Finding Early Improvement Threshold to Predict Response After 8 Weeks of Treatment Using Olanzapine in First-Episode Schizophrenia (English)

In: Value in health   ;  21 ,  2  ;  S75  ;  2018
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    Finding Early Improvement Threshold to Predict Response After 8 Weeks of Treatment Using Olanzapine in First-Episode Schizophrenia
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    Value in health ; 21 ; 2 ; S75
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    Elsevier Science B.V., Amsterdam
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    Article (Journal)
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A Health Economics Approach to US Value Frameworks: Serving the Needs of Decision Making
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A Health Economics Approach to US Value Assessment Frameworks—Introduction: An ISPOR Special Task Force Report [1]
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ISPOR’s Initiative on US Value Assessment Frameworks: The Use of Cost-Effectiveness Research in Decision Making among US Insurers
Solow, Brian / Pezalla, Edmund J. | 2018
ISPOR’s Initiative on US Value Assessment Frameworks: A Missed Opportunity for ISPOR and Patients
Perfetto, Eleanor M. | 2018
ISPOR’s Initiative on US Value Assessment Frameworks: Seeking a Role for Health Economics
Sculpher, Mark | 2018
ISPOR’s Initiative on US Value Assessment Frameworks: An Industry Perspective
Burkholder, Randy / Dougherty, J. Samantha / Neves, Lauren A. | 2018
Choice Defines Value: A Predictive Modeling Competition in Health Preference Research
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Examining the Heterogeneity and Cost Effectiveness of a Complex Intervention by Segmentation of Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Sørensen, Sabrina Storgaard / Jensen, Morten Berg / Pedersen, Kjeld Møller / Ehlers, Lars | 2018
| 2018
Table of Contents
| 2018
Incorporating Adherence in Cost-Effectiveness Analyses of Interventions for Asthma Treatment: A Systematic Review
Chongmelaxme, B / Chaiyakunapruk, N / Dilokthornsakul, P | 2018
Cross-Country Comparison Of Cancer-Specific Multi-Attribute Utility Instruments (Mauis): Relative Weighting And Ranking Of Health-Related Quality Of Life (Hrql) Domains In Country-Specific Utility Algorithms
King, MT / Norman, R / Kemmler, G / McTaggart-Cowan, H / Rowen, D / Pickard, AS / Viney, R | 2018
Direct Medical Costs Associated with Cardiovascular Diseases Among the HIV-Infected Patients in Taiwan: A Population-Based Study
Liao, C / Yang, C / Chen, P / Ou, H / Toh, HS / Chen, Z / Ko, N | 2018
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Acute Ischemic Stroke Treatment According to Comorbidity Index
Han, E | 2018
The Introduction of Health Technology Assessment in Japan; Lessons Learned from Three Other New HTA Markets (Brazil, Poland and South Korea)
Escafit, M / Foy, C / Paglia, R | 2018
How Much do Malaysians Value Dengue Vaccine? Evaluating the Willingness to Pay (WTP) for Hypothetical Dengue Vaccine with Two-Part Model (TPM)
Yeo, HY / Shafie, AA | 2018
Validation of the Malay Version of Mini-Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination: A Pilot Study
Hammad, MA / Syed Sulaiman, SA / Aziz, NA / Sha'aban, A / Saeed, M / Mohamed Noor, DA | 2018
Consumer Preferences for Nutraceuticals: Pilot-Testing for Discrete Choice Experiment
Teoh, SL / Ngorsuraches, S / Chaiyakunapruk, N | 2018
Drivers of High Drug Prices in Japan, A Preliminary Research
Ueyama, M / Fukushima, A / Oku, Y / Dorey, J / Onishi, Y / François, C / Toumi, M | 2018
