Past extent of sea ice in the northern North Atlantic inferred from foraminiferal paleotemperature estimates (DOI 10.1029/2002PA000771) (English)

In: PALEOCEANOGRAPHY   ;  18 ;  25  ;  2003
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    Past extent of sea ice in the northern North Atlantic inferred from foraminiferal paleotemperature estimates (DOI 10.1029/2002PA000771)
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Determination of �^1^8O of Seawater in the Deep Ocean During the Last Glacial Maximum (Paper 92PA02796)
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Ba distribution in surface Southern Ocean sediments and export production estimates (DOI 10.1029/2000PA000552)
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Is the death of an ocean falling through a stratigraphic crack?
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Potential reconciliation of Devils Hole and deep-sea Pleistocene chronologies
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Carbon cycling and burial in the glacially influenced polar North Atlantic (DOI 10.1029/2001PA000644)
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Formation of Holocene sedimentary laminae in the Black Sea and the role of the benthic flocculent layer (Paper 1999PA000469)
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Surface water conditions and calcium carbonate preservation in the Fram Strait during marine isotope stage 2, 28.8-15.4 kyr
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Origin of the middle Pleistocene transition by ice sheet erosion of regolith
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Perspectives on Paleoceanography, the journal and the field, from a retiring editor (Paper 1999PA000490)
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Modeling the water masses of the Atlantic Ocean at the Last Glacial Maximum (DOI 10.1029/2002PA000783)
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Physiological impacts on alkenone paleothermometry (DOI 10.1029/2002PA000803)
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Comparing simulated glacial climate and paleodata: A reexamination
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A 425 kyr record of foraminiferal shell weight variability in the western equatorial Pacific (DOI 10.1029/2002PA000801)
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Diatom-inferred salinity records from the Arctic Siberian Margin: Implications for fluvial runoff patterns during the Holocene (DOI 10.1029/2002PA000847)
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Extending the climatic precession curve back into the late miocene by signature template comparison
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