Temporal analysis of precipitation and rain spells in Argentinian centenary reference stations (English)

In: THEORETICAL AND APPLIED CLIMATOLOGY   ;  127 ,  1-2  ;  339-360  ;  2017
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Run-based multi-model interannual variability assessment of precipitation and temperature over Pakistan using two IPCC AR4-based AOGCMs
Asmat, U. / Athar, H. | 2017
High temperature extremes in the Czech Republic 1961–2010 and their synoptic variants
Valeriánová, A. / Crhová, L. / Holtanová, E. / Kašpar, M. / Müller, M. / Pecho, J. | 2017
Mapping the mean monthly precipitation of a small island using kriging with external drifts
Cantet, P. | 2017
On improving cold region hydrological processes in the Canadian Land Surface Scheme
Ganji, A. / Sushama, L. / Verseghy, D. / Harvey, R. | 2017
Using the Twentieth Century Reanalysis to assess climate variability for the European wind industry
Bett, P. E. / Thornton, H. E. / Clark, R. T. | 2017
Usage of multivariate geostatistics in interpolation processes for meteorological precipitation maps
Gundogdu, I. B. | 2017
Circulation factors affecting precipitation over Bulgaria
Nojarov, P. | 2017
Impact of dangerous microclimate conditions within an enclosed vehicle on pediatric thermoregulation
Grundstein, A. / Duzinski, S. / Null, J. | 2017
Remote sensing Penman–Monteith model to estimate catchment evapotranspiration considering the vegetation diversity
Li, F. / Cao, R. / Zhao, Y. / Mu, D. / Fu, C. / Ping, F. | 2017
Change point detection of the Persian Gulf sea surface temperature
Shirvani, A. | 2017
Changing characteristics of wet/dry spells during 1961–2008 in Sichuan province, southwest China
Huang, J. / Chen, X. / Xue, Y. / Lin, J. / Zhang, J. | 2017
Impact of ECMWF, NCEP, and NCMRWF global model analysis on the WRF model forecast over Indian Region
Kumar, P. / Kishtawal, C. M. / Pal, P. K. | 2017
Customization of regional climate model (RegCM4) over Indian region
Nayak, S. / Mandal, M. / Maity, S. | 2017
Association of climate drivers with rainfall in New South Wales, Australia, using Bayesian Model Averaging
Duc, H. N. / Rivett, K. / MacSween, K. / Le-Anh, L. | 2017
Comparison of selected methods of analysis for reconstructed fields of precipitation in climate scenarios over Poland
Konca-Kedzierska, K. | 2017
On convection and static stability during the AMMA SOP3 campaign
Embolo Embolo, G. B. / Lenouo, A. / Nzeukou, A. T. / Vondou, D. A. / Kamga, F. M. | 2017
Estimating distribution parameters of annual maximum streamflows in Johor, Malaysia using TL-moments approach
Mat Jan, N. A. / Shabri, A. | 2017
Use of RegCM gridded dataset for thunderstorm favorable conditions analysis over Poland—climatological approach
Walawender, E. / Kielar, R. / Ustrnul, Z. | 2017
Relationships between atmospheric circulation indices and rainfall in Northern Algeria and comparison of observed and RCM-generated rainfall
Taibi, S. / Meddi, M. / Mahé, G. / Assani, A. | 2017
Improved predictability of droughts over southern Africa using the standardized precipitation evapotranspiration index and ENSO
Manatsa, D. / Mushore, T. / Lenouo, A. | 2017
An observational study of the summer Mediterranean Sea breeze front penetration into the complex topography of the Jordan Rift Valley
Naor, R. / Potchter, O. / Shafir, H. / Alpert, P. | 2017
Multifractality and autoregressive processes of dry spell lengths in Europe: an approach to their complexity and predictability
Lana, X. / Burgueño, A. / Serra, C. / Martínez, M. D. | 2017
Meteorological hazard assessment based on trends and abrupt changes in rainfall characteristics on the Korean peninsula
Sung, J. H. / Chung, E. S. / Kim, Y. / Lee, B. R. | 2017
Detecting changes in surface water area of Lake Kyoga sub-basin using remotely sensed imagery in a changing climate
Nsubuga, F. W. / Botai, J. O. / Olwoch, J. M. / Rautenbach, C. J. / Kalumba, A. M. / Tsela, P. / Adeola, A. M. / Sentongo, A. A. / Mearns, K. F. | 2017
Temporal analysis of precipitation and rain spells in Argentinian centenary reference stations
Scardilli, A. S. / Llano, M. a. / Vargas, W. M. | 2017
Introducing an operational method to forecast long-term regional drought based on the application of artificial intelligence capabilities
Kousari, M. R. / Hosseini, M. E. / Ahani, H. / Hakimelahi, H. | 2017
Impact of aerosols and cloud parameters on Indian summer monsoon rain at intraseasonal scale: a diagnostic study
Singh, C. / Thomas, L. / Kumar, K. K. | 2017
Historical changes and future projection of extreme precipitation in China
Yuan, Z. / Yang, Z. / Yan, D. / Yin, J. | 2017
Climatology of low-level temperature inversions at the Prague-Libuš aerological station
Stryhal, J. / Huth, R. / Sládek, I. | 2017
Investigating chaotic features in solar radiation over a tropical station using recurrence quantification analysis
Ogunjo, S. T. / Adediji, A. T. / Dada, J. B. | 2017
A 10-year climatology of vertical properties of most active convective clouds over the Indian regions using TRMM PR
Kumar, S. | 2017
Spatial distribution of air temperature in Toru (Central Poland) and its causes
Rajmund Przybylak / Joanna Uscka-Kowalkowska / Andrzej Arany / Marek Kejna / Mieczysaw Kunz / Rafa Maszewski | 2017
A new climatic classification of afforestation in Three-North regions of China with multi-source remote sensing data
Zheng, X. / Zhu, J. | 2017
The thermal seasons variability in Poland, 1951–2010
Czernecki, B. / Miętus, M. a. | 2017
Study on quantile estimates of extreme precipitation and their spatiotemporal consistency adjustment over the Huaihe River basin
Shao, Y. / Wu, J. / Li, M. | 2017