Comparison of triangle and tetrad discrimination methodology in an applied manner (English)

in Food quality and preference ; 68 ; 105-112
Food quality and preference
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Statistical treatment of free sorting data by means of correspondence and cluster analyses
Cariou, V. / Qannari, E.M. | 2018
Do healthy diets differ in their sensory characteristics?
Cox, David N. / Hendrie, Gilly A. / Lease, Haidee J. | 2018
Determinants of organic food purchases: Evidence from household panel data
Janssen, Meike | 2018
Consumer in-store choice of suboptimal food to avoid food waste: The role of food category, communication and perception of quality dimensions
Aschemann-Witzel, Jessica / Gimenez, Ana / Ares, Gaston | 2018
Signal detection-based satisfaction measure of the holistic product usage experience with and without the ‘double-faced applicability’ test
Kim, In-Ah / van Hout, Danielle / Lee, Hye-Seong | 2018
The Flexitarian Flip™ in university dining venues: Student and adult consumer acceptance of mixed dishes in which animal protein has been partially replaced with plant protein
Spencer, Molly / Cienfuegos, Cesar / Guinard, Jean-Xavier | 2018
Brave, health-conscious, and environmentally friendly: Positive impressions of insect food product consumers
Hartmann, Christina / Ruby, Matthew B. / Schmidt, Philomene / Siegrist, Michael | 2018
The impact of whey protein supplementation in older adults on nutrient intakes and satiety over an 11-week exercise intervention
Ridge, Ashley / Devine, Amanda / Lyons-wall, Philippa / Conlon, Jenny / Lo, Johnny | 2018
The changing role of the senses in food choice and food intake across the lifespan
Boesveldt, Sanne / Bobowski, Nuala / McCrickerd, Keri / Maitre, Isabelle / Sulmont-Rosse, Claire / Forde, Ciaran G. | 2018
Application of consumer style inventory (CSI) to predict young Indian consumer’s intention to purchase organic food products
Prakash, Gyan / Singh, Pankaj Kumar / Yadav, Rambalak | 2018
The effect of wrapper color on candy flavor expectations and perceptions
Zellner, Debra / Greene, Nancy / Jimenez, Monica / Calderon, Arturo / Diaz, Yaritza / Sheraton, Mimi | 2018
Comparison of triangle and tetrad discrimination methodology in an applied manner
Burns, Sara L. / Penfield, Marjorie P. / Saxton, Arnold M. / Luckett, Curtis R. | 2018
Associations between food neophobia and responsiveness to “warning�? chemosensory sensations in food products in a large population sample
Laureati, M. / Spinelli, S. / Monteleone, E. / Dinnella, C. / Prescott, J. / Cattaneo, C. / Proserpio, C. / De Toffoli, A. / Gasperi, F. / Endrizzi, I. et al. | 2018
Herbs and spices increase liking and preference for vegetables among rural high school students
Fritts, Juliana R. / Fort, Clara / Quinn Corr, Anne / Liang, Qihan / Alla, Laurie / Cravener, Terri / Hayes, John E. / Rolls, Barbara J. / D'Adamo, Christopher / Keller, Kathleen L. | 2018
Random forests: A machine learning methodology to highlight the volatile organic compounds involved in olfactory perception
Vigneau, E. / Courcoux, P. / Symoneaux, R. / Guerin, L. / Villiere, A. | 2018
Understanding product differentiation failures: The role of product knowledge and brand credence in olive oil markets
Salazar-Ordonez, Melania / Rodriguez-Entrena, Macario / Cabrera, Elena R. / Henseler, Jörg | 2018
Background colour & its impact on food perception & behaviour
Spence, Charles | 2018
Degree of satisfaction-difference (DOSD) method for measuring consumer acceptance: Comparative and absolute measures of satisfaction based on signal detection theory
Kim, Min-A / van Hout, Danielle / Lee, Hye-Seong | 2018
How young people in Finland respond to information about the origin of food products: The role of value orientations and product type
Kumpulainen, Tommi / Vainio, Annukka / Sandell, Mari / Hopia, Anu | 2018
The emoji scale: A facial scale for the 21st century
Swaney-Stueve, Marianne / Jepsen, Tegan / Deubler, Grace | 2018
Impact of cooking competence on satisfaction with food-related life: Construction and validation of cumulative experience & knowledge scales
Bech-Larsen, Tino / Tsalis, George | 2018
The sweetest punch: Effects of 3D-printed surface textures and graphic design on ice-cream evaluation
van Rompay, Thomas J.L. / Kramer, Lisa-Marie / Saakes, Daniel | 2018
Adolescent emotions toward sweet food cues as a function of obesity and risky dieting practices
