in High-Level Soccer Players
Naessens, G. / Chandler, T. J. / Kibler, W. B. / Driessens, M. | 2000
The Effect of Pyruvate Supplementation on Critical Power
Ebersole, K. T. / Stout, J. R. / Eckerson, J. M. / Housh, T. J. / Evetovich, T. K. / Smith, D. B. | 2000
Equipment Designed to Simulate Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Flexibility Training
Burke, D. G. / Culligan, C. J. / Holt, L. E. / MacKinnon, N. C. | 2000
Shoulder Internal and External Rotation Range of Motion in Nationally Ranked Junior Tennis Players: A Longitudinal Analysis
Roetert, E. P. / Ellenbecker, T. S. / Brown, S. W. | 2000
Physiologic and Metabolic Responses to a Body Pump Workout
Stanforth, D. / Stanforth, P. R. / Hoemeke, M. P. | 2000
Effects of Active and Passive Recovery Conditions on Blood Lactate, Rate of Perceived Exertion, and Performance During Resistance Exercise
Corder, K. P. / Potteiger, J. A. / Nau, K. L. / Figoni, S. F. / Hershberger, S. L. | 2000
Metabolic and Heart Rate Responses to Open-Wheel Automobile Road Racing: A Single Subject Study
Jacobs, P. L. / Olvey, S. E. | 2000
Physiological Profiles of Elite Freestyle Wrestlers
Callan, S. D. / Brunner, D. M. / Devolve, K. L. / Mulligan, S. E. / Hesson, J. / Wilber, R. L. / Kearney, J. T. | 2000
Age-Related Aerobic Power in Volunteer Firefighters, A Comparative Analysis
Swank, A. M. / Adams, K. J. / Barnard, K. L. / Berning, J. M. / Stamford, B. A. | 2000
The Relationship Between Training Status and Intensity on Muscle Activation and Relative Submaximal Lifting Capacity During the Back Squat
Pick, J. / Becque, M. D. | 2000
Absolute and Relative Strength Performance Following Creatine Monohydrate Supplementation Combined With Periodized Resistance Training
Syrotuik, D. G. / Bell, G. J. / Burnham, R. / Sim, L. L. / Calvert, R. A. / MacLean, I. M. | 2000
Deep Water Running Training and Road Running Training Improve VO~2max in Untrained Women
Davidson, K. / McNaughton, L. | 2000
The Relationship of Training Methods in NCAA Division I Cross-Country Runners and 10,000-Meter Performance
Kurz, M. J. / Berg, K. / Latin, R. / deGraw, W. | 2000
Gender Differences in the Relationship Between Quadriceps Work and Fatigue During High-Intensity Exercise
Pincivero, D. M. / Gear, W. S. / Sterner, R. L. / Karunakara, R. G. | 2000
The Effect of Creatine Supplementation During Resistance Training in Women
Brenner, M. / Rankin, J. W. / Sebolt, D. | 2000
Creatine Supplementation: Effect on Supramaximal Exercise Performance at Two Levels of Acute Hypohydration
Vogel, R. A. / Webster, M. J. / Erdmann, L. D. / Clark, R. D. | 2000
Growth Hormone Response to an Acute Bout of Resistance Exercise in Weight-Trained and Non-Weight-Trained Women
Taylor, J. M. / Thompson, H. S. / Clarkson, P. M. / Miles, M. P. / De Souza, M. J. | 2000
The Effect of the Meridian Shoe on Vertical Jump and Sprint Performances Following Short-Term Combined Plyometric/Sprint: and Resistance Training
Kraemer, W. J. / Ratamess, N. A. / Volek, J. S. / Mazzetti, S. A. / Gomez, A. L. | 2000
Comparative Effects of Deep Versus Shallow Squat and Leg-Press Training on Vertical Jumping Ability and Related Factors
Weiss, L. W. / Fry, A. C. / Wood, L. E. / Relyea, G. E. / Melton, C. | 2000
Comparison of Dynamic Push-Up Training and Plyometric Push-Up Training on Upper-Body Power and Strength
Vossen, J. F. / Kramer, J. F. / Burke, D. G. / Vossen, D. P. | 2000
Safety of Maximal Power, Strength, and Endurance Testing in Older African American Women
Adams, K. J. / Swank, A. M. / Barnard, K. L. / Berning, J. M. / Sevene-Adams, P. G. | 2000
A Comparison Between the Wingate Anaerobic Power Test to Both Vertical Jump and Line Drill Tests in Basketball Players
Hoffman, J. R. / Epstein, S. / Einbinder, M. / Weinstein, Y. | 2000
The Effects of NCAA Division 1 Intercollegiate Competitive Tennis Match Play on Recovery of Physical Performance in Women
Kraemer, W. J. / Piorkowski, P. A. / Bush, J. A. / Gomez, A. L. / Loebel, C. C. / Volek, J. S. / Newton, R. U. / Mazzetti, S. A. / Etzweiler, S. W. / Putukian, M. | 2000
Comparison of 1 Day and 3 Days Per Week of Equal-Volume Resistance Training in Experienced Subjects
McLester, J. R. / Bishop, P. / Guilliams, M. E. | 2000
Cross-Country Ski Racing Performance Predicted by Aerobic and Anaerobic Double Poling Power
Staib, J. L. / Im, J. / Caldwell, Z. / Rundell, K. W. | 2000
Steroids From Mexico: Educating the Strength and Conditioning Community
Street, C. / Antonio, J. | 2000
Effects of a Plyometrics Intervention Program on Sprint Performance
Rimmer, E. / Sleivert, G. | 2000
Effects of Cardiovascular Fitness and Muscle Strength on Hearing Sensitivity
