The applicability of research on moving cut data-approximate entropy on abrupt climate change detection (English)

In: THEORETICAL AND APPLIED CLIMATOLOGY   ;  124 ,  1-2  ;  475-486  ;  2016
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Nonstationary impact of the winter North Atlantic Oscillation and the response of mid-latitude Eurasian climate
Xu, T. / Shi, Z. / Wang, H. / An, Z. | 2016
Seasonal prediction skill of winter temperature over North India
Tiwari, P. R. / Kar, S. C. / Mohanty, U. C. / Dey, S. / Kumari, S. / Sinha, P. | 2016
Evaluation of cloud properties in the NCEP CFSv2 model and its linkage with Indian summer monsoon
Hazra, A. / Chaudhari, H. S. / Dhakate, A. | 2016
Cloud fraction at the ARM SGP site: reducing uncertainty with self-organizing maps
Kennedy, A. D. / Dong, X. / Xi, B. | 2016
Temperature and human thermal comfort effects of street trees across three contrasting street canyon environments
Coutts, A. M. / White, E. C. / Tapper, N. J. / Beringer, J. / Livesley, S. J. | 2016
Monthly evaporation forecasting using artificial neural networks and support vector machines
Tezel, G. / Buyukyildiz, M. | 2016
Possible relationship between East Asian summer monsoon and western North Pacific tropical cyclone genesis frequency
Choi, K. S. / Cha, Y. / Kim, H. D. / Kang, S. D. | 2016
Stochastic simulation of precipitation data for preserving key statistics in their original domain and application to climate change analysis
Lee, T. | 2016
Change in diurnal variations of meteorological variables induced by anthropogenic aerosols over the North China Plain in summer 2008
Gao, Y. / Zhang, M. / Liu, X. / Wang, L. | 2016
Memory persistency and nonlinearity in daily mean dew point across India
Ray, R. / Khondekar, M. H. / Ghosh, K. / Bhattacharjee, A. K. | 2016
An investigation of long-term changes in rainfall over the equatorial Indian Ocean trough region during northern summer using multisatellite data
Prakash, S. / Mahesh, C. / Sathiyamoorthy, V. / Gairola, R. M. / Mitra, A. K. | 2016
Simple solar radiation modelling for different cloud types and climatologies
Badescu, V. / Dumitrescu, A. | 2016
Daily temperature grids for Austria since 1961—concept, creation and applicability
Hiebl, J. / Frei, C. | 2016
A quantitative sensitivity analysis on the behaviour of common thermal indices under hot and windy conditions in Doha, Qatar
Dominik Fröhlich / Andreas Matzarakis | 2016
Towards the modelling of pedestrian wind speed using high-resolution digital surface models and statistical methods
Johansson, L. / Onomura, S. / Lindberg, F. / Seaquist, J. | 2016
Harmonic analysis of precipitation climatology in Saudi Arabia
Tarawneh, Q. | 2016
Mean state and kinematic properties of mesoscale convective systems over West Africa
Ogungbenro, S. B. / Ajayi, V. O. / Adefolalu, D. O. | 2016
Sensitivity analysis of modelled responses of vegetation dynamics on the Tibetan Plateau to doubled CO2 and associated climate change
Qiu, L. / Liu, X. | 2016
Regional differences in the surface energy budget over China: an evaluation of a selection of CMIP5 models
Zhou, L. T. / Du, Z. | 2016
Comparison of the impact of the Arctic Oscillation and Eurasian teleconnection on interannual variation in East Asian winter temperatures and monsoon
Lim, Y. K. / Kim, H. D. | 2016
A combined dynamical and statistical downscaling technique to reduce biases in climate projections: an example for winter precipitation and snowpack in the western United States
Li, R. / Wang, S. Y. / Gillies, R. R. | 2016
MJO influence on ENSO effects in precipitation and temperature over South America
Shimizu, M. l. / Ambrizzi, T. r. | 2016
Evaluation of the capability of RegCM4.0 in simulating East African climate
Ogwang, B. A. / Chen, H. / Li, X. / Gao, C. | 2016
Comparison of lysimeter based and calculated ASCE reference evapotranspiration in a subhumid climate
Nolz, R. / Cepuder, P. / Eitzinger, J. | 2016
Variability of rainfall over Lake Kariba catchment area in the Zambezi river basin, Zimbabwe
Muchuru, S. / Botai, J. O. / Botai, C. M. / Landman, W. A. / Adeola, A. M. | 2016
Impact of previous one-step variation in positively long-range correlated processes
Fu, Z. / Xie, F. / Yuan, N. / Piao, L. | 2016
Potential of deterministic and geostatistical rainfall interpolation under high rainfall variability and dry spells: case of Kenya’s Central Highlands
Kisaka, M. O. / Mucheru-Muna, M. / Ngetich, F. K. / Mugwe, J. / Mugendi, D. / Mairura, F. / Shisanya, C. / Makokha, G. L. | 2016
Long-term changes of meteorological conditions of urban heat island development in the region of Debrecen, Hungary
László, E. r. / Bottyán, Z. / Szegedi, S. n. | 2016
Comparative analysis of the extreme temperature event change over Northeast China and Hokkaido, Japan from 1951 to 2011
Wang, L. / Wu, Z. / Wang, F. / Du, H. / Zong, S. | 2016
Spatiotemporal analysis of precipitation trends during 1961–2010 in Hubei province, central China
Wang, R. / Li, C. | 2016
Changes of temperature-related agroclimatic indices in Poland
Graczyk, D. / Kundzewicz, Z. W. | 2016
Influence of southern oscillation on autumn rainfall in Iran (1951–2011)
Roghani, R. / Soltani, S. / Bashari, H. | 2016
Search for an astronomical site in Kenya (SASKYA) using climate reanalyses and high-resolution meteorological model data
Graham, E. / Vaughan, R. / Buckley, D. A. / Tirima, K. | 2016
Comparison of characteristics of aerosol during rainy weather and cold air-dust weather in Guangzhou in late March 2012
Chen, H. / Wu, D. / Yu, J. | 2016
Seasonal evaluation of evapotranspiration fluxes from MODIS satellite and mesoscale model downscaled global reanalysis datasets
Srivastava, P. K. / Han, D. / Islam, T. / Petropoulos, G. P. / Gupta, M. / Dai, Q. | 2016
The applicability of research on moving cut data-approximate entropy on abrupt climate change detection
Jin, H. / He, W. / Liu, Q. / Wang, J. / Feng, G. | 2016
Variation of slant path Ka/V-band rain attenuation over seven tropical locations in Nigeria using synthetic storm techniques
Ojo, J. S. / Adediji, A. T. / Mandeep, J. S. / Ismail, M. | 2016
Modeling and imaging land-cover influences on air temperature in and near Baltimore, MD
Heisler, G. M. / Ellis, A. / Nowak, D. J. / Yesilonis, I. | 2016