Contact Lens Case Reports Intolerance with a Scleral Lens (English)

In: Contact lens spectrum   ;  31 ,  2  ;  56-56  ;  2016
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Table of contents – Volume 31, Issue 2

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Online Photo Diagnosis
Townsend, William | 2016
Editor's Perspective A Meeting of the Contact Lens Minds
Nichols, Jason J. | 2016
Refractive Focus Keratoconus: Many Perspectives, a Common Goal
Marsack, Jason | 2016
Prescribing for Presbyopia An Overview of Correction Options for Presbyopia
Benoit, Douglas P. | 2016
GP Insights Some GP Lens Resolutions to Consider for 2016
Jackson, John Mark | 2016
Contact Lens Design & Materials Material and Design Influences in an Interesting Case
Pence, Neil | 2016
Dry Eye Dx and Tx Ocular Surface Disease Is Still Underdiagnosed
Schachter, Scott / Giannoni, Amber Gaume | 2016
Contact Lens Care & Compliance Climate Changes, Pollen Production, and Contact Lenses
Ward, Michael A. | 2016
A Look at Daily Disposables Are daily disposable lenses poised for global domination, or are they another cog in the wheel?
Markoulli, Maria | 2016
Beyond the Limbus: Scleral Peripheral Curves and Their Modifications Whether to better fit an asymmetrical sclera or to accommodate a conjunctival anomaly, modifying peripheral curves can help improve fitting success
Woo, Stephanie L. / Messer, Brooke | 2016
The Tear Film and Contact Lens Wear Part of the challenge of achieving comfortable contact lens wear is to mimic the functions of the tear film
Buch, John / Canavan, Kristy / Fadli, Zohra / Scales, Charles | 2016
GSLS Posters: A First Look Scientific poster highlights from the 2016 Global Specialty Lens Symposium
Bennett, Edward S. / Kramer, Carl | 2016
Is This the New Norm? Is Disregarding Patients' Symptoms the New Norm?
Brujic, Mile / Kading, David L. | 2016
Contact Lens Practice Pearls Are Daily Disposables Worth It?
Mathew, Jessica H. | 2016
The Business of Contact Lenses Guten Tag
Newman, Clarke D. | 2016
Pediatric and Teen CL Care Orthokeratology Possibilities for Children
Frogozo, Melanie | 2016
Prescribing for Astigmatism Taming Those Torics
Messer, Brooke | 2016
Reader and Industry Forum Bacterial Environment and the Eye
Gonzalez, Agustin L. / Holt, Justin | 2016
Contact Lens Case Reports Intolerance with a Scleral Lens
Caroline, Patrick J. / André, Mark P. | 2016