Determining changes in the average minimum winter temperature of Horqin Sandy Land using tree ring records (English)

In: THEORETICAL AND APPLIED CLIMATOLOGY   ;  123 ,  3-4  ;  703-710  ;  2016
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Evaluation of two GCMs in simulating rainfall inter-annual variability over Southern Africa
William J Gutowski / Mark A Tadross / Bruce C Hewitson / Nana Ama Browne Klutse / Babatunde J Abiodun | 2016
Intercomparison of CMIP5 simulations of summer precipitation, evaporation, and water vapor transport over Yellow and Yangtze River basins
Jiawei Bao / Jinming Feng | 2016
Evaluation of future precipitation scenario using statistical downscaling model over humid, subhumid, and arid region of Nepal--a case study
Yaoming Ma / Madan Sigdel | 2016
Changes of Meiyu system in the future under A1B scenario simulated by MIROC_Hires model
Jian Zhu / Tao Yang / Danqing Huang | 2016
Recent changes of temperature extremes over Italy: an index-based analysis
Franco Desiato / Emanuela Piervitali / Guido Fioravanti | 2016
A downscaling technique to simulate changes in western North Pacific tropical cyclone activity between two types of El Niño events
Haikun Zhao | 2016
Analysis of the extraordinary 2011/2012 drought in Croatia
Maja Telisman Prtenjak / Zoran Pasaric / Ivana Herceg-Bulic / Ksenija Cindric / Domagoj Mihajlovic | 2016
Climate change projections for Tamil Nadu, India: deriving high-resolution climate data by a downscaling approach using PRECIS
P Thirumurugan / J Indumathi / N Jayanthi / B Bhaskaran / A Ramachandran / Prasanta Kumar Bal / R Geetha | 2016
Spatiotemporal characteristics of precipitation changes in the Pearl River Basin, China
Xiaohong Chen / Yanqing Lian / Junfan Chen / Bingjun Liu / Wenxiu Lu | 2016
Features of clouds and convection during the pre- and post-onset periods of the Asian summer monsoon
Yi Wang / Chenghai Wang | 2016
Water use efficiency and crop water balance of rainfed wheat in a semi-arid environment: sensitivity of future changes to projected climate changes and soil type
De Li Liu / Yonghui Yang / Garry O'Leary / Yanmin Yang / Ian Macadam / Muhuddin Rajin Anwar | 2016
Spatial variations in immediate greenhouse gases and aerosol emissions and resulting radiative forcing from wildfires in interior Alaska
Shengli Huang / Heping Liu / Shuang Li / Devendra Dahal / Suming Jin / Shuguang Liu | 2016
Estimation of atmospheric turbidity and surface radiative parameters using broadband clear sky solar irradiance models in Rio de Janeiro-Brasil
José L Flores / Edson P Marques Filho / Augusto J Pereira Filho / Hugo A Karam | 2016
Recent heterogeneous warming and the associated summer precipitation over eastern China
Xi Chen / Ying Dai / Jian Zhu / Dan-Qing Huang | 2016
Skill of regional and global model forecast over Indian region
P K Pal / Prashant Kumar / C M Kishtawal | 2016
Assessment of prediction and predictability of short rains over equatorial East Africa using a multi-model ensemble
G Mengistu Tsidu / Hongwei Yang / T K Bahaga / F Kucharski | 2016
Projecting yield changes of spring wheat under future climate scenarios on the Canadian Prairies
Budong Qian / Ted Huffman / Jingyi Yang / Reinder De Jong / Hong Wang | 2016
Prediction of precipitation in Golestan dam watershed using climate signalsf
Hossein Ruigar / Saeed Golian | 2016
Prediction of precipitation in Golestan dam watershed using climate signals
Ruigar, H. / Golian, S. | 2016
Spatial and temporal variability of water vapor pressure in the arid region of northwest China, during 1961-2011
Yaning Chen / Qing Yang / Junqiang Yao | 2016
Links between circulation indices and precipitation in the Mediterranean in an ensemble of regional climate models
Jan Kyselý / Romana Beranová | 2016
Determining changes in the average minimum winter temperature of Horqin Sandy Land using tree ring records
Long Ma / RuiZhong Gao / TingXi Liu / JingRu Wang / LanHong Ji | 2016
Assessing surface albedo change and its induced radiation budget under rapid urbanization with Landsat and GLASS data
Gensuo Jia / Christine Pohl / Yonghong Hu / Xiaoxuan Zhang / John van Genderen | 2016
Updated precipitation reconstruction (AD 1482-2012) for Huashan, north-central China
Li Qin / Yujiang Yuan / Huiqin Wang / Feng Chen / Ruibo Zhang | 2016
Analysis of monthly, winter, and annual temperatures in Zagreb, Croatia, from 1864 to 2010: the 7.7-year cycle and the North Atlantic Oscillation
Asok K Sen / Darko Ogrin | 2016
Changes in precipitation extremes in Brazil (Paraná River Basin)
João Afonso Zavattini / Simona Fratianni / Leandro Zandonadi / Fiorella Acquaotta | 2016
Spatiotemporal characteristics of precipitation concentration and their possible links to urban extent in China
Dagang Wang / Yongqiang Cao / Peng Jiang | 2016
An optimisation methodology of artificial neural network models for predicting solar radiation: a case study
Ahmed Rezrazi / Maamar Laidi / Salah Hanini | 2016
Analysis of trends in streamflow and its linkages with rainfall and anthropogenic factors in Gomti River basin of North India
N S Abeysingha / V K Sehgal / Man Singh / Manoj Khanna / Himanshu Pathak | 2016
Study of the thermal internal boundary layer during sea-breeze events in the complex coastal area of Marseille
Patrice Mestayer / Isabelle Calmet | 2016
The Modified Rainfall Anomaly Index (mRAI)--is this an alternative to the Standardised Precipitation Index (SPI) in evaluating future extreme precipitation characteristics?
Anne Schucknecht / Jörg Matschullat / Stephanie Hänsel | 2016
Recent variations in surface specific humidity in the warm season over Japan
Hiroyuki Iwasaki | 2016
Changes in precipitation and temperature in Xiangjiang River Basin, China
Yufang Liao / Guoqing Wang / Chong Ma / Yue-Ping Xu / Suli Pan | 2016
Photosynthetically active radiation and comparison of methods for its estimation in equatorial Singapore
Puay Yok Tan / Mirza Rifqi Bin Ismail | 2016
Spatiotemporal changes in extreme ground surface temperatures and the relationship with air temperatures in the Three-River Source Regions during 1980-2013
Lanzhi Lü / Dongliang Luo / Jian Zhou / Huijun Jin | 2016