Evaluation of Pharmacists' Impact on Hematology Oncology Chemotherapy Orders
Zhou, K / Ng, V / Yip, E / Chan, P / Lin, H | 2018
An Overview of Systematic Reviews: Complementary Therapies for Cancer Patients
Lee, SM / Choi, HC / Hyun, MK | 2018
Evaluating Availability, Prices and Affordability: Case Study of Selected Oncology and Innovator Medicines in Malaysia
Wong, SL / Ibrahim, S / Kadir, NA / Salleh, SM | 2018
Real-World Costs of Increasing Complexity of Cancer Care
Haywood, P / Viney, R / Haas, M | 2018
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Alongside A Randomized Trial of Tibetan Yoga in Patients with Breast Cancer Undergoing Chemotherapy
Shih, YT / Kim, B / Cohen, L | 2018
Cost-Effectiveness of A Randomized Controlled Trial to Reduce Fear of Cancer Recurrence
Shih, ST / Butow, P / Bowe, S / Thewes, B / Tunner, J / Gilchrist, J / Mihalopoulos, C | 2018
Cost-Utility Analysis of Eox Drug Regimen Versus Dcf Drug Regimen for the Patients with Advanced Gastric Cancer in Shiraz in 2015
Khezeli, mJ | 2018
Health-Related Quality of Life in Japanese Patients with Prostate Cancer Using EQ-5D-5L and FACT-P: Comparisons According to Treatment Type
Murasawa, H / Okabe, T / Wakumoto, Y / Sugiyama, T / Tanaka, N / Matsuoka, Y / Noto, S / Shimozuma, K | 2018
Transcultural Adaptation of EORTC-QLQ-CR29 Scale into Turkish, and Assessment of Validity and Reliability in Turkish Patients with Colorectal Cancer
Hayran, KM / Yuce, D / Kilickap, S / Huseyin, B / Erman, M / Dizdar, O / Celik, I | 2018
Assessment of Criteria for Formulary Decision-Making of Cancer Drugs in the Public Sector in Malaysia – A Pilot
Chandriah, H / Shafie, AA | 2018
Strategies to Improve Access to High-Cost Anticancer Drugs: Lessons Learned for Asean Countries
Patikorn, C / Taychakhoonavudh, S / Anantachoti, P | 2018
The Barriers to Reimbursement Success for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Therapies in Australia
Baidya, S / Taylor, C | 2018
Assessment of Hta and Price Heterogeneity of Oncology Products: A Comparison Between France and Germany
Dabbous, M / Hanna, E / Chachoua, L / Dussart, C / Toumi, M | 2018
A Qualitative Investigation of Information Asymmetry for Obesity Surgery: Diversity of Patient Experiences in the Information Age and Demand-Induced Supply
Campbell, JA / Ezzy, D / Neil, A / Hensher, M / Venn, A / Sharman, M / Wilkinson, S / Palmer, AJ | 2018
Evaluation of Increasing Trend of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research in Leading Institutes of India
Ligade, VS / Udupa, N | 2018
Estimating Cost of Diabetes and its Complications in Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines using National Claims Databases
Ng, J / Hidayat, B / Kiet, PH / Jimeno, C / Wiebols, E | 2018
Comparative Efficacy And Safety of Anticoagulant Interventions In Patients With Atrial Fibrillation: A Systematic Review And Network Meta-Analysis
Ng, SS / Lai, NM / Nathisuwan, S / Jahan, NK / Chaiyakunapruk, N | 2018
Real World Disease Burden In Patients With Dyslipidemia With/Without Diabetes Mellitus Or Ascvd In China
Rane, PP / Shepherd, J / Zhao, Z / Bailey, H / Williams, N / Qian, Y | 2018
Health Insurance Cost Of Atherosclerosis In Hungary: Cost Of Illness Study Based On Real World Data
Gazsó, T / Boncz, I / Sebestyén, A / Endrei, D | 2018
Health Insurance Cost of Raynaud Syndrome In Hungary: A Nationwide Cost of Illness Study
Gazsó, T / Boncz, I / Sebestyén, A / Endrei, D | 2018
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of New Oral Anticoagulants Compared To Warfarin In Thai Patients With Non-Valvular Atrial Fibrillation
