Multichannel customer management: Understanding the research-shopper phenomenon (English)

In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN MARKETING   ;  24 ,  2  ;  129-148  ;  2007
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Table of contents – Volume 24, Issue 2

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Drivers of consumer acceptance of new packaged goods: An investigation across products and countries
Gielens, Katrijn / Steenkamp, Jan-Benedict E.M. | 2007
Consumer confidence in Europe: United in diversity?
Lemmens, Aurélie / Croux, Christophe / Dekimpe, Marnik G. | 2007
Multichannel customer management: Understanding the research-shopper phenomenon
Verhoef, Peter C. / Neslin, Scott A. / Vroomen, Björn | 2007
Empirical generalizability of consumer evaluations of brand extensions
Völckner, Franziska / Sattler, Henrik | 2007
Cognitive, demographic, and situational determinants of service customer preference for personnel-in-contact over self-service technology
Simon, Françoise / Usunier, Jean-Claude | 2007
The relative incidence of positive and negative word of mouth: A multi-category study
East, Robert / Hammond, Kathy / Wright, Malcolm | 2007
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| 2007