Shelf life characteristics of enhanced modified atmosphere packaged pork (English)

in MEAT SCIENCE ; 68 , 1 ; 115-122

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Irradiation effects on meat color - a review
Brewer, Susan | 2004
Effect of vitamin E, low dose irradiation, and display time on the quality of pork
Ohene-Adjei, S. / Bertol, T. / Hyun, Y. / Ellis, M. / Mckeith, F.K. / Brewer, M.S. | 2004
A comparison of the aroma volatiles and fatty acid compositions of grilled beef muscle from Aberdeen Angus and Holstein-Friesian steers fed diets based on silage or concentrates
Elmore, J.S. / Warren, H.E. / Mottram, D.S. / Scollan, N.D. / Enser, M. / Richardson, R.I. / Wood, J.D. | 2004
Effect of vitamin C addition to ground beef from grass-fed or grain-fed sources on color and lipid stability, and prediction of fatty acid composition by near-infrared reflectance analysis
Realini, C.E. / Duckett, S.K. / Windham, W.R. | 2004
Sensory characteristics of Iberian ham: Influence of salt content and processing conditions
Andrés, A.I. / Cava, R. / Ventanas, J. / Thovar, V. / Ruiz, J. | 2004
Influence of dietary lysine level, pre-slaughter fasting, and rendement napole genotype on fresh pork quality
Bidner, B.S. / Ellis, M. / Witte, D.P. / Carr, S.N. / Mckeith, F.K. | 2004
Reducing toughness of beef from Bos indicus draught steers by injection of calcium chloride: Effect of concentration and time postmortem
Jaturasitha, S. / Thirawong, P. / Leangwunta, V. / Kreuzer, M. | 2004
Fatty acids and triacylglycerols profiles from different types of Iberian dry-cured hams
Petrón, M.J. / Muriel, E. / Timón, M.L. / Martín, L. / Antequera, T. | 2004
Physicochemical, functional and microbiological quality of buffalo liver
Devatkal, Suresh / Mendiratta, S.K. / Kondaiah, N. / Sharma, M.C. / Anjaneyulu, A.S.R. | 2004
The effect of fructooligosaccharides on the sensory characteristics of cooked sausages
Cáceres, E. / García, M.L. / Toro, J. / Selgas, M.D. | 2004
Colour of subcutaneous adipose tissue and M. longissimus dorsi of high index dairy and beefxdairy cattle slaughtered at two liveweights as bulls and steers
Dunne, P.G. / Keane, M.G. / O'Mara, F.P. / Monahan, F.J. / Moloney, A.P. | 2004
Quantification of salt concentrations in cured pork by computed tomography
Vestergaard, Christian / Risum, Jørgen / Adler-Nissen, Jens | 2004
Shelf life characteristics of enhanced modified atmosphere packaged pork
Livingston, Matthew / Susan Brewer, M. / Killifer, John / Bidner, Brian / Mckeith, Floyd | 2004
A note on histamine levels in Turkish style fermented sausages
Eki ci, Kamil / Sekeroglu, Ramazan / Sancak, Yakup C. / Noyan, Tevfik | 2004
Analytical limits of total and insoluble collagen content measurements and of type I and III collagen analysis by electrophoresis in bovine muscles
Listrat, Anne / Hocquette, Jean-François | 2004
A sensory map of the meat universe. Sensory profile of meat from 15 species
Rødbotten, Marit / Kubberød, Elin / Lea, Per / Ueland, Øydis | 2004
Methods to increase tenderness of individual muscles from beef rounds when cooked with dry or moist heat
Kolle, B.K. / Mckenna, D.R. / Savell, J.W. | 2004
AMSA Mission; Membership Application
| 2004

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