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In: Research in post-compulsory education   ;  23 ,  1  ;  1-3  ;  2018
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Table of contents – Volume 23, Issue 1

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O’Leary, Matt / Smith, Rob | 2018
Exploring transitions in notions of identity as perceived by beginning post-compulsory teachers
Wright, Victoria / Loughlin, Theresa / Hall, Val | 2018
‘Mapping backward’ and ‘looking forward’ by the ‘invisible educators’ – reimagining research seeking ‘common features of effective teacher preparation’
Crawley, Jim | 2018
Opening the arms: the FAB projects and digital resilience
Longden, Alison / Monaghan, Tom / Mycroft, Lou / Kelly, Claire | 2018
‘How will i know when i’m ready?’ re-imagining FE/HE ‘transitions’ as collaborative identity work
Kendall, Alex / Kempson, Michelle / French, Amanda | 2018
‘Practice architectures’, ‘scholarship’ and ‘middle leaders’ within an established community of HE practitioners in FE
Hobley, Janet | 2018
Researching the sector from within: the experience of establishing a research group within an FE college
Lloyd, Catherine / Jones, Samantha | 2018
Unwritten: (re)imagining FE as social purpose education
Mycroft, Lou | 2018
‘Keep them students busy’: ‘warehoused’ or taught skills to achieve?
Cornish, Carlene | 2018
Developing a mission for further education: changing culture using non-financial and intangible value
Hadawi, Ali / Crabbe, M. James C. | 2018
Reimagining academic staff governors’ role in further education college governance
Sodiq, Abdulla / Abbott, Ian | 2018
3rd International Research Conference organised by the Association for Research in Post-Compulsory Education (ARPCE) in Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford, UK, Friday 13 July – Sunday 15 July 2018
| 2018