Changes in wheat potential productivity and drought severity in Southwest China (English)

In: THEORETICAL AND APPLIED CLIMATOLOGY   ;  130 ,  1-2  ;  477-486  ;  2017
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Arctic warming, moisture increase and circulation changes observed in the Ny-Ålesund homogenized radiosonde record
Maturilli, M. / Kayser, M. | 2017
Long-range prediction of Indian summer monsoon rainfall using data mining and statistical approaches
H, V. / Koolagudi, S. G. | 2017
The impact of different cooling strategies on urban air temperatures: the cases of Campinas, Brazil and Mendoza, Argentina
Alchapar, N. L. / Pezzuto, C. C. / Correa, E. N. / Chebel Labaki, L. | 2017
DEM-based delineation for improving geostatistical interpolation of rainfall in mountainous region of Central Himalayas, India
Kumari, M. / Singh, C. K. / Bakimchandra, O. / Basistha, A. | 2017
Probing for suitable climatology to estimate the predictability of monsoon onset over Kerala (MOK), India
Pal, J. / Chaudhuri, S. / Mukherjee, S. / Chowdhury, A. R. | 2017
Climatology and trend analysis of extreme precipitation in subregions of Northeast Brazil
Oliveira, P. T. / Santos e Silva, C. M. / Lima, K. C. | 2017
Secular spring rainfall variability at local scale over Ethiopia: trend and associated dynamics
Tsidu, G. M. | 2017
Cabin air temperature of parked vehicles in summer conditions: life-threatening environment for children and pets calculated by a dynamic model
Horak, J. / Schmerold, I. / Wimmer, K. / Schauberger, G. n. | 2017
Spatial variation of deterministic chaos in mean daily temperature and rainfall over Nigeria
Fuwape, I. A. / Ogunjo, S. T. / Oluyamo, S. S. / Rabiu, A. B. | 2017
Geo-spatial analysis of temporal trends of temperature and its extremes over India using daily gridded (1°×1°) temperature data of 1969–2005
Chakraborty, A. / Seshasai, M. V. / Rao, S. V. / Dadhwal, V. K. | 2017
Climatology of diurnal tide and its long-term variability in the lower middle atmosphere over a tropical station
Kumar, P. V. / Dutta, G. / Mohammad, S. / Rao, B. V. | 2017
The evolution of temperature extremes in the Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec, Canada (1974–2013)
Fortin, G. / Acquaotta, F. / Fratianni, S. | 2017
Future projections of synoptic weather types over the Arabian Peninsula during the twenty-first century using an ensemble of CMIP5 models
El Kenawy, A. M. / McCabe, M. F. | 2017
Spatial distribution of temperature trends and extremes over Maharashtra and Karnataka States of India
Dhorde, A. G. / Korade, M. S. / Dhorde, A. A. | 2017
Influence of snow cover changes on surface radiation and heat balance based on the WRF model
Yu, L. / Liu, T. / Bu, K. / Yang, J. / Chang, L. / Zhang, S. | 2017
Temporal and spatial variability of rainfall over Greece
Markonis, Y. / Batelis, S. C. / Dimakos, Y. / Moschou, E. / Koutsoyiannis, D. | 2017
Moisture and heat budgets of the south American monsoon system: climatological aspects
Garcia, S. m. / Kayano, M. T. / Calheiros, A. J. / Andreoli, R. V. / Souza, R. A. | 2017
Trends of precipitation extreme indices over a subtropical semi-arid area using PERSIANN-CDR
Katiraie-Boroujerdy, P. S. / Ashouri, H. / Hsu, K. l. / Sorooshian, S. | 2017
Trend analysis of precipitation in Jharkhand State, India
Chandniha, S. K. / Meshram, S. G. / Adamowski, J. F. / Meshram, C. | 2017
A stochastic model for the analysis of maximum daily temperature
Sirangelo, B. / Caloiero, T. / Coscarelli, R. / Ferrari, E. | 2017
Projections of changes of areal evapotranspiration for different land-use units in the Wielkopolska Region (Poland)
Szwed, M. g. | 2017
A wind tunnel study of flows over idealised urban surfaces with roughness sublayer corrections
Ho, Y. K. / Liu, C. H. | 2017
Spatial and temporal analysis of the drought vulnerability and risks over eight decades in a semi-arid region (Tensift basin: Morocco)
Fniguire, F. / Laftouhi, N. E. / Saidi, M. E. / Zamrane, Z. / El Himer, H. / Khalil, N. | 2017
On the formation of the South Pacific quadrupole mode
Zheng, J. / Wang, F. | 2017
Analysis of changes in the magnitude, frequency, and seasonality of heavy precipitation over the contiguous USA
Mallakpour, I. / Villarini, G. | 2017
Analysis of nocturnal air temperature in districts using mobile measurements and a cooling indicator
