Shared Sense-making in Curriculum Reform: Orchestrating the Local Curriculum Work (English)

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Table of contents – Volume 63, Issue 4

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Shared Sense-making in Curriculum Reform: Orchestrating the Local Curriculum Work
Pietarinen, Janne / Pyhältö, Kirsi / Soini, Tiina | 2019
Before, During, and After Examination: Development of Prospective Preschool Teachers’ Mathematics-Related Enjoyment and Self-Efficacy
Blömeke, Sigrid / Thiel, Oliver / Jenßen, Lars | 2019
Pupils’ Information Processing and Its Implications for Learning and Assessment: A Think-Aloud Study
Rogne, Wenke M. / Gamlem, Siv M. | 2019
Pedagogical and Social School Climate: Psychometric Evaluation and Validation of the Student Edition of PESOC
Hultin, H. / Eichas, K. / Ferrer-Wreder, L. / Dimitrova, R. / Karlberg, M. / Galanti, M.R. | 2019
The Lamer Social Competence in Preschool (LSCIP) Scale: Structural Validity in a Large Norwegian Community Sample
Zachrisson, Henrik Daae / Janson, Harald / Lamer, Kari | 2019
A Preliminary Validity of the Classroom Assessment Scoring System in Norwegian Lower-Secondary Schools
Westergård, Elsa / Ertesvåg, Sigrun K. / Rafaelsen, Frank | 2019
Pupils’ Participation in and Response to Sustainable Food Education in Swedish Home and Consumer Studies: A Case-Study
Gisslevik, Emmalee / Wernersson, Inga / Larsson, Christel | 2019
The Education of Students with Immigrant Background in Iceland: Parents’ and Teachers’ Voices
Gunnþórsdóttir, Hermína / Barillé, Stéphanie / Meckl, Markus | 2019
The Enduring Quest for Equity in Education: Comparing Norway and Australia
Volckmar, Nina | 2019
Talk About Field Placement Within Campus Coursework: Connecting Theory and Practice in Teacher Education
Jenset, Inga Staal / Hammerness, Karen / Klette, Kirsti | 2019
| 2019

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