Characterization of Biochar from Rice Hulls and Wood Chips Produced in a Top-Lit Updraft Biomass Gasifier (English)

In: Transactions of the ASABE   ;  59 ,  3  ;  749-812  ;  2016
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Food Waste Addition for Enhanced Giant Reed Ensilage and Methane Production
Liu, S. / Xu, F. / Liew, L. N. / Li, Y. | 2016
Engineering Economics of Cotton Stalk Supply Logistics Systems for Bioenergy Applications
Sahoo, K. / Mani, S. | 2016
Characterization of Biochar from Rice Hulls and Wood Chips Produced in a Top-Lit Updraft Biomass Gasifier
A. M. James, R. / Yuan, W. / Boyette, M. D. / Wang, D. / Kumar, A. | 2016
Effect of Cane Stool Density and Stubble Height on Sugarcane Stubbble Damage in Hawaii Fields
Ma, S. / Scharf, P. A. / Zhang, Q. / Karkee, M. / Tong, J. / Yu, L. | 2016
Performance Testing of Small-Scale Equipment for Depulping Locust Bean Seed
Olaoye, J. O. | 2016
Coverage Area and Fading Time of Surfactant-Amended Herbicidal Droplets on Cucurbitaceous Leaves
Zhu, H. / Lin, J. | 2016
Evaluation of the Flow Downwind of an Agricultural Ground Sprayer Boom
Teske, M. E. / Thistle, H. W. / Lawton, T. C. R. / Petersen, R. L. | 2016
Recalibration Methodology to Compensate for Changing Fluid Properties in an Individual Nozzle Direct Injection System
Luck, J. D. / Shearer, S. A. / Luck, B. D. / Sama, M. P. | 2016
As-Applied Estimation of Volumetric Flow Rate from a Single Sprayer Nozzle Series Using Water-Sensitive Spray Cards
Sama, M. P. / Evans, J. T. / Turner, A. P. / Dasika, S. S. | 2016
Embodied Energy and Energy Return on Investment Analyses in Maize Production for Grain and Ethanol under Center Pivot, Subsurface Drip, and Surface (Furrow) Irrigation with Disk Tillage and No-Till Practices
Diotto, A. V. / Irmak, S. | 2016
Emission of Volatile Organic Compounds as Affected by Rate of Application of Cattle Manure
Woodbury, B. L. / Gilley, J. E. / Parker, D. B. / Marx, D. B. / Eigenberg, R. A. | 2016
Effects of Regulated Deficit Irrigation on Grain Yield and Quality Traits in Winter Wheat
Meng, Z. J. / Duan, A. W. / Dassanayake, K. B. / Chen, D. L. / Gao, Y. / Wang, X. S. / Shen, X. J. | 2016
Hydraulic Analysis of Looped Microirrigation Submain Units Using the Finite Element Method
Wang, J. / Zhu, D. / Bralts, V. F. / Zhang, L. | 2016
Quantification and Mapping of Surface Residue Cover for Maize and Soybean Fields in South Central Nebraska
Sharma, V. / Irmak, S. / Kilic, A. / Gilley, J. E. / Meyer, G. E. / Knezevic, S. Z. / Marx, D. | 2016
Irrigation Management Using an Expert System, Soil Water Potentials, and Vegetative Indices for Spatial Applications
Stone, K. C. / Bauer, P. J. / Sigua, G. C. | 2016
Cotton Water Productivity and Growth Parameters in the Humid Southeast: Experimentation and Modeling
Qiao, X. / Farahani, H. J. / Khalilian, A. / Barnes, E. M. | 2016
Eggshell as an Inexpensive Adsorbent for Removal of p-Cresol
Wakchaure, G. C. / Das, L. / Kolar, P. | 2016
Analysis of Repair Times of Marine Reinforced- Concrete Structures Considering Shape Effects and Domain Discontinuity
Lee, S. Y. / Kim, T. / Suh, K. / Bae, Y. / Kim, H. / Lee, J. J. | 2016
The Effects of PLT Poultry Litter Treatment on Ammonia and Particulate Matter Emissions in a Commercial Turkey Grow-Out Facility
Wood, D. J. / Van Heyst, B. J. | 2016
Transforming the Plasticulture Production System through Novel Bed Geometry Design
Holt, N. / Shukla, S. | 2016
Performance of Thermal Pretreatment for Pathogen Inactivation of Fecal Sludge
Yin, F. / Li, Z. / Wang, D. / Dong, H. | 2016
An Organic Solvent and Flocculant Based System for Chemical Dewatering of Algae
Carter, S. / Fernando, S. | 2016
Changes in the Moisture Permeability of Grain at the Critical Water Activity from Dynamic Dewpoint Isotherms
Carter, B. P. / Galloway, M. T. / Campbell, G. S. / Carter, A. H. | 2016
Modeling the Compressibility Behavior of Hard Red Wheat Varieties
Turner, A. P. / Montross, M. D. / McNeill, S. G. / Sama, M. P. / Casada, M. E. / Boac, J. M. / Bhadra, R. / Maghirang, R. G. / Thompson, S. A. | 2016
Maize Storage in Termite Mound Clay, Concrete, and Steel Silos in the Humid Tropics: Comparison and Effect on Bacterial and Fungal Counts
Omobowale, M. O. / Armstrong, P. R. / Mijinyawa, Y. / Igbeka, J. C. / Maghirang, E. B. | 2016
Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation for Predictive Retention of Antioxidant Activity of Grape Juice Pasteurized with Continuous Flow Ohmic Heating
Choi, W. / Abdullah, S. A. / Lee, S. H. / Jun, S. | 2016
Error Analysis of Stored Grain Inventory Determination
Turner, A. P. / Montross, M. D. / Jackson, J. J. / McNeill, S. G. / Casada, M. E. / Boac, J. M. / Bhadra, R. / Maghirang, R. G. / Thompson, S. A. | 2016
Influence of Cereal Seed Orientation on External Friction Coefficients
Kaliniewicz, Z. / Anders, A. / Markowski, P. / Jadwisieńczak, K. / Rawa, T. | 2016
Adhesive Performance of Camelina Protein Affected by Extraction Conditions
Qi, G. / Li, N. / Sun, X. S. / Wang, D. | 2016