Near-field microscopy of evanescent microwaves (English)

In: REVISTA MEXICANA DE FISICA   ;  51 ,  4  ;  426-430  ;  2005
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Table of contents – Volume 51, Issue 4

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Metodos vibronicos generalizados aplicaciones a sistemas del tipo elpasolitas estequiometricas Cs~2NaErCl~6
Acevedo, R. / Soto-Bubert, A. / Meruane, T. / Navarro, G. | 2005
Spontaneous imbibition in a porous medium under longitudinal temperature gradients
Sanchez, M. / Medina, A. / Rojano, A. | 2005
Materiales compuestos de matriz metalica rica en Zn con alto contenido de Al y componente estructural de ZnO
Aragon, J. A. / Miranda, J. R. | 2005
Respuestas pupilares a estimulos cromaticos en el espectro de 400 nm a 650 nm, en el estado estable
Guzman, D. R. / Lopez, A. Z. / Gomez, E. S. | 2005
Propagation of a photoinduced surface wave along an ideal metal-photorefractive crystal interface
Torres-Cordoba, R. | 2005
A mean field model for brownian and turbulent coagulation of polydispersed aerosols
Celada, A. T. / Salcido, A. | 2005
Bulk anisotropic excitons in type-II semiconductors built with 1D and 2D low-dimensional structures
Coyotecatl, H. A. / del Cadtillo-Mussot, M. / Reyes, J. A. / Vazquez, G. J. / Montemayor-Aldrete, J. A. / Reyes-Esqueda, J. A. / Cocoletzi, G. H. | 2005
Analytical approach for the design of cascaded raman fiber lasers
Rios, A. M. / Gomez, I. T. / Aguilar, R. S. / Sanchez, G. A. / Starodumov, A. N. | 2005
Image restoration of blurring due to rectilinear motion: constant velocity and constant acceleration
Huerta, J. S. P. / Zurita, G. R. | 2005
Transient effects in two channel interactions and an application to the behavior of a time dependent shutter
Kramer, T. / Moshinsky, M. | 2005
Third harmonic conversion efficiency from laser-dense plasma interactions
Ondarza, R. | 2005
Confocal profilling of grooves and ridges with circular section using the divided aperture technique
Aguilar, J. F. | 2005
Near-field microscopy of evanescent microwaves
Coello, V. / Villagomez, R. / Cortes, R. / Lopez, R. / Martinez, C. | 2005
Tecnicas opticas para el contorneo de superficies tridimensionales
Martinez, A. / Rayas, J. A. / Flores M, J. M. / Rodriguez-Vera, R. / Aguayo, D. D. | 2005