Hutchinson, K. M. / Alessio, H. M. / Hoppes, S. / Gruner, A. / Sanker, A. / Ambrose, J. / Rudge, S. J. | 2000
Sitting vs. Standing Isokinetic Trunk Extension and Flexion Performance Differences
Findley, B. W. / Brown, L. E. / Whitehurst, M. / Gilbert, R. / Groo, D. R. / O Neal, J. | 2000
The Effects of Differing Environmental Conditions on the Performance and Recovery From High-Intensity, Intermittent Cycle Ergometry
Backx, K. / McNaughton, L. / Crickmore, L. / Palmer, G. / Carlisle, A. | 2000
Creatine Monohydrate Use Among Elite Australian Power Lifters
Stanton, R. / Abt, G. A. | 2000
Short-Term Performance Effects of Weight Training With Multiple Sets Not to Failure vs. a Single Set to Failure in Women
Sanborn, K. / Boros, R. / Hruby, J. / Schilling, B. / O Bryant, H. S. / Johnson, R. L. / Hoke, T. / Stone, M. E. / Stone, M. H. | 2000
Comparison of the Effects of Three Different Weight-Training Programs on the One Repetition Maximum Squat
Stone, M. H. / Potteiger, J. A. / Pierce, K. C. / Proulx, C. M. / O Bryant, H. S. / Johnson, R. L. / Stone, M. E. | 2000
Relationships Between Serum Testosterone, Cortisol, and Weightlifting Performance
Fry, A. C. / Kraemer, W. J. / Stone, M. H. / Koziris, L. P. / Thrush, J. T. / Fleck, S. J. | 2000
Exercise and Recovery Responses of Lymphokines to Heavy Resistance Exercise
Bush, J. A. / Dohi, K. / Mastro, A. M. / Volek, J. S. / Lynch, J. M. / Triplett-McBride, N. T. / Putukian, M. / Sebastianelli, W. J. / Newton, R. U. / Hakkinen, K. | 2000
Cardiac Rehabilitation and Resistance Training: Are They Compatible?
Vescovi, J. / Fernhall, B. | 2000
Effect of Foot Intrinsic Muscle Strength Training on Jump Performance
Unger, C. L. / Wooden, M. J. | 2000
A Comparison of Quadriceps Electomyographic Activity With the Position of the Foot During the Parallel Squat
Boyden, G. / Kingman, J. / Dyson, R. | 2000
Combined High-Intensity Strength and Aerobic Training in Patients With Congestive Heart Failure
Barnard, K. L. / Adams, K. J. / Swank, A. M. / Kaelin, M. / Kushnik, M. R. / Denny, D. M. | 2000
Heart Rate and Blood Lactate Concentration Analysis During a High-Level Men's Gymnastics Competition
Jemni, M. / Friemel, F. / Lechevalier, J.-M. / Origas, M. | 2000
Assessment of Anaerobic Power of Swimmers: The Correlation of Laboratory Tests on an Arm Ergometer With Field Tests in a Swimming Pool
Guglielmo, L. G. A. / Denadai, B. S. | 2000
Hormonal Responses After Strength Training and Detraining in Prepubertal and Pubertal Boys
Tsolakis, C. / Messinis, D. / Stergioulas, A. / Dessypris, A. | 2000
Wingate Power Output Testing on a Recumbent Ergometer
O Kroy, J. A. | 2000
The Effects of Resistance Training on Resting Blood Pressure in Women
Byrne, H. K. / Wilmore, J. H. | 2000
Concentric Versus Eccentric Strength of the Quadriceps Femoris in Elderly and Young Women
Bellew, J. W. / Yates, J. W. | 2000
The Effect of 6 Weeks of Creatine Monohydrate Supplementation on Dynamic Rate of Force Development
Haff, G. G. / Kirksey, K. B. / Stone, M. H. / Warren, B. J. / Johnson, R. L. / Stone, M. / O Bryant, H. / Proulx, C. | 2000
The Effect of Creatine Supplementation on Muscle Strength and Body Composition During Off-Season Training in Female Soccer Players
Larson-Meyer, D. E. / Hunter, G. R. / Trowbridge, C. A. / Turk, J. C. / Ernest, J. M. / Torman, S. L. / Harbin, P. A. | 2000
Reliability and Validity of the T-Test as a Measure of Agility, Leg Power, and Leg Speed in College-Aged Men and Women
Pauole, K. / Madole, K. / Garhammer, J. / Lacourse, M. / Rozenek, R. | 2000
Electromyographic and Kinetic Analysis of Complex Training Variables
Ebben, W. P. / Jensen, R. L. / Blackard, D. O. | 2000
Knee Strength of Professional Basketball Players
Theoharopoulos, A. / Tsitskaris, G. / Nikopoulou, M. / Tsaklis, P. | 2000
A Survey of Sport Nutrition Supplements in High School Football Players
Swirzinski, L. / Latin, R. W. / Berg, K. / Grandjean, A. | 2000
Evaluation of Plyometric Exercise Training, Weight Training, and Their Combination on Vertical Jumping Performance and Leg Strength
Fatouros, I. G. / Jamurtas, A. Z. / Leontsini, D. / Taxildaris, K. / Aggelousis, N. / Kostopoulos, N. / Buckenmeyer, P. | 2000
Estimation of Body Density in Young Wrestlers
Housh, T. J. / Johnson, G. O. / Housh, D. J. / Stout, J. R. / Eckerson, J. M. | 2000
Leadership Behavior and Job Responsibilities of NCAA Division 1A Strength and Conditioning Coaches
Brooks, D. D. / Ziatz, D. / Johnson, B. / Hollander, D. | 2000
Benefits Derived From Weight Training by Men With Cervical Spinal Cord Injuries
Wise, J. B. | 2000
The Theoretical Basis of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
Burke, D. G. / Culligan, C. J. / Holt, L. E. | 2000

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