Dilokthornsakul, P / Nathisuwan, S / Krittayaphong, R / Chutinet, A / Permsuwan, U | 2018
Influence Of Self-Perceived Risk, Motivators And Barriers On Cardiovascular Health Among Young And Middle-Aged Adults In Hong Kong
Yan, BP / Chan, CK / Lakhani, I / To, OT / Lee, VW | 2018
Burden of Ischemic Heart Disease And Stroke And Impact of Lipid Control And Modifiable Risk Factors In China
Zhang, Y / Li, H / Gagnon-Arpin, I / Dobrescu, A / Li, W / Yeh, EJ / Villa, G / Zhao, Z / Huo, Y | 2018
Analysis of Anticoagulation Therapy In Patients With Pulmonary Embolism Among The Population With Urban Basic Health Insurance In China
Wang, J / Wu, J / He, L / Yang, L | 2018
Identify The Temporal Medication Pattern In The Hypertensive Patients Using Sequential Pattern Mining and Relate The Patterns To The Outcome and Cost
Li, J / Jiang, Z / Zhu, L / Xue, X / Liu, H / Yuan, Y / Yang, C / Zhang, Q / Huang, Y / Xuan, J | 2018
HBSAG Positivity During Pregnancy and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Tan, J / Sun, X | 2018
Non-Severe Hypoglycemia Episodes (Nshes) Clinical And Economic Outcomes: A Comparison Between Sulfonylurea (Su) And Sodium-Glucose Co-Transporter 2 Inhibitor (Sglt2i) As Add On To Metformin From A Canadian Perspective
Farahani, P | 2018
Economic Impact of Hypoglycemia Among Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Taiwan
Tan, EC / Yang, M / Wu, Y / Chen, C | 2018
Effect of Support Offered by Community Pharmacists' for Lifestyle Modification in Type Ii Diabetes on Medical Costs Associated With Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Wada, S / Shoji, M / Onda, M / Okada, H / Sakane, N / Nakayama, T | 2018
Pharmacoeconomic Evaluation of Bariatric Surgery Program in Morbidly Obese Diabetes Mellitus Type Two Patients in Thailand
Romyen, C | 2018
The Prevalence and Burden of Hypertension and Obesity Among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes in Urban China
Doane, MJ / Sternbach, N / Carpinella, CM / Liu, GG / Zhao, X / Stankus, AP | 2018
The Safety and Effectiveness of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation: Systematic Review and Meta-Anylysis
Kim, S | 2018
The Place of Ehealth Interventions in the Management Pathway of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Ibd) Patients: A Systematic Review
Atanasov, P / Gauthier, A / Cobos, D | 2018
From Per-Diem Payment to Case-Based Per-Episode Payment for Acute Mental Disorders in Guangzhou, China: A Propensity Score Matching and Difference-in-Differences Analysis Using Real World Data
Jingmei, X | 2018
The "Second Negotiation" Policy in Chinese Hospitals
Qiu, T / Hanna, E / Ma, F / Toumi, M | 2018
Geographic Variation of High-Risk Medication Use Among Medicare Beneficiaries in the United States
Chinthammit, C / Bhattacharjee, S / Slack, M / Bentley, JP / Warholak, T / Lo-Ciganic, W | 2018
Current Situation, Causes, and Solutions to Drug Shortage in China—A Case Study of Jiangsu Province
Mao, N / Zhou, M / Yang, X | 2018
Discontinuation of Benzodiazepine(Bzd) and Non-Benzodiazepine(Z-Drug) Hypnotics Among Elderly in Taiwan: Associated Factors and Outcomes for Patients with Different Discontinue Timing
WU, S / Tsai, H / Yang, S / Liao, C / Chen, Y / Lin, W / Lin, H | 2018
Comparision of Child-Nursing Accident Sick-Pay and Accident Sick-Pay for Employees and Members of Individual and Corporate Enterprises in Hungary Between 2001-2016
Boncz, I / Kovács, G / Endrei, D / Csákvári, T / Sebestyén, A | 2018
Financial Disclosure Statements
| 2018
Patient Complexity and Services Provided of Local Clinics in Taiwan: How Many of Them are "Primary Care" Providers?