Miccoli, Laura / Martinez-Fiestas, Myriam / Delgado-Rodriguez, Rafael / Diaz-Ferrer, Sandra / Rodriguez-Ruiz, Sonia / Fernandez-Santaella, M. Carmen | 2018
Comparative performance of three interpretative front-of-pack nutrition labelling schemes: Insights for policy making
Ares, Gaston / Varela, Fiorella / Machin, Leandro / Antunez, Lucia / Gimenez, Ana / Curutchet, Maria Rosa / Aschemann-Witzel, Jessica | 2018
On the multiple effects of packaging colour on consumer behaviour and product experience in the ‘food and beverage’ and ‘home and personal care’ categories
Spence, Charles / Velasco, Carlos | 2018
Wine complexity: An empirical investigation
Wang, Qian-Janice / Spence, Charles | 2018
Perceived naturalness of water: The effect of biological agents and beneficial human action
Etale, Anita / Siegrist, Michael | 2018
The shapes associated with the concept of ‘sweet and sour’ foods
Velasco, Carlos / Beh, Eric J. / Le, Tiffany / Marmolejo-Ramos, Fernando | 2018
Subjective socioeconomic status modulates perceptual discrimination between beverages with different energy densities
Cheon, B.K. / Lim, E.X. / McCrickerd, K. / Zaihan, D. / Forde, C.G. | 2018
Motivations for meal and snack times: Three approaches reveal similar constructs
Phan, Uyen T.X. / Chambers, Edgar IV | 2018
The influence of psychological traits, beliefs and taste responsiveness on implicit attitudes toward plant- and animal-based dishes among vegetarians, flexitarians and omnivores
Cliceri, Danny / Spinelli, Sara / Dinnella, Caterina / Prescott, John / Monteleone, Erminio | 2018
Using a combined temporal approach to evaluate the influence of ethanol concentration on liking and sensory attributes of lager beer
Ramsey, Imogen / Ross, Carolyn / Ford, Rebecca / Fisk, Ian / Yang, Qian / Gomez-Lopez, Javier / Hort, Joanne | 2018
Aroma effects on food choice task behavior and brain responses to bakery food product cues
de Wijk, Rene A. / Smeets, Paul A.M. / Polet, Ilse A. / Holthuysen, Nancy T.E. / Zoon, Jet / Vingerhoeds, Monique H. | 2018
The shape of the cup influences aroma, taste, and hedonic judgements of specialty coffee
Carvalho, Fabiana M. / Spence, Charles | 2018
Emoji as a tool for measuring children’s emotions when tasting food
Schouteten, Joachim J. / Verwaeren, Jan / Lagast, Sofie / Gellynck, Xavier / De Steur, Hans | 2018
If it’s healthy, it’s tasty and expensive: Effects of nutritional labels on price and taste expectations
Jo, Jisung / Lusk, Jayson L. | 2018
CATA and RATA questions for product-focused emotion research: Five case studies using emoji questionnaires
Jaeger, Sara R. / Lee, Soh-Min / Kim, Kwang-Ok / Chheang, Sok L. / Roigard, Christina M. / Ares, Gaston | 2018
Automated facial expression analysis for emotional responsivity using an aqueous bitter model
Crist, C.A. / Duncan, S.E. / Arnade, E.A. / Leitch, K.A. / O'Keefe, S.F. / Gallagher, D.L. | 2018
An assessment of the CATA-variant of the EsSense Profile®
Jaeger, Sara R. / Swaney-Stueve, Marianne / Chheang, Sok L. / Hunter, Denise C. / Pineau, Benedicte / Ares, Gaston | 2018
Survival analysis model to estimate sensory shelf life with temperature and illumination as accelerating factors
Garitta, Lorena / Langohr, Klaus / Elizagoyen, Eliana / Gugole Ottaviano, Fernanda / Gomez, Guadalupe / Hough, Guillermo | 2018
European consumer healthiness evaluation of ‘Free-from’ labelled food products
Hartmann, Christina / Hieke, Sophie / Taper, Camille / Siegrist, Michael | 2018
Consumers’ attitudes and change of attitude toward 3D-printed food
Brunner, Thomas A. / Delley, Mathilde / Denkel, Christoph | 2018
Emoji questionnaires can be used with a range of population segments: Findings relating to age, gender and frequency of emoji/emoticon use
Jaeger, Sara R. / Xia, YiXun / Lee, Pui-Yee / Hunter, Denise C. / Beresford, Michelle K. / Ares, Gaston | 2018
Does food disgust sensitivity influence eating behaviour? Experimental validation of the Food Disgust Scale
Ammann, Jeanine / Hartmann, Christina / Siegrist, Michael | 2018
An appetite for risk? Failure to replicate the effect of hunger cues on risk taking
Festjens, Anouk / Bruyneel, Sabrina / Dewitte, Siegfried | 2018
The impact of PROP and thermal taster status on the emotional response to beer
Yang, Qian / Dorado, Rocio / Chaya, Carolina / Hort, Joanne | 2018
Corrigendum to "Profiling nutritional gatekeepers: Three methods for differentiating influential cooks" [Food Qual. Prefer. 14 (2003) 289–297]
Wansink, Brian | 2018
Editorial Board
| 2018

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