Leconte, F. o. / Bouyer, J. / Claverie, R. m. / Pétrissans, M. | 2017
Evaluating the generalizability of GEP models for estimating reference evapotranspiration in distant humid and arid locations
Kiafar, H. / Babazadeh, H. / Marti, P. / Kisi, O. / Landeras, G. / Karimi, S. / Shiri, J. | 2017
Lightning activity with rainfall during El Nino and La Nina events over India
Tinmaker, M. I. / Aslam, M. Y. / Ghude, S. D. / Chate, D. M. | 2017
Performance of the WRF model to simulate the seasonal and interannual variability of hydrometeorological variables in East Africa: a case study for the Tana River basin in Kenya
Kerandi, N. M. / Laux, P. / Arnault, J. / Kunstmann, H. | 2017
Wet-bulb, dew point, and air temperature trends in Spain
Moratiel, R. / Soriano, B. / Centeno, A. / Spano, D. / Snyder, R. L. | 2017
Detecting abrupt dynamic change based on changes in the fractal properties of spatial images
Liu, Q. / He, W. / Gu, B. / Jiang, Y. | 2017
Trends in monthly precipitation over the northwest of Iran (NWI)
Asakereh, H. | 2017
Simulation of extreme rainfall and projection of future changes using the GLIMCLIM model
Rashid, M. M. / Beecham, S. / Chowdhury, R. K. | 2017
Precipitable water as a predictor of LCL height
Murugavel, P. / Malap, N. / Balaji, B. / Mehajan, R. K. / Prabha, T. V. | 2017
Changes in wheat potential productivity and drought severity in Southwest China
He, D. / Wang, J. / Pan, Z. / Dai, T. / Wang, E. / Zhang, J. | 2017
Possible influence of Arctic oscillation on precipitation along the East Asian rain belt during boreal spring
Qu, J. / Gong, D. / Mao, R. / Yang, J. / Li, S. | 2017
Statistical analysis of short-term water stress conditions at Riggs Creek OzFlux tower site
Azmi, M. / Rüdiger, C. / Walker, J. P. | 2017
Observed near-surface atmospheric moisture content changes affected by irrigation development in Xinjiang, Northwest China
Han, S. / Tang, Q. / Xu, D. / Wang, S. / Yang, Z. | 2017
Variation characteristics and influences of climate factors on aridity index and its association with AO and ENSO in northern China from 1961 to 2012
Zhang, K. / Qian, X. / Liu, P. / Xu, Y. / Cao, L. / Hao, Y. / Dai, S. | 2017
Out-phased decadal precipitation regime shift in China and the United States
Yang, L. / Fu, Z. | 2017
Comparison of artificial intelligence techniques for prediction of soil temperatures in Turkey
Citakoglu, H. | 2017
The development of a non-linear autoregressive model with exogenous input (NARX) to model climate-water clarity relationships: reconstructing a historical water clarity index for the coastal waters of the southeastern USA
Lee, C. C. / Sheridan, S. C. / Barnes, B. B. / Hu, C. / Pirhalla, D. E. / Ransibrahmanakul, V. / Shein, K. | 2017
Variability and trends in daily precipitation extremes on the northern and southern slopes of the central Himalaya
Sigdel, M. / Ma, Y. | 2017
The inter-annual variations and the long-term trends of monthly air temperatures in Iraq over the period 1941–2013
Muslih, K. D. / Błażejczyk, K. | 2017
Temporal and spatial characteristics of extreme precipitation events in the Midwest of Jilin Province based on multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis method and copula functions
Guo, E. / Zhang, J. / Si, H. / Dong, Z. / Cao, T. / Lan, W. | 2017
Landslide susceptibility modeling in a landslide prone area in Mazandarn Province, north of Iran: a comparison between GLM, GAM, MARS, and M-AHP methods
Pourghasemi, H. R. / Rossi, M. | 2017
Assessment of climate change impacts on climate variables using probabilistic ensemble modeling and trend analysis
Safavi, H. R. / Sajjadi, S. M. / Raghibi, V. | 2017
Can reanalysis datasets describe the persistent temperature and precipitation extremes over China?
Zhu, J. / Huang, D. Q. / Yan, P. W. / Huang, Y. / Kuang, X. Y. | 2017
On the relationship between Indian Ocean Dipole events and the precipitation of Pakistan
Hussain, M. S. / Kim, S. / Lee, S. | 2017
Spatial and temporal variability of precipitation in Serbia for the period 1961–2010
Milovanović, B. k. / Schuster, P. / Radovanović, M. / Vakanjac, V. R. / Schneider, C. | 2017
Characteristics of consecutive dry days variations in China
Duan, Y. / Ma, Z. / Yang, Q. | 2017
Erratum to: Characteristics of consecutive dry days variations in China
Duan, Y. / Ma, Z. / Yang, Q. | 2017