Lin, Y / Kuo, R | 2018
Long-Term Effects of Antimicrobial Stewardship Program in A Chinese Tertiary General Hospital: An Interrupted Time-Series Analysis
Wang, J / Li, X | 2018
Studies on Economic Burden of Disease Using Real-World Healthcare Data in Japan: A Systematic Review
Kuan, WY / Demiya, S / Yu, E / Piao, Y | 2018
Review of Real-World Databases in Japan and South Korea That Could be Used to Inform Healthcare Resource Use and Cost Inputs for Health Economic Studies
Mazumder, D / Bhandari, H / Ranjan, S / LoPresti, M / Smulders, M | 2018
Establishing A New Health Technology Assessment Proceedure – is the Ambition of Swift Hta Reviews and Patient Access Really Met? (The Denmark Experience)
Lundberg, JG / Giversen, A | 2018
Self-Medication Etiquette Among Indian Homemakers: A Community Based Study
Dutta, S / Swaroop, AM / Sneha Suja, V | 2018
Health Technology Assessment and Its Use in Drug Policies in China
Zhen, X / Dong, H | 2018
Is Asia Ready for Biosimilars? a Review of the Regulatory Landscape for Biosimilars?
Duttagupta, S / Park, S / Akandwanaho, D / Jeong, JJ / Feldman, H | 2018
The Mediation Effect of Multiple Gestations on the Association Between in Vitro Fertilization and Severe Maternal Morbidities
Tan, J / Sun, X | 2018
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of the Ageing-in-Place (Aip) Programme
Matchar, DB / Liu, C / Ang, YH / Wong, SF / Wong, CH / Xie, B | 2018
Expert Consensus in the Development of A Pediatric Patient-Reported Outcome Measure for Korean Medicine Treatment: A Delphi Study
Lee, J / Chang, GT | 2018
Postnatal Care Expenditures and Source of Healthcare for Women in India
Sriram, S | 2018
Prevalence, Potential Clinical Outcome and Risk Factors of Medication Errors Related to Antibiotics' Preparation and Administration by Nurses in a University Hospital
Vo, TH / Nguyen, TN / Duong, HM / Luu, NN | 2018
Modelling the Potential Impact of Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccination in Thailand
Suthipinijtham, P / Hemachandra, A / Patil, S / Gamil, A / Wasserman, M | 2018
Health Care Utilization and Treatment Costs of the Patients with Hepatitis C Virus Infection in Zhengzhou, China
CHENG, W / Zhang, L / Chen, D / Chen, W | 2018
A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Neuraminidase Inhibitors for Influenza Virus Infection in Japan
Nakagawa, N / Lai, L | 2018
Humanistic and Economic Burden of HCV Infection: An Overview of Systematic Review
Han, R / Zhou, J | 2018
Drug Utilisation Evaluation in Diabetic Foot Surgery
Koshy, SA / Krishna Murthy, M | 2018
The Impact of Pre-Authorization Policy in the use of Colistin Antibiotic at King Salman Military Hospital Saudi Arabia
Galdigoun, A | 2018
Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis of Randomized Trials of Surgery and Minimally Invasive Techniques Versus Cyanoacrylate Embolization for Varicose Veins
Chung, JK / Kim, S / Zygmunt, J / Watercott, A / Periyasamy, R | 2018
Cost-Minimisation Analysis of MR-GUIDED Focused Ultrasound Therapy Compared to Deep Brain Stimulation in Patients with Essential Tremor
Igarashi, A / Tanaka, M / Abe, K / Lance, R / Yamada, K | 2018
A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of u sing an Innovative Gradually Reducing Femoral Radius Design Implant VS. A Class of Metal-Backed Implants for Patients Undergoing Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) Surgery from an Indian Societal Perspective
Bourcet, A / Mullaji, AB / Glover, J / Metz, L | 2018
Cost of Surgical Instruments Management in A Japanese Hospital Highlighted by Time-In-Motion and Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing Methodology
Bourcet, A / Lee, SH / Kamogawa, S / Metz, L | 2018
Fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography with Computerised Tomography for Oncological Indications: A Pragmatic Approach to Guide Subsidy Decisions
Chng, KR / Ju, H / Soon, SS / Ng, KH | 2018
The Impact of Postgraduate Education on Healthcare Providers' Awareness of Statins Therapy in Diabetic Dyslipidemia Management
Hammad, MA / Sulaiman, SA / Aziz, NA / Mashaly, AM / Elsayed, TM / Mohamed Noor, DA | 2018
Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring of Atypical Antipsychotics: Exploration and Establishment of Risk Factors
Subeesh, V / Singh, H / Maheswari, E / Pudi, C | 2018
Budget Impact Analysis of Atypical Long-Acting Anti-Psychotics in Sweden Using Real-World Evidence from the Swedish Prescritpion Registry
Lundberg, JG / Gustafsson, E / Berntsson, A | 2018
Cost-Effectiveness of Olanzapine in the First-Line Treatment of Schizophrenia in China
Zhao, J / Jiang, K / Li, Q / Zhang, YL / Cheng, Y / Lin, Z / Xuan, J | 2018
The Effect of Alternative Therapy Interventions On The Quality of Life of Dementia Patients: Meta-Analyses
Kim, Y / Lee, S / Cho, E | 2018
Adjunctive Atypical Antipsychotic (Aap) Choice Affects Healthcare Utilization in Major Depressive Disorder (Mdd)
Broder, MS / Greene, M / Yan, T / Chang, E / Hartry, A / Yermilov, I / Duffy, R | 2018
Association Between Steroid Exposure and Osteoporotic Fracture In Korean Women: A Nested Case-Control Study Using A National Sample Cohort
Park, H / Park, S / An, S / Jeon, S / Kwon, J | 2018
Health Insurance Burden of Sport Related Medical Problems: Treatment Cost of Dislocation and Sprain of Joints And Ligaments of Knee
Boncz, I / Molics, B / Horváthné Kívés, Z / Vajda, R / Endrei, D / Gazsó, T / Ács, P / Sebestyén, A | 2018
Cost Per-Responder Analysis of Secukinumab Compared To Adalimumab For The Treatmenmt of Ankylosing Spondylitis Over One Year In Saudi Arabia
Al Mudaiheem, H / Al Howimel, M / Al Jufan, K / Al Hamdan, H / AlAlwan, A / Alshehri, N / Zakaria, N / Al Kateb, L / Ramakrishna, G | 2018
Health Related Quality of Life (Hrqol) and Cost Estimation For Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis Treated By Orthopedists-Supervised Physical Exercise Alone: A Perspective Cohort Study
Wei, Y / Wang, K / Liu, Q / An, SL / Xing, X / Lin, JH | 2018
The Health and Economic Burden of Osteoporosis and Impact of Effective Treatment In Singapore
Chandran, M / Lau, TC / Gagnon-Arpin, I / Dobrescu, A / Li, W / Leung, MY / Champion, D / Patil, N / Zhao, Z | 2018
Trends in Prevalence of Statin Use and Treatment Burden for Statin Users with Comorbidities in South Korea
Ahn, H / Kim, BO / Zhao, X / Teoh, C | 2018
Additional Benefit Scoring During Health Technology Assessment in Germany - Its Drivers and Impact on Pricing and Discount for Orphan Drugs
Oku, Y / Fukushima, A / Dorey, J / Toumi, M | 2018
Understanding the Evidence Needs and Willingness to Pay of European Stakeholders for Digital Health Interventions
Cope, N / Barzey, V / Brennan, J / Tutt, S / Krishnan, A / Schmitz, S / Garnham, A | 2018
Economic Evaluation of A Randomised Controlled Trial of An Intervention to Reduce Desk-Based Workers' Sitting Time: The Stand-Up Victoria Trial
Gao, L / Flego, A / Dunstan, DW / Winkler, EA / Healy, GN / Eakin, EG / Willenberg, L / Owen, N / LaMontagne, AD / Lal, A et al. | 2018
Evaluation of the Expanding Quality of Life in Chinese Population
Wu, H / Ran, X / Cai, Y / Zhang, T / Xu, C / Xiong, Y / Tang, C / Xiao, Y / Liu, Z / Ye, J | 2018
The Identification of Patient-Centric Value Drivers for Self-Paid Treatments in Asia
Chen, S / Teale, CW / Cheong, J | 2018
Linguistic and Cultural Considerations When Implementing A Global 'Bring your Own Device' (BYOD) Study
Simpson-Finch, H / Yohe Moore, ES / Brandt, B / Poepsel, T / Heinzman, A / Dempsey, S | 2018
Analysis of the Application Status of Quality of Life Scale Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory in Chronic Hepatitis in China
Ran, X / Wu, H / Zhang, C / Ye, J / Cai, Y / Zhang, T | 2018
Estimating the Willingness to Pay to Avoid the Impacts of Foodborne Illnesses: A Discrete Choice Experiment
Manipis, K / Mulhern, B / Pearce, A / Haywood, P / Viney, R / Goodall, S | 2018
Cost-Effectiveness of the Pdsafe Home-Based Personalized Physiotherapy Intervention to Prevent Falls Among People with Parkinson's: an Economic Evaluation Alongside a Randomised Controlled Trial
Xin, Y / Ashburn, A / Seymour, KC / Marian, I / Hulbert, S / Fitton, C / Pickering, R / Rochester, L / Roberts, HC / Nieuwboer, A et al. | 2018
Comparison of Baseline Characteristics and Hospital Utilization Rates Between Asian American and White American Patients with Multiple Sclerosis in Hawaii
Taira, DA / Hashemi, L / Maher, L / Miyamura, J / Sentell, TL / Smith, A | 2018
AN Approach to Costing Medical Care Needs under Uncertainty: the Case of Dengue Mass Vaccination in the Philippines
Solon, O / Panelo, CI | 2018
Cost-Effectiveness of Parenteral Nutrition in Hospitalized Adult Patients
Vukicevic, D / Pelivanovic, J / Imro, M / Tatovic, S / Matveev, N / Zah, V | 2018
Fitting A Model of Dengue Transmission to Empirical Data: Example of Rayong Province in Thailand
Kharitonova, E / Aballea, S / Knerer, G / Kelly, C | 2018
Development of a Prediction Model of Hemoglobin A1C Based On Statistical Machine Learning Using Clinical Data
Iwasaki, K / Nakamura, M / Takeshima, T | 2018
Mapping Utility Scores from the Heartqol Queationnaire To EQ-5D
Luan, L / Hu, H / Li, SC | 2018
Does Size Matter? Mobile Verses Computer Completion of Health DCE
Fifer, S / Rose, J / Beck, M | 2018
How Useful are the Pharmacoeconomics Systematic Reviews for Decision Making on Anticancer Drugs? a Systematic Review of Methods, Gaps, and Quality
Al-Badriyeh, D / Maklad, A / Alasmar, M | 2018
Efficacy and Safety in Self-Prepared Nasal Saline Irrigation and Clinical Outcome in Patient With Allergic Rhinitis
Daungpawang, K | 2018
A Budget Impact Analysis of The Inclusion of Fluticasone Propionate/Formoterol On A Government Subsidy List in Singapore For The Treatment of Moderate-To-Severe Asthma
Boisseau, S / Qasuri, M / Ho, WT / Ghosh, W / Bose, R / Hadjiat, Y | 2018
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Omalizumab Compared With Standard of Care For Severe Allergic Asthma Based On Real World Evidence in Japan
Muthukumar, M / Kozawa, M / Alvares, L / Milligan, K / Igarashi, A | 2018
Ten-Year Trend in Antiepileptic Drug use and Severe Cutaneous Adverse Reactions: A Nationwide, Cross-Sectional Study in Taiwan
Lin, C / Huang, W / Chao, P / Ke, W / Chen, W / Hsiao, F | 2018
Economic and Humanistic Burden of Burn Wounds in India: A Systematic Review and Critical Appraisal of Published Evidence
Ghosh, P / Valia, R | 2018
Economic Burden of Erythropoiesis Stimulating Agent (ESA) to the Medicare System Post Part D
Ko, A / Li, MS / Reeder, G / Lu, K | 2018
Cost–Effectiveness of Remifentanil Versus Fentanyl in Adult Surgery Based on a Meta Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
LIU, S / Diao, Y / Geng, S / Huang, Z / SU, X / Zhi, M / Shen, L / SUN, J / LIU, Y | 2018
Impact of Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD) on Caregivers and Families
Oberdhan, D / Cole, JC / Palsgrove, A | 2018
Europe-China Comparison of Orphan Drugs Approvals
Qiu, T / Hanna, E / Ma, F / Toumi, M | 2018
The Burden of Illness in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy - How Much Evidence is Available?
Hatswell, AJ / Godfrey, J / Chandler, F | 2018
Health Care Resource Utilization and Costs Associated with Use of Biologics for the Treament of Psoriais in Taiwan – an Analysis Using the National Health Insurance Research Database
Wei, A / Graham-Clarke, PL / Furnback, W / Wang, BC / Tang, C / Wu, W / Tsai, T | 2018
Budget Impact Analysis of Increasing Uptake of Renin-Angiotensin System Inhibitors (RAS) Drugs to Prevent Progression of Kidney Disease in Diabetic Hypertensive Patients in Malaysia
Mohd Tahir, NA / Li, SC | 2018
Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQOL) in Adolescents with Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD)
Oberdhan, D / Cole, JC / Palsgrove, A | 2018
A Cross Sectional Study of Clinical Trials Registered in Clinical Trial Registry - India (CTRI) for Humanistic Outcomes Evidence
Muragundi, PM / Bhatia, H / Jaccani, VP / Bhegade, JR / Udupa, N | 2018
Eq-5d Visual Analog Scale and EQ-5D-5L Taiwan Index Values Among the General Public: Findings From the Participants in National Chinese Medication Health Literacy (CHMLM) Survey in Taiwan
Wang, Y / Chin, H / Li, C / WU, S / Lin, H | 2018
Systematic Literature Review of Cost-Effectiveness Evaluations in Japan
Mearns, ES / Trivedi, B / Cheng, R | 2018
EQ-5D-5L Derived Population Norms for Health-Related Quality of Life for Hong Kong General Population
Wong, EL / Cheung, AW / Wong, AY / Xu, RH / Ramos-Goni, JM / Rivero-Arias, O | 2018
Assessing Health-Related Quality of Life In Patients With Osteoporotic Vertebral Fractures: A Systematic and Standardized Comparison of Available Instruments Using The Empro Tool
Azharuddin, M / Adil, M / Gosh, P / Sharma, M | 2018
Association Between Different Initial Date of Anti-Osteoporosis Medications With Subsequent Fracture-Related Hospitalization and Mortality: A Real-World Data Analyses 2008-2013
Wang, C / Fu, S / Yang, R / Hsiao, F | 2018
Differences in Treatment Outcomes Among Patients with Major Depressive Disorder With and Without Comorbid Substance Abuse
Greene, M / Yan, T / Chang, E / Hartry, A / Yermilov, I / Broder, MS | 2018
Patient-Reported Outcome Claims in European and United States Orphan Drug Approvals
Jarosławski, S / Toumi, M / Auquier, P / Dussart, C | 2018
Electronic Cigarettes and Intention To Smoke Cigarettes Among Adolescents in Taiwan
Chang, L / Chen, P / Hsu, C / Lee, Y | 2018
Cost Minimization Study between Intravenous Rituximab (R-IV) vs Subcutaneous Rituximab (R-SC) in Thai Patients with Diffused Large B-CELL Lymphoma (DLBCL): A Simulation of Electronic Health Record (E-HR) and Evidence Synthesis
Chansung, K / Sirijerachai, C / Teawtrakul, N | 2018
Evaluating the Efficacy of Vaccinating Pigs Against Gonadotropin Releasing Factor (Gnrf) with Regards to Asian Consumers' Attitudes
Mah, CK / Poulsen Nautrup, B / Van Vlaenderen, I | 2018
Validation of Health Utilities Using the EQ-5D-3L in Cohort Studies of Stroke Rehabilitation Patients
Lee, J / Suh, Y / Ahn, J | 2018
How Cost-Effectiveness of Comparators are Ranked: Case in Schizophrenia Economic Models
Zhou, J / Millier, A / Toumi, M | 2018
HTA Analysis of Cochlear Implant - Health Technology Assessment in Slovak Healthcare Environment
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