Role of colloids in the discharge of trace elements and rare earth elements from coastal groundwater to the ocean (English)

in MARINE CHEMISTRY ; 176 ; 126-132
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  • Title:
    Role of colloids in the discharge of trace elements and rare earth elements from coastal groundwater to the ocean
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    Elsevier Science B.V., Amsterdam.
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    7 pages
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    Article (Journal)
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    DDC:    551.46

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Biological controls on diurnal variations in seawater trace element concentrations and carbonate chemistry on a coral reef
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Role of colloids in the discharge of trace elements and rare earth elements from coastal groundwater to the ocean
Kim, I. / Kim, G. | 2015
Decomposition of brominated organic halogens by cultures of marine proteobacteria: Phaeobacter, Roseobacter, and Rhodobacter
Ichikawa, Kenichi / Kurihara, Michiko / Tamegai, Hideyuki / Hashimoto, Shinya | 2015
Oxygen diffusion limitation and ammonium production within sinking diatom aggregates under hypoxic and anoxic conditions
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The marine carbonate system of the Arctic Ocean: Assessment of internal consistency and sampling considerations, summer 2010
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Roshan, S. / Wu, J. | 2015
Contributions of organic alkalinity to total alkalinity in coastal waters: A spectrophotometric approach
Yang, Bo / Byrne, Robert H. / Lindemuth, Michael | 2015
Editorial Board
| 2015

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