Recurrence-shift relations for the polynomial functions of Aldaya, Bisquert, and Navarro-Salas (English)

In: REVISTA MEXICANA DE FISICA   ;  43 ,  2  ;  224-231  ;  1997
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Table of contents – Volume 43, Issue 2

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Tomographic phase-distribution edge enhancement with differences of parallel projections: a proposal
Rodriguez-Zurita, G. / Pastrana-Sanchez, R. | 1997
Hidrodinamica, teoria de transporte y termodinamica
Garcia-Colin, L. | 1997
Field theory in condensed matter physics
De Carvalho, C. A. A. | 1997
Solution by the separation method of the motion of a rigid body with no forces
Pi�a, E. | 1997
Radiative effects of exotic fermions
Avila, M. / Sampayo, O. A. | 1997
Recurrence-shift relations for the polynomial functions of Aldaya, Bisquert, and Navarro-Salas
Rosu, H. C. / Reyes, M. A. / Obregon, O. | 1997
A priori mixed baryons and weak radiative decays
Garcia, A. / Huerta, R. / Sanchez-Colon, G. | 1997
On Wolter's vortex in total reflection
Rosu, H. C. | 1997
Parametric identification of the variable structure model of a N~2-laser
Kawecki, L. / Niewierowicz, T. / De la Rosa, J. | 1997
Escalamiento y universalidad en la agregacion coloidal fractal
Gonzalez, A. E. | 1997
Form factor for electron-electron interaction in semiconductor heterostructures
Riera, R. / Leon, H. / Marin, J. L. / Roca, E. | 1997
Magnetic properties of Hubbard clusters: non-collinear spins in 3-atom clusters
Ojeda-Lopez, M. A. | 1997
SEM and EDS characterization of GaAs layers grown by the close-spaced vapor transport technique at four different geometries using atomic hydrogen as initial reactant
Gomez, E. / Silva, R. / Silva-Andrade, F. | 1997
Algunas notas sobre la acustica de la guitarra clasica
Boullosa, R. R